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  1. This was an enjoyable event, though a bit confusing. I am sorry to have missed one of the days.
  2. Welcome Curiose, good to see another artist around. :)

  3. *prods the forum with a dirty twig.*

    1. Darigan


      is there such thing as a clean twig?

    2. Kyphis the Bard

      Kyphis the Bard

      *twigs the Amoran with a dirty prod*

  4. I most certainly am, friend.

  5. I don't know what this legacy is, but all I remember of Liberty is that he has a history of abuse. I don't feel this kind of thing should be allowed, if it is not allowed in any other area including the GGG, it should not be allowed in Golemus even with the limitations you have set. By creating this training ground you will be benefiting your land, and thus yourself.
  6. That can't be healthy for your telephone.

  7. The spell to open the back exit to Loreroot seems not to be working. The spell itself was tried twice, but still no one was able to get through despite that the trigger 'open lore' appeared in the trigger box. Is this a possible bug? I had assumed that issues with the back exit were fixed..?
  8. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='19 June 2010 - 06:30 AM' timestamp='1276947058' post='62244'] Its not a crime, but its totally off topic and an over-reaction(just like that was) and just exacerbates a situation that is for all intent and purpose unnecessary. If you want to comment about how people comment on quests, start a new thread, don't hijack mine for some moral crusade. Sorry if that's harsh. and..."if that's a crime, neg rep me again"...come on. What is this? Knee kicking time? If you really think what you say is a valid point (and I believe a number of people would agree with yo
  9. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='19 June 2010 - 06:16 AM' timestamp='1276946215' post='62240'] If you read the very first post wasn't directed at the quest itself and picking it apart, but I did have to write it in a certain way to cover all the previous objections raised in the original thread. Unfortunately by the second post it was taken that way and then off it went for certain individuals. Some of us are still [i]trying[/i] to stay on topic though. Nobody has said the quest wasn't fun, nobody has said the quest shouldn't have happened - so don't tell me because we want to discuss an is
  10. Thank you for being a kind person and an even better friend.

  11. I will be honest, I have not read all of the responses in this thread because seriously, some of them I am incredibly disappointed with. A few of these replies make me want to ask: "Does anyone even remember that we are to make our own fun in this game? Does anyone even know how to have fun anymore?" No the quest was not perfectly constructed to a T, spitshined and covered in protective wax. No quest in the game of MagicDuel ever will be. The point is that this was a decent attempt to actually do something creative and entertaining in the game for people who are more than obviously bor
  12. That comment was completely uncalled for Rhaegar. Afraid to do anything of importance to Loreroot? There is no fear here, you will find. Surely you would not be so foolish to exclude Sparrhawk and his ideas from that statement, by saying "The Eclipse" you speak of each and every member of our alliance. I find it very insulting.
  13. Happy Birthday Savel! It is a shame that you are no longer here, you are missed.
  14. [quote name='awiiya' date='18 June 2010 - 02:20 AM' timestamp='1276845652' post='62169'] I saw the way you look at her. Awi [/quote] With that little sparkle in your eye. Its cute, really.
  15. For a very long time I have had newer players come to me and ask why no one was running the Torch Competition, if you look at the negative score... that should be a good indication as to why. Loreroot wins decently once and we all get assaulted for it and beat down into the negatives, Marindbell is in an inconvenient location for Torch Competition. There is no protection in their land and the capital is rather public, thus it seems that the inhabitants of the land don't even bother with it. Why bother with a contest where you will have fingers jabbed in your face and false accusations made
  16. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='17 June 2010 - 05:05 PM' timestamp='1276812310' post='62113'] I'm not entirely sure either...I remember seeing that player around, but yeah..can you honestly tell me you knew Elthen before this started? Might be that Miq and Pazur got alliances, I didn't keep track. I'm not recommending Aysun before talking with her (or him)..but I'm just saying that out of the list handed in so far only those 3 come to mind to fit the 2 criterias of being not too famous and not very political. Does anyone know where Aysun usually walks? Now I'm curious just what kind of p
  17. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='17 June 2010 - 01:43 PM' timestamp='1276800215' post='62089'] By default termination of the better known people, out of the list so far I saw leaves Miq, Pazur or Aysun. Which are also those I haven't seen on a less political side. Unless you people wish to have a better known person taking care of it. Is there anyone else? I don't think we have to pick someone with these 2 conditions, but we could suggest someone like that. I can't say much about them though, since I never talked to them much. If I went by profile, I'd actually recommend Kafuuka- but I
  18. Perhaps Veteran is the wrong word for it, but would it not make sense to have the key's holder be someone well known in the community who is easy to contact? Plus Phantasm leads a neutral alliance that is established in the Tribunal lands it would make the most sense for someone related to the land to hold the key would it not? [i]Edit: had more to add.[/i]
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