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  1. [quote name='Grido' post='24615' date='Feb 1 2009, 05:13 PM']so basically, it's when Mur gets around to stopping it after the counter hits 0 i've never participated, so never really paid attention to the timer[/quote] hmm how many head points had the MP5 ones that won?:S I had 1343 and when I saw for example Ailith she had less then me..... so why didnt i got a prize too?O.o
  2. Hmm it says on the game that its the last head contest fase and will last 24hours, so those 24hours past will be at which time?=s
  3. lol what the heck guys it doenst let me go in when i type my username: CelestialKiller and says its wrong so i am wtf =( I typed my password and user name correctly so what i do?? My ID: 80429 Please help ty! Lol and now it says im temporary banned ><
  4. Well guys I just wanna help a bit this test and I´m quite nervous with this so all I can say is: -Take screenshots of everything on your account -Minions,their stats -Your honor -The wins and losts fight -Your own stats -Your equipped items If something goes wrong this can help somehow and you can use this topic for putting the screensohts of those things in here but only when something goes wrong because spoilers take a lot of space and would be a mess. So just post this stuff in here if something went bad. Thank you! =)
  5. xPo ID: 96796 He replied on the other topic so I reply his account name and ID. Hope this helped =)
  6. Sign me up to please. CelestialKiller ID:80429 Days: 88 Edit: I´m MP5
  7. Lol all i see its he going around and posting the forum link........ Uhhhh im so scared I wonder if hes a robot because hes plenty time on...... Anyways hey Liberty
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