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  1. Yes it probably would but I'm willing to hone my artistic finesse and learn coding to get it running. In reality I am planning to make it two to three new regions. It will be massive if or when it takes off, hopefully.
  2. welcome to the game and if you would like to join an assasins alliance could you help me start a petition?
  3. Hi, but on the subject of getting a drink from the pubs, I'm not much for drinking poison. That is what alcohol is, seriously. Anyway I'm going to go smoke pot.
  4. What do you mean by building? I'm not sure about any ideas for any of the places currently in MD, but if you could open up a new area in the north-west past Loreroot. Mountain holds, citadels, underground cities in complex cavern systems. An altar suspended above a gaping abyss in the heart of a mountain. Dragon cities upon lofty peaks in the far north. Abandoned ruins of an old civilization before Daniel Raven, and Jack Willow. Signs of Elf dwellings. The remnants of a race of dwarves in small villages niched into the mountains nearby their mines. A vast maze of passes, small glens and mountain vales. I can not compare in artistic skills to any of the artists on the game, but if I get better I'll contribute as much as I can. And I would really love to base an alliance of assasins known as the Anmaglahk in the northwestern corner of the mountains in the homeland of the elves, backed by a sheer drop down the cliffs of Insanity into the pounding surf. Of course they would have to befriend the elves and swear fealty or something first. I'll need to do more planning on this and probably learn some coding. It's some awesome ideas I have but I'm not sure how feasible they are. But I am seriously going to make an effort to accomplish it.
  5. Bah you people! What we need is ents! Level 1: Nut; A rather large oblong seed this creature needs time to grow Level 2: Enting; this young sapling is still weak and needs to be protected yet he can still hinder your enemies with his small, lithe limbs. Not really sure what level to put between enting and ent but the wnt should be ginormous. You should be able to ride on it, or something.
  6. Yeah that would be really great. I would be willing to help in any way I could.
  7. I was thinking of trying to get together an alliance of assasins. I'm not saying I would lead it unless nobody else would, but I just thought it would be awesome to have a guild of assasins up in new mountains to the northwest past Loreroot. I mean who doesn't like ninja's and robed and cloaked figures that no one remembers and don't seem to be their. I'm welcome to any suggestions on the matter.
  8. Anyone else think that Magicduel is akin to Lord of the Rings. The Necrovion being Mordor. The Angiens possibly being elves, and the shades orcs and greater shades being the ringwraiths. Just thought to point it out.
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