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  1. Good ol' 13th... the bearer of bad news.

    1. Curiose


      Yeah, what's wrong, Amo-Lady?

    2. Mr Mystery

      Mr Mystery

      my comp didnt function on the 13th lol >.<. Had some problem, adn i managed to find a solution on the 14th. so that kcan happen lol.

    3. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      its my bday on friday the 13th so it cant be that bad (at least for me) :)

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  2. I will try to go to this event, unfortunately I work tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay.
  3. It is indeed a great idea! Thank you Mur for the the items, I have waited a long while to have them.
  4. There will be another White Service at 5:00 to 6:00 Server Time. I should hope that each of you are able to attend.

    1. LadyDawn


      Darn... darn...darn... I am mad on myself for missing this out... :(

  5. Remember, the place of the Service will be at Wind's Sanctuary. Here is the log of the first service (22:00 - 23:00): [11/08/10 18:29] february:hello Mr Mystery.. [11/08/10 18:29] february:have heasds to [11/08/10 18:29] february:heads* [11/08/10 18:34] february:Thanks KING Lifeline [11/08/10 18:40] february:your avy is still the best.. [11/08/10 20:37] Jaco:hi all [11/08/10 21:20] Amoran K Kol:Hello Letholdus. [11/08/10 21:20] :Amoran K Kol rushes to Lucas, throwing her arms around him. [11/08/10 21:20] Amoran K Kol:Greetings, love. [11/08/10 21:20] Tarquinus: *holds her close*
  6. EAT IT!! Just plant your face into it and go NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!
  7. Nay! Come to the side of the cookies! THE COOKIES COMPEL YOU!
  8. Updated Service Times: (Wednesday for me.) [b]Day 223 22:00 to 23:00 Server Time[/b] (1-2pm US Central Time) [b]Day 224 5:00 - 6:00 Server Time[/b] (9-10pm US Central Time)
  9. Unfortunately.. I will have to postpone the White Service. Something has come up in the waking world an I will be stuck without internet for a majority of today and part of tomorrow. I will make arrangements for it to be moved to Wednesday.
  10. Note: I will NOT accept any bids if they are too low. An Angien with a lot of age, as well as 2 joker are worth a little more than just 1 silver.
  11. Have you used any wish points to get into these places? (Oak tower, etc.)
  12. How were you able to get into the drachorn lair, Manda? I did find that to be a bit strange. It could be that you encountered a bug without knowing it, Manda and that may be the reason for your ban.
  13. I will leave a bid up for 2 days, if no one else makes an offer the last person who bid will get the creature.
  14. A red service centers around the giving of blood, a sacrifice to the Goddess. A white service is the opposite, it is held in a sanctuary to avoid attacks. It is a pure service in which those gathered join in prayer. I am holding it in truth, because many do not know what the Eclipse is about, as it has been quite some time since a service of any kind has been held. [b]Edit: Correcting a spelling mistake.[/b]
  15. A Zelda: Ocarina of Time walk through....because I haven't played it in 4 years.
  16. [center]I would like to announce that there will be a [b][size="3"]White Service[/size][/b] on [b]day 223 - 224[/b] (Wednesday for me) at [b]Wind's Sanctuary[/b]. There will be two services, one at 22:00 - 23:00 (1-2pm US Central Time) Server Time on day 223, and another at 5:00 - 6:00 Server Time (in the evening for me, it would make it about 9-10pm US Central Time). I should hope that each of you are able to attend. [/center]
  17. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7649-selling-some-creatures/page__view__findpost__p__65096"]I am selling a blood pact, adio.[/url]
  18. I quite like this one.
  19. Name: Muse Uruz Joker 260 age Tokens: Onyx Fangs [b]Current Bid: Mr Mystery - 3 silver[/b] Name: Zeus Blood Pact 225 age Tokens: Dark Shield [b][font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#FF0000"][size="3"]Sold[/size][/color][/font]: Adiomino - 1 gold coin[/b] Name: Amaethon Imperial Aramor 198 age No tokens [b][font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#FF0000"][size="3"]Sold[/size][/color][/font]: Renavoid - 6 silver[/b] Name: Astrea Bird 204 age No Tokens [b][color="#FF0000"][font="Comic Sans MS"][size="3"]Sold[/size][/font][/color]: Sasha Lilias - 5 silver[/b] Name: Muse Aligz Joker 243 ag
  20. Use runes with this. It may help you with divination. That is the feeling I get from it. That aside, well done! Its beautiful, Siemon!
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