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  1. You cheated Pip and should be banned according to the rules. this is what the rules say:[list] [*]You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experince new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned. [/list] its simple and your guilty.
  2. I think this casino is a very good idear and the proceedes should go to a land or maybe a new charity in MD.)r a cause. SOMEBODY HELP ME ON THIS. OR BETTER YET MANY CAN HELP ON THE MATTER
  3. Here is one of my 1st game to be avalible for play a Game anyone having any idears to improve this using 12 sided dice please send me pm. Game: 12 HIGH The Game is played using 12 sided dice Number of players: as many as wants to play (the more players, Bigger pot) 1 or 2 Sc X # of players, minus 1 sc for Dealer commander = Pot.... Dealer commander calls game. bet 1 0r 2 SC, Example: 5 players bet 1 sc each the winner gets 4 Dealer Commander gets 1. Start: each player which wants to play must ENTER. To ENTER : pay the Deale
  4. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='13 June 2010 - 06:03 PM' timestamp='1276470226' post='61837'] Have we totally lost sight of the entire point and significance of the MP levels? There is a reason you don't auto-upgrade. Z [/quote] i do not seem to know that reason and i cannot see a understanding for your reasoning. Just be direct to get to your point Zleiphneir, ...... tell me!
  5. [quote name='Burns' date='13 June 2010 - 05:31 PM' timestamp='1276468281' post='61835'] Apophys, Obviously you assume that hippie-programs are a basis of actual movement. breaking news: they aren't. The goals are clear, the way is none of your business. Worry not, we'll let you know when it's over. After it's over. King Bull, a nice idea, but unfortunately there's a big difference in activity, it's not that simple to place an age cap on mind power. And if it was to be considered, it would be quite high because it would have a very bad effect on casual players to get to mp4 in the time
  6. I say put a cap on age for mp3 and mp4 level no matter what the XP.At this point it works the same as XP cap. no more stats , no more XP and add this No more age for creaturs. And make it so if they are in a Allaince they may stay what every mp level they wanna be if they drop the allaince Badge they move to next mp level or even jump 2 levels according to the age cap. Exsample: if mp3 has the age and drops allaince for any reason they jump to the mp level as mp age caps, so a mp3 may have to miss mp4 and jump to mp5 losing princples from the story. After all, traning is not only to make yo
  7. King Bull Fights for Mya, the only side i know....... No sliver needed.
  8. You do rhyme, but not all in time your thoughts are mine but not in time and you do see but are still blind what could be, but still behind in a little glass, in quarts of pain you drink your past, but not in vain your Kingdom is there, it is not lost if you plan, you make the most your words we hear and all obey your thoughts are wild, thats what makes us stay we do know what is behind and no one knows,what is your rhyme you hide in lines, and codes we all see but to hide your tears, we don't see we tear down the walls you build and we will never let you be to end the t
  9. 3 silver I do not really need a joker i have 4...
  10. I have always heard the HC is unfair, well it is.It is so unfair that winners cannot take heads any longer, or only my self and Caru cannot take heads but it seems to me that everyone one else that has won can. what the hell is fair about that? I understand and it is ok that winners cannot win again but can't they still play? i know for a fact the other winners can take heads why can't i? when others can takes heads from me.and I can not take heads. not only is this unfair its a joke on me. i have the log to prove this. is there anyone else that also this problem? Or is this the joke on me?
  11. my 1st offical Quest read my protectors statement

  12. 3 sliver for #7 and the Beef lunches are out of the question and i am amazed that some one would want to make a lunch of me. I ask myself is that good or bad?
  13. This is where i get to talk about me... I am now trying for a new goal. roleplay and the forums. And this is what i have to say about that spoiler:( ).......

  14. [quote name='Shadow(mcvities)' date='05 August 2009 - 08:29 AM' timestamp='1249478963' post='38754'] I was thinking today that many people spend well over £200 pounds on the MD Shop.Good thats keeps the game running, brilliant . Then I though(I know dangerous ><) Why don't we have a day where all things bought from the MD shop are deactivated for that day, who knows, if it is possible it could even be turned into a competition!!!! That way we can see who really is the the strongest/ cleverest when they are stripped from all their backups. Things that SHOULD be(if possible) removed f
  15. Where is your real picture,Kingy Wingy? LOL SMOOCH!

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