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  3. 43. All Canadians are actually Granos' alts. 44. Granos secretly hosts the md server. 45. I still am in MD. 46. Inner Magic actually existing. 47. Stats matter.
  4. The egg's name was Shaniqua... Vile little thing... Not quite competent for any form of leading or decision making, but all the same... Isn't that what people expect from a president?
  5. Zalabar, I cannot help but agree with, you but we must look past thier faults as, it clearly cannot be thier own, this is the age of passing blame, people become violent, we blame video games, people dress like retards we blame muscians, but people are always look in the narrowest conrows of society to pick something to blame rather then see the true cause of all of this. Yes, I of course speak of the most neferious persona ever to enter many of these influential minds homes... Bob Saget.
  6. LOL nice signature xD

  7. Ph34R T3H Axis Of Mod...

  8. So because of the recent increase of new creature ideas, some are good some are bad, I've decided to post this basic template that should be followed as it it the same template for actual creatures existing in MD already, also it will be easier to read then tell you why your idea is terrible. Requirements for recruiting this creature: Action points Value points Sacrificed vitality Exploring Points (Creature's Name) Targets: (random, multi, etc..) Abilities: (damage, lifesteal, etc..) Actions of this unit are performed on ____ targets Special Influences: (Description) Stats: Vital Energy Regeneration Defence Initiative Attack Power Requirements for next level: Experience Won battles Age Upgrade costs: Action points Value points Sacrificed vitality Exploring Points
  9. [quote name='Death Bell' date='28 July 2009 - 02:08 AM' timestamp='1248707306' post='38009'] maybe we should let all the people get FAT like in Wall-e but we should secretly train ourselves in the gym and we will be the only fittest people around... Then we can rename earth as Magicduel.. and have Mur has king of earth and separate each of the 4 parts of earth to lore root, marind bell, necro, and GG MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA [/quote] You scare me.. and not in the good way...
  10. [quote name='Oberrt' date='28 July 2009 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1248700169' post='37988'] Greetings everyone, This is my 2nd day in this world. Lots of questions, few answers. Fear.. Curiosity driving me forward.. Riddle echoes in my being.. Spirits.. Feels like.. ..still far from home.. got to find my way.. Overwhelming. Great concept, keep it up guys. All the best, Oberrt [/quote] Welcome to Magic Duel, this is a realm of mystery and wonder but be warned there are both dark and light sides to anything a duality, there is the corporeal world of MD then there is the vile horrendous incorporeal forum for MD... If you have questions be wary, few will answer them openly they shalt be veiled with riddles for those only with the mind of that to understand them, and woe be to you should you dare ask for such help on the forum, then thou shalt face the wrath of the dst ranting on using the search function in the forum, to which you may yet have no real query to your questions.. This is a social world as such, you must communicate, but nothing will be easy, that is what makes it all the more worth while, if there is no challenge there is no sense of worth, so come forth expand and be known, welcome to Magic Duel. Also... Heil Chewett
  11. Quite possibly, but then again, are we not to blame for such things? If we do not teach people of the past we are doomed to make the same mistakes.. Point and Case, Windows Vista. Granted the alternatives are there, but I digress, if we do not show the old technology we may all end up as the lazy slobs as seen in the movie WallE, which quite frankly I have no wish to become, and if we show case what we have used in the past for the mundane and entertaining, then perhaps those who have not experienced will appreciate what they now have all the more. The world today as it seem appears to have become drunk with technology...
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