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  1. Happy Birthday Pample! I hope you have a good one!
  2. That's very weird because... I don't remember doing that. But now that I've checked, that seems to be the case.
  3. So.. a long, long time ago I had heard word during one of the old 'group chats' that used to occur on YIM, that voice might be incorporated into MD. I did not, however, expect that skype would be strangely compatible with the game. Is that what's going on here? Or is my computer on crack? [b][i]EDIT: This is my MD friend's list. [/i][/b]
  4. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1286439838' post='69805'] @Amoran: so where am I wrong in my statement? I said either Firs or Marvolo gave the ally to Jazira. Since I don't know which one I posted both assumptions. So please enlighten me: where was I wrong. [/quote] You were wrong in assuming that the alliance was immediately given to Jazira after Marvolo left it, and so I felt it right to mention that before it came to Jazira's possession, the alliance was dormant. You were also wrong to even bring the issue of the Savelites up, that is not what this topic is about, nor is the issue of the S
  5. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1286435731' post='69800'] This is a smart-wannabe topic but in essence is just a mean topic meant to attack the powers that "hinder" Princ from getting powers for himself, it's a topic made to rant (in a subtle way) about the issue with Firs who took Savelites from Princ and now gave it to someone else (or was it Marvolo the one who gave the alliance to Jazira? - I don't know what the mechanism behind this was but it doesn't really matter since Princ hates Marv also ) AND the issue about that guild thingy that started "the war". [/quote] Under normal circumsta
  6. Happy Birthday Mr. D, you bottomless genie, you! Happy Birthday Udy!!
  7. You felt abandoned in the fog of flesh, sitting in place from the dead. Awaiting the face of the moon to ascend, you follow the siren in your head.

  8. Harion, if you choose to spam ridiculous comments in my thread that have little to nothing to do with the actual reason I posted this, then please.. by all means, continue. It merely goes to show how little you understand the difference between the game and reality. First of all.. I will not tolerate one my adepts, worshipers, or otherwise being insulted in that kind of way. Even if the insulted was not my adept or someone I have reason to care for, I would have reported the comments to someone. Those minor insignificant insults as what are posted could escalate into an even greater problem.
  9. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1285150099' post='68854'] Well, that's what I meant. /me might be 'universal' on some places, but maybe not as universal as you think. I know it's not common knowledge here at my place. And also, is /me an emote, or an action? It is common to use * to denote action (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/*#Games),as is its intention in MD, hence why the roleplayers here is accustomed to it - they've been using the *s before the feature to turn it to blue texts even existed. I'd agree that it wouldn't [i]hurt[/i] to add it to the mix, though.. [/quote] /me is a comma
  10. I am uncertain where to place this, but after I logged on earlier today, I noticed that a player known as Unholy funny has been spending his time going around and insulting people in their public logs. I don't know the reason for him doing this, but I'm very certain that no one appreciates these comments. Is there a way that these comments can be removed? Edit: I have sent this player a message in game asking him politely to stop the comments, as he did insult my adept. He agreed that it wasn't very amusing, and stated that he would stop.
  11. I don't think we need great fires to clear out the undergrowth of the land, I think we need nature's forest fire for the living, a bloody plague.

  12. 29.) It's not dangerous to smoke nightshade, magicduel is actually trying to thin the earth's population by poisoning kid's minds! 30.) The forum rep actually matters.
  13. Laaaag..

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      It's....so....sloooooow ;_;

    2. nadrolski


      the game was infected with a Nightshade virus. everything was soooooo slooooooow..

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  14. A good king/queen does not boast with their power, nor do they flash their jewels before the public as though to say, "Look at what I have, look at how great I am". They use those jewels to better their land, their community, and their world. Now I do not know what Pamplemousse intends to do with her power, but I will not judge her, I would rather wait and see what interest she can bring to Necrovion. So as my character would say, [i]"Go on Sea Fruit Woman, Ex Mistress of the Archives, show us what you and your King are capable of."[/i]
  15. I have no idea what in the world has happened, but I hope everything is okay.
  16. Player Name: Amoran K Kol DNA: 1101011010010001110101111 1100101011 As for the Myer Briggs Test.. Amoran got INTP, Kalamanira Kol got ESFP
  17. Not literal error, as in.. trial and error. I expected something to go wrong with it.
  18. Ouch, well that explains it. No worries, I will pay. What I found strange though, is that the -3 balance appeared before the item images showed up. Still though, shouldn't that be mentioned on the item upload page and not just the forum or in an announcement? This is good to know, and I should have expected some error, as this is my first time attempting to upload an item image.
  19. Happy Birthday Captain Cryxus, the Crimson Blade is forever, and piracy will never die!
  20. A day or so ago I received a certain amount of credits as a gift from a friend in game. For some reason or another.. it says that I have -3 credits when I know that currently, I have none, as I have used what was given to me. I have a screen shot attached to this post, and I have a feeling that something has gone wrong with the credit transfer. Either that, or someone who has my ID is screwing around with me. Can anyone tell me what has happened here?
  21. Oh geeze, that's a HUGE problem. Alright! Question answered! Thank you Chewett!
  22. I thought as much, about the pending.. I'm more concerned about the file type issue. It says one thing, but doesn't accept it once uploaded. I just found that a bit strange. Thanks for trying to help, Dst.
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