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  1. I haven't been seeing it the entire time, even before the complaint... thus my post. It was a little slow in Opera, but Opera is in general kind of slow.. it worked for IE 8, the newest version of Fire Fox, Google Chrome, and Safari for me, and two out of five of these program I downloaded just to test.


    I would say, No one, that it has to do with your browser.. or your flash, or your computer or something. Not the function of the code itself.

  2. I did this "mass message" to get a fix on the opinion of people in the realm, and to let the community know that we aren't dead yet. I'm grateful to the individuals who gave me their thoughts, and I'm happy to say that I agree with them.

    The Children of the Eclipse should be earned, not granted in a wish. I highly appreciate Dark Demon's effort, but as I stated in the voting thread, it was merely an option that I did not want to ignore.

    Instead of using it to rack in votes, I would prefer to use the feed back from those messages to move in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who chose to tell me your thoughts.

  3. [b]It took me some time to decide to vote in this thread. After looking at some of the wishes, I looked for ones that I felt might make the realm of Magic Duel more interesting, as opposed to wishes for items and the like. If my post is overly ambitious, it was not meant to offend.

    I am looking at it more as a list of interesting thoughts, and many of them I would love to see brought to reality.[/b]

    Esmaralda (10 pts)
    -spell to bring back the night and let the Moon rise. It doesn't have
    to be a spell. It can be an item that "summons" the lady moon (like a
    moon shard so it can be passed to someone else) and thus brings night
    into the realm for a period of time

    [b]Long ago there was talk that a moon cycle would be implemented into MD. Glor Damar drew the image and intended it to act in a similar manner as the weather spells do. I feel that this could be an interesting opportunity to add another element to the realm. It could enhance roleplay and create new interest where interest is lacking.[/b]

    Rumi (9pts)
    -four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    [b]I have spoken to Rumi regarding his role.. I have also provided him with many imprinted memory stones with the spell 'Heavy Rain' so that he can continue to water the garden that he dreams to have implemented. I feel his idea of a garden will add an interesting twist to the herb gathering mechanics of MD.

    He has wonderful ideas, and I would love to see them come to fruition.[/b]

    DARK DEMON (8pts)
    -return of the Children of the Eclipse

    [b]I place this as my third 'top wish' as I feel that this is an opportunity. It is an opportunity that is of course, as many would agree with me, "A short cut" but it is an opportunity still. I feel that the Children of the Eclipse alliance badge should certainly be earned back, but to ask that the Children of the Eclipse return is a large feat.

    It is the people who exist in the alliance of the Children of the Eclipse, the pillars of the Eclipse who make the alliance. Many of our members have fallen into a deep rest and have allowed themselves to lay dormant. There are those however who watch quietly, waiting for a spark - a piece of hope. Anything.

    I have watched for a long time now, and I am uncertain I really want to see the potential of the Children of the Eclipse fall away. So I will try, and I will gather the support of people who are willing to help. It may fail, but I can at least say I tried.

    I do not trust that this wish will be instated, but even still.. I will seek the help I can and continue the previous activities of the alliance, gather the remaining members, and seek new members as I continue on.

    Not all is lost. Consider this a cry to seekers, priests, and knights who seek an experience that is more than just simple grinding, more than just simple over exaggerated roleplay.

    Let's try to create an experience with what is left. Not to appease, but to do so because it is quite simply fun.[/b]

    Tal (7pts)
    -ability to give and remove the tag 'sylvan watch'

    [b]I feel that Tal has certainly proven his ambition in Loreroot. He deserves the ability to help his land.[/b]

    Mya Celestia (6pts)
    -Summon spell

    [b]Mya Celestia is ever a person who draws me back here. She has worked dilligently alongside Shemhazaj to regrow the Guardians. She deserves the ability to summon people to her land.[/b]

    tankfans (5pts)
    -Fix the bridge at the Oak Fort, I can provide lumbers and branches if
    needed. This helps a lot when going to and fro from Oak Fort and GoE.
    Since this is a selfish wish, I hope the it will require at least 200
    AP to move through that bridge.

    [b]I think that this is an interesting idea because of the symbolism of the bridge that leads to the Oak Fort. It might create a little bit of life, perhaps give a little bit of enthusiasm to explore the symbolism of other areas on the game.[/b]

    Peace (4pts)
    Scimitar of Destruction' currently owned by Aysun (inactive account)
    to be returned to me and have its name changed to 'Tainted' and with
    the description of 'By putting all seven shards together, Peace
    reforged Khalazdad's sword with Shadowseeker's guidance at Berserker's
    Way. It emits a vile aura and whenever used against someone, the wielder gets hurt as well.'

    [b]I cannot bring myself to ignore this particular wish. It has ever been a wish of Peace to see the Scimitar of Destruction returned to her, and I feel that she does deserve the chance to have it back.[/b]

    Lazarus (3pts)
    my own flag, just like Shadowseeker's, and it will be called "The
    Infernal Order," the complete opposite and I will be the only one who
    can invite players in it

    [b]Though there are very few points attributed to this and other wishes, it is simply a lack of points to express. This idea has been floating through my, and other's minds. The flag system needs a spark of life, and it could very well create new sub-groups in the game. A new interest.[/b]

    ZenTao (2pts)
    - ability to add stories, news, quest arts and music to the MD
    archives library possibly under my own book or I would not mind
    helping update others such as providing an illustrated book cover for
    each book helping dust and in general creating a updated archive

    [b]Again, I face the issue of a lack of points to give. ZenTao is correct in that the archives need something new, and I feel that she may well be the right person to provide this new element. She is an excellent writer, and like many in this list, deserves her chance to help make this realm an interesting place again.[/b]

    Max Mortlock (1pts)
    - pickpocketing item

    [b]I see a potential here. But I also see that it needs to have a counter balance. Pick pocketing items could give way to characters who are thieves.. It is an element in the game that is missing. However, I feel that this ability should be greatly limited to resource items. Rare items, usable items, and items that have a picture should be left alone.[/b]

    One extra:
    - A Vial of Hope - Each drop of the colourful liquid serves as a
    restorative, recharging permanent spells and abilities.The Vial has
    twelve uses and once completely used, it becomes:Empty Glass Vial
    A small glass vial that used to contain hope.

    [b]Consider this an honorable mention, because I enjoy Jaden Dew's refreshing idea. It brings many good roleplay opportunities to light, however.. it does need a broader range. How does one hold hope in a bottle? How does one take hope away?

    I love the creativiy here.[/b]

  4. The Eclipse is currently recruiting Knights, Priests, or Priestesses. If you have an interest in the Children of the Eclipse, reply to this thread and I will PM you instructions in game or in the forum regarding recruitment.

    To join the Eclipse, we wish our to-be members to be knowledgeable in the alliance structure. Please read this topic:
    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6619-children-of-the-eclipse-information-update/"][u]Children of the Eclipse Information Thread[/u][/url]

    -Knight of the Half Moon
    -Knight of the Full Moon

    If you have any questions regarding recruitment, Amoran K Kol and Tarquinus will be stationed at either the Hidden Exit, Maple Road, Ravenhold, or The Marble Dale Park.

    Please note that the Eclipse does not exclusively accept fighters as knights. We also accept people who are willing to learn about battle, who wish to become knights for that reason.

    -Amoran Kalamanira Kol,
    Sybil of the Eclipse.

  5. Plant suggestions, if they have not already been suggested:

    [u]7-layer forest garden[/u]
    [b]upper canopy:[/b]
    -Pecan trees
    -Willow trees
    -Apple trees
    -Peach trees
    -Pine trees
    -Maple trees
    -Birch trees
    [b]lower canopy[/b]
    -'Japanese maples'
    -Plum trees
    -Crepe Myrtles
    [b]shrub layer[/b]
    -Gold Leaf Spirea
    -Dwarf Crepe Myrtle
    [b]herbacious layer[/b]
    -French lavender
    -White sage
    -Mint either spearmint or peppermint.
    -Ornamental Peppers
    -Dwarf Hibiscus
    -Cat mint
    [b]ground cover
    root layer
    vine layer[/b]

    I will add more suggestions to the list when I think of more.

  6. The concept of the ritual my character performed is a grounding ritual that you perform in meditation with a tree, or a plant.

    [url="http://www.meditationescape.com/grounding-meditation.html"]Scroll down to 'Sample Grounding Meditation'[/url]

    You approach a tree if you feel that the tree accepts you coming into it's space, and kneel. You place your palms against the tree's trunk and tell it a story (whether it be something about your life, or something that has happened recently that has caused an emotional distress in you, just tell it a story.) - all the while feeling the tree's solidness against your hands. Try to feel in tune with the earthly energy of the tree [or plant] you are telling the story to, and when you open your eyes, if you feel refreshed and clear-minded.. you have done the meditation correctly.

    This kind of ritual is something that my character regularly performs at the Oak Fort, and the rituals have been recorded on her personal journal. [The link to her journal is in her 'About me' papers.]

    Roleplayed at the Oak Fort, Amoran performed the same meditation style ritual to calm herself in a time of crisis. Other alliance members were welcome to join her but no one showed up, except Marvolo.

    Recorded ritual:

    [color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol crosses the bridge, her feet thumping softly against the weathered wood.
    : Amoran K Kol moves into the anchored roots of the Oak Fort, kneeling before the tree's great trunk.
    : Amoran K Kol rests her palms against the Fort's rough bark, closing her eyes, letting herself feel the solidness of the great tree towering before her.[/i][/color]
    Amoran K Kol: [color="#4169E1"][i]*speaks with a soft tone..*[/i][/color] May I tell you a story, great oak?
    [color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol remains quiet for a moment, listening to the wind.
    : Marvolo goets to sit next to the lake, watching Amoran as she performs her ritual
    : Amoran K Kol lowers her head, resting her forehead against the Fort's trunk.[/i][/color]
    Amoran K Kol: The air is stale in this land... the smell of blood drifts in the air.
    Amoran K Kol: It is heavy..
    Amoran K Kol: Metallic.
    Amoran K Kol: It holds a taste of iron..
    Amoran K Kol: Our sybil sleeps.. and the moon hides her face to us.
    Amoran K Kol: The sun burns us, warms our skin.. and we move beneath it in ignorance, like nothing is wrong.
    Amoran K Kol: The kings of the land are dead.. and the crime feels...heavy. Sudden. It has not caught us completely.
    Amoran K Kol: I worry.. that through these trying times, that I will drift in the winds that carry the smell of our king's demise.
    Amoran K Kol: I seek an anchor.
    Amoran K Kol: I seek roots that are buried deep within this land.
    Amoran K Kol: Hold me to the soil, my Fort..
    Amoran K Kol: Life, for you. Water, for you..
    [color="#FF8C00"][b]: [Spell] Days beneath a shaded willow, under a shadow clad sky, time moves in circles.[/b][/color]
    [color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol Shudders as clouds gather overhead, her pale skin lighting with a soft white glow.
    : Amoran K Kol opens her eyes and raises her features to the Fort's canopy as rain dances across her face.
    : Amoran K Kol 's lips curl into a content smile that touches her eyes.[/i][/color]
    Amoran K Kol: So few wished to join me in this grounding, but thank you.. my Fort.
    [color="#FF8C00"][b]: [Spell] Earthen Binding - Amoran K Kol[/b][/color]
    Marvolo: Amounts do not matter, rain does.

    Spells used: Weather Heavy Rain, Movelock

  7. While I do not mind entirely, I am trapped at the Oak Fort and am unable to move.

    I keep getting the same error, no matter how many times I restart my browser, clear my cache, or clear my history. I've run two cleaner scans on my computer thus far, and nothing has changed.

    [b]"Please clear cache and refresh your interface. If this problem persists, try again in a few minutes or report it as a bug."[/b]

    At this point, I would regard this as a bug. To my knowledge, there are other users in the game who are using fire fox without a problem at the moment, and that happens to be the browser I use.

    What should I do concerning this movement issue?

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