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  1. I would be happy to sponsor rewards for this quest.
  2. Yrthilian, MD likely cannot ever be what it once was, but continues to evolve. Poe, I hope you truly do not leave, but if you do I am certain that many would understand. You will certainly be missed by me.
  3. I haven't been seeing it the entire time, even before the complaint... thus my post. It was a little slow in Opera, but Opera is in general kind of slow.. it worked for IE 8, the newest version of Fire Fox, Google Chrome, and Safari for me, and two out of five of these program I downloaded just to test. I would say, No one, that it has to do with your browser.. or your flash, or your computer or something. Not the function of the code itself.
  4. I wished I had been able to participate in this. Unfortunately I was not aware that this quest was going on until gonza contacted me. Lovely artwork from everyone, and I enjoyed seeing everyone's portrayal of the crimson blade pirates.
  5. I have to be honest, I rather like the new layout for the menu above the mood panel. It is good that you can expand it and close it. I personally do not have an issue with it, but there is a space after "Development status: evolving" that could have something placed in it in the future. Just a thought. I'm rather happy to see this change.
  6. Greetings.. I am seeking an avatar that I created for the game not so long ago for a friend. Should anyone see it, please post in this thread. I am willing to pay for it to be finally given to the person I created it for. [img]http://magicduel.com/userfiles/102290/Faun2.jpg[/img]
  7. May I ask, in all kindness, why some of us were not refunded AT ALL for the bug fix that occurred on the oak tower and/or berserker's charge? These wish points were earned, and the access earned the same. They should have been refunded.
  8. Thank you to all who attended this special service. It shall be held again soon.
  9. Service has been moved to 7:00:00 ST. All are welcome to attend.
  10. Congratulations. I hope it goes well and the wedded enjoy themselves.
  11. I did this "mass message" to get a fix on the opinion of people in the realm, and to let the community know that we aren't dead yet. I'm grateful to the individuals who gave me their thoughts, and I'm happy to say that I agree with them. The Children of the Eclipse should be earned, not granted in a wish. I highly appreciate Dark Demon's effort, but as I stated in the voting thread, it was merely an option that I did not want to ignore. Instead of using it to rack in votes, I would prefer to use the feed back from those messages to move in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who cho
  12. [b]It took me some time to decide to vote in this thread. After looking at some of the wishes, I looked for ones that I felt might make the realm of Magic Duel more interesting, as opposed to wishes for items and the like. If my post is overly ambitious, it was not meant to offend. I am looking at it more as a list of interesting thoughts, and many of them I would love to see brought to reality.[/b] Esmaralda (10 pts) -spell to bring back the night and let the Moon rise. It doesn't have to be a spell. It can be an item that "summons" the lady moon (like a moon shard so it can be passed
  13. I do not know who started this rumor, but I will say that I do not believe Magistra to have had any involvement with the takeover of our alliance. Please note that it is unfair to the player (Magistra) to have such rumors spead about her. She and I have had our bumps in game, but she has never sought to destroy the Eclipse.
  14. Cyclicity contest scores With the long wait finally over, I am ready to announce the scores for the cyclicity art contest. During my time of debating with the judges about the scores, and because of the fact that we were judging not just story but artwork, and with the loss of the Eclipse holding as a major distraction from finally finishing this, and.. with my real life suddenly becoming rather busy: It took quite awhile to actually find time to type this post. But with my schedule settling down ever so slightly, I am able to grant rewards to those who entered. Because the contest was abou
  15. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1340138528' post='115443'] I may not be offically or unoffically part of the CoE, but i do care about their revival, and therefore offer my help. I hope you three know this, and accept my help. Im very sporadic about timings, its easier if people contact me about stuff and i try to attend anything. In other news, it seems rants are good after all, no? LOLOLOL [/quote] They are good enough, Chewie, and thank you for your offer of help. We will speak to you when we sort things out. [quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1340138643' post='115444'] I believ
  16. With my current schedule, I will attempt to be active on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week unless my schedule changes. I will, as well, try to appear online during the evenings (7pm to 2am in US Central time, 03:00 - 10:00 server time.) each week. I cannot promise heavy game activity during the week, but I will appear as I am able.
  17. Can I ask what mod is deleting the replies to my posts? Also, may I kindly know why?

  18. Due to the need to focus on my new job, I will be away for the next two days and possibly without internet acess. I will do my best to keep up with the realm.

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Kay, so.. I didn't delete your reply (dst) and I don't know who did. You know, your reply wasn't that important either honestly.

  19. I will be honest. I have not been active recently, but I was absolutely disgusted to log in and find that the once 30 member-strong alliance: The Children of the Eclipse, the thing that I and so many others had put so much effort into was disbanded... Due to lack of members? Was there not a request placed by Pipstickz to the Council to have the member count reduced so that it could be returned to us? I have chosen to try one last time.. to give one last small effort toward regaining our alliance. I petition that the Children of the Eclipse be returned once and for all to the members wh
  20. I haven't abandoned anyone, but I am really sick of looking for a job irl.

    1. Magistra


      You need a brain for it.

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