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  1. Don't make me stab you...

  2. Lurk/Troll/Pancakes

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    2. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      PANCAKES!!!!!1 *essplodes*

    3. Lintara


      Mmmmm....Pancakes..... *giggles*

    4. Pipstickz


      I'll have the #5 combo, please.

  3. 43. All Canadians are actually Granos' alts. 44. Granos secretly hosts the md server. 45. I still am in MD. 46. Inner Magic actually existing. 47. Stats matter.
  4. LOL nice signature xD

  5. Ph34R T3H Axis Of Mod...

  6. So because of the recent increase of new creature ideas, some are good some are bad, I've decided to post this basic template that should be followed as it it the same template for actual creatures existing in MD already, also it will be easier to read then tell you why your idea is terrible. Requirements for recruiting this creature: Action points Value points Sacrificed vitality Exploring Points (Creature's Name) Targets: (random, multi, etc..) Abilities: (damage, lifesteal, etc..) Actions of this unit are performed on ____ targets Special Influences:
  7. You have been Broken

  8. I do not want your green eggs and ham, I do not want them Mr Lightsage man..

  9. Hmm...I see a Bad Moon Rising...

  10. New account? Interesting..

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