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  1. no one congratulated you so... happy birthday m8 :)

  2. Saw that you stopped by so I returned the favor. *waves*

  3. what th. ....???


  4. lol, but the creatures don't evolve in illusion mode.... (don't know if it is a bug or is normal, but they don't get xp) For what do I want an egg??? [color="#0000FF"]Creatures should evolve normal in illusion mode. Illusion mode is thought for a longer time play, this is a test thats why you change illusions so fast. The egg is indeed a bug but you should be able to upgrade creatures,..however its a bad ideea since they will die once illusion is ended. Mur[/color]
  5. Huge bug... or at least I think it is a bug... :unknw: :unknw: :unknw: I make a illusion and became a Soldier of Loreroot. Then I logged out of the game and tried to login. I tried with my nickname (xPo) and pass... error Tried with the nick of the illusion (Soldier of Loreroot) and pass... error Clicked the link "forgot password?" and received an email saying that it should be the nick (Soldier of Loreroot) and my pass. Tried that... error And now I was temporarily banned from the game.... [b] Can anyone help me out?????????[/b] [color="#0000FF"]Try using your e
  6. Hi people... I'm just here to say that i am really enjoying this game... although it has some features still under construction, i think that in some recent future, this game will be amazing (much more than actually is)... Continue with the good work...
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