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  1. It looks like an asian snow man.
  2. 8 silver for 2 aged elementals? (4 silver each)
  3. A compilation of artworks done by various MD players on the subject of fall.
  4. If you have a camera, pull the image up on your computer in photoshop regular-sized. Take a picture of the image on the computer screen, then take a picture of yourself next to it.
  5. Okay, I would suggest moving it to photoshop and making it transparent. An easy way of doing this is removing the back ground layer by cutting the image out of the background, closing the window and opening up a new canvas. Paste the image onto the canvas. Go to your 'layers' window which, if you cannot find it, you should be able to locate it on the top menu by going to Window --> Layers Go to your layers window and then go to the 'channels' tab. Click the thing that looks like a hollow circle, it's very small and it's at the very bottom of the channels tab/layers window. This will
  6. I believe this avatar is the one you speak of? I recall you wearing it at one point.. It is one of Glor's avatars, I believe it is an older one that was once worn by Renavoid. If I see this worn by anyone, I shall tell you.
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