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  1. Unfortunately the quest is closed now, Elthen. If you have any answers to the quest, please PM them to me. Please, for any who may have participated: Of those I have gathered the names Yala, Peace, Ratbert, Doije Krus, and others, please send in your remaining entries for judging. Via PM in game or via forum PM. Thank you all for participating, I hope you enjoyed the quest despite it's difficulty.
  2. Would you like the tree to be bare of leaves, or full of foliage? I've seen the tree near the maple in two ways so far.
  3. [quote name='pamplemousse' timestamp='1289523056' post='71916'] So, the chatban lasts for [u]4 hours[/u], so I'm told. That seems [b]INCREDIBLY[/b] excessive. I understand that only one person can be banned at a time, and that there is, or will be, a cool down. But for those that are not on MD for long hours at a time, this seems a bit unfair. Of course, those that rebel will have to lose some rights, but if someone is rebelling, you most likely have an issue with a King and that King might be more inclined to want to shut you up because you are rebelling, not because what you are saying i
  4. Information about a few of the avatars: Avatar 1 - "Weapon Master Aleron": This avatar was drawn by GlorDamar to represent Aleron, the weapon master/weapon crafter. However, it can truly be representative of anyone. In Glor's opinion, when he showed it to me before it was released, he commented that it was one of his better bits of artwork. Avatar 2 - "The wolf": this avatar was drawn by a very old and very respected artisan named Morrel. It is one of the older avatars in the game and one of the few submitted by him. Avatar 3 - "Smiling Fairy": This avatar is a generation 6 avatar, and I
  5. Please remember that all participants are to PM me their list of completed or mostly completed names. If you cannot find all of the names, PM me what you have and you will be judged on timing and accuracy. Remember, a wish point is at stake!
  6. =_= It's too early. Way too early.

    1. Grido


      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early

  7. A lovely entry BFH. I would like to announce that the Artwork Quest as well as the Scavenger Hunt have been extended for another week! Get your entries in! Send me that list of names!
  8. Public Log Scavenger Hunt! [size="4"]Explaination[/size] - This scavenger hunt is mainly aimed at the younger, newer generations of the realm. It is designed for the new ones to 'meet' the older generation, or those who may aid them well in the future. So, instead of simply hunting for names to receive a wish point, hunt for conversation. This is meant to be enjoyable, not your usual boring "seek and find" quest. Those who wish to participate must seek the owners of each of these 25 public log entries. Make a list of names as you find the owner of each public log, and wish each of these p
  9. Thank you to everyone who attended the events of the festival. I hope each and every one of you enjoyed yourselves this week! Judging will begin soon and rewards will be handed out after judging is complete.
  10. Those who stand in the shadow of truth will see no light, for the storm will grow and we will be powerless against it's might.

  11. To Yoshi: Why yes, that most certainly counts! Ravenstrider: I quite like the second entry, it reminds me of a feather.
  12. Stand beside me and face the howling storms, the clouds come swiftly, unexpectedly. It's wind will slice the air, our skin will shatter, and we will have bled for it.

  13. A Red Service will begin at Maple Road in 30 minutes. Please come join in!
  14. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Unfortunately the most I got to do was celebrate by eating a candy apple.

    1. Udgard


      Well at least you got to celebrate! We don't celebrate halloween here >.<

  15. @ Mr. Mystery: It can be made in any way, as long as it is considered an original work. @ Dst: There are the themes of a full moon, a cup of wine, an ritual knife, and a withered tree. Essentially that is an altar with a prepared ritual. These themes work with autumn. There is a classic ritual that relates to paganism or wicca (I forget which honestly), I believe which you are supposed to do during Samhain (hallow's eve, halloween) where you are supposed to bathe before the ritual and use a glass of red wine as a tool during the ritual. It's partly why I included wine as one of the themes
  16. The next story telling session has been moved to 23:00 server time on day 303. Prepare your stories, friends!
  17. Granos has bowel problems...

    1. Granos


      That may or may not be true and may or may not have to do with my name >>

    2. Guest



  18. First Entry by Master Hitoshi He submitted two works that will be counted as one. This is allowed.
  19. [center][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8275-fall-themed-artwork-quest/"]Link to the Fall Themed Artwork Quest thread.[/url][/center] [center]Click here to submit your artwork.[/center] [center]Public Log Scavenger hunt is set up in my quest page. Please check it if you wish to participate.[/center] [center][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8276-mushroom-hunt/"]Curi's mushroom is gone! Quest link. (Check Marvolo's Quest page, or the forum to find more information.)[/url][/center]
  20. [center]The Artwork Quest is finally here! Due to a large number of questions concerning the last artwork quest that was held, I have decided to create a fall themed artwork quest which will be a part of the Children of the Eclipse's Autumn Festival! If you wish to participate in the Quest, please check my quest page for more information.[/center] Examples of fall themes: Harvest moons, autumn leaves, acorns, wine, pumpkins, gourds, purple grapes, fire, blood. [size="4"]From quest page:[/size] [size="3"]1) [/size][size="3"]Explanation[/size] - This is an art contest for those of the r
  21. Are you prepared for the Autumn Festival?

    1. Peace


      I am not, still haven't received my autumn outfits.. Grido has them!

    2. Prince Marvolo
    3. Asterdai


      there are outfits involved! *grins* i cant wait to see

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  22. Happy Birthday meanie!! I'll have to send you a gift.
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