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  1. hell yes I'm joking, I actually found the History Channel kekekeke
  2. Okay.. first I'm going to suggest a better scanner. But for an attempt this is pretty damn good. Most people can't even draw hands when they just start y'know? I'm going to say this since you asked me to give advice a lil' bit... try to redraw this picture again- i'm not saying that it is not a good first try, but really.. try to perfect it by redrawing it I would suggest working on the shoulders and arms just a little bit and... try to draw fabric a bit more, and I see a bit of a tilt in the picture- but that could be the movement of the fabric causing that....who knows? lol Exa
  3. (Old stuff, haven't written poetry in some time.) [center][u][b]The Dark Mirror[/b][/u] A reflection stirred By a seventh moon risen The mirror shattered Scattering worlds amongst the well Knife like edges Scrapes and cuts of the old Threads of night clung Twisted, contorted Try to pull in What light did behold the disturbing sight Blinded and tempted by ink black thoughts The vortex shifted Reached out Trying to pull kin within The fae awoke with warning Alarming, alerting Being drawn into The oldest of waters [/center] [b][center][I was looking at an old well th
  4. Aye, I will see to it that the quest does go on.. I think it'll be something good for MD.
  5. I support this quest 10 fold.. and I expect it, if it happens, which is uncertain at this time... to process and do exactly what it was intended to do. I want it to run EXACTLY as BlackThorn intended it to.. *sighs* Otherwise its half a year of wasted work..
  6. Last avatar for this month I guess. I'll have another two done soon..
  7. Bright, may I suggest something? If you have a program like photoshop or something similar that has an eraser in it, you can get rid of the smudges in the artwork. (the chick with the snake head scares me!) Also, if you can.. read character profiles in the game! It helps you get all kinds of ideas!
  8. got another couple of avatars done.. I'm going to do about 3 or 4 more for this month..
  9. You know you've been on MD too much when... Phoenyckz: I got my alarm clock in my cell to beep me 5 seconds every regeneration...
  10. Erm.. Chewett, do you think seeker-face is that much of an idiot? I'm sure many would whack him with sticks if he was using bugs.
  11. I can tell you one thing, the MR training ground works. It is set up in a particular way to ensure you gain stats and upgrade your creatures. Before I found the training ground, I was stuck using the dojo in Marindsbell, while yes- it is good for perhaps mp3's or mp4's, it was not suited to an mp5. I sat in the dojo for an entire week and only upgraded one creature. I sat in the MR training ground for 2 days and upgraded every one of my creatures to their max level. Now this is why I will punch anyone who speaks badly about MRD's set up in the nose. MRD himself, dedicated a massive amount
  12. *pokes the goat boy with a stick* Hiya!

  13. [color="#483D8B"][size=5][b]Happy[/b] [/color][/size][color="#000080"][size=6][b]Birthday[/b] [/size][/color][color="#00FF00"][size=7][b]Ailith!![/b][/size][/color] *MASSIVE hugs!!*
  14. Happy birthday Mur!! I'm glad you liked your cake!
  15. *applauds logan* Thank you, once again, for reading my damn mind.
  16. When you start discussing K.C. and his sexual preference. "Hey did anyone ever notice where K.C. hangs out? The asshole of loreroot!"
  17. I've been playing the game for awhile now and I never said hi! *hugs everyone and passes cookie tins to all!*
  18. I'm the manager of the artisans guild, so I'm trying to manage it for Glor. :/
  19. If I don't win this one, I'll definitely participate.
  20. The Artisans Guild has been reduced to only myself and Glordamar. We need members, please- if you can draw, contact Kalamanira Kol in game, or me on this account.
  21. [color="#FF0000"][u][b]Announcement!:[/b][/u][/color] The Artisans Guild has been reduced to only myself. We need members. Please, dear gods contact me if you can draw. Edit by GlorDamar I too am in the guild. Nonetheless, the two of us is not enough to get all the work done that needs to be done.
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