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  1. It certainly could be employed. The reason they are mostly lines is probably because they start off smaller when I am first making it from the sensation of the concepts. Also I probably lean towards easier to draw again symbols because I usually am making symbols I intend to utilize practically. But for something like this, a more universal truth, could have and likely deserves some embellishments. Since within the principles are infinite complexities resulting in reality, I don't see why the symbols themselves shouldn't be more complex. Anyway, I will give that a whirl!
  2. Having trouble editing the original post, so here is the better drawn version of Transposition Wanted to finish drawing reasonable looking versions before putting them together is a single image, I guess? I'm trying to hurry!
  3. In Syntropy, the center was representative of the void, and a triangle is the first solid shape to form. The central triangle was upright to represent the manifestation of the first flowing from the void, or the solidification of the beginning of a thing. The echoing inverted triangles behind it represent the subsequent emanations from the beginning through the various layers of existence, flowing from a tripled vesica pisces, another form representing creation. The three spikes were flowing from the center as well, to the ends of the manifesting triangle. The idea I got was they were pure for
  4. What would be the ideal format for these to be finalized in? With pencil, ink, or on the computer? An example of a symbol I have drawn on the computer turned out like this: Though I could likely improve on that.
  5. I understand how Light and Darkness could be forces, as well as entropy and syntropy. They certainly are forces, but I think there is relevance in their designation as principles, because they extend beyond their physical components and have applications in mental and social (among others that my brain is refusing to offer up just now) spheres. I think the main difference between a force and a principle is whether or not it sits in a physical or mental category. However, reality seems very tied up in a mental, and therefore philosophical, nature. Since we perceive everything through the m
  6. I certainly agree! I am really quite honored. I will put the time and effort they deserve into them. When I first started them, it was to decorate an avatar, though I had every intention of making the symbols as accurate as possible. Here is that rudimentary sketch I mentioned (the idea for that avatar that I started so long ago). (As a short aside, I was pleased to see that Mur's post suggesting the symbols be used in-game was #22, which is my favorite number and holds quite a bit of relevance for me)
  7. Thanks! It is eye-like, for a reason! Time is more of a perception thing than a strict reality in itself. Most of us have been aware of the alteration of time at the basic "This day is taking forever" level. Time looks like a reality from the point of perception, but removed from that it can be viewed as a simple state of existence. I am having trouble describing this a little... The idea in the symbol was that what looks like the sphere of time (our perception of current reality) is in fact an illusion, based on the reference point. Seeing Time from the outside (viewing the symbol from an out
  8. Took me forever (like usual), but I haven't disappeared! I drew up Time, and updated the original post.
  9. Working on Time, which revealed itself with relative ease. I already had a mental grasp on the nature of some of these, making the distilling into symbols easier. Having a little trouble with Light, though. If you'd like, Fang (or anyone willing to expound a little!) we could hash out some aspects of the Light Principle? So far, I've been considering the nature of lights reflectivity, how it moves in a sphere from a point and scatters across its environment. Also I was considering how everything projects a shrinking image of itself in a sphere around itself. This is true for aspects as well
  10. Well, to be frank I am quite honored by the positive response! I have enjoyed our meeting! I don't really care about in-game favors, we could talk about symbols and perception if you'd like. They are very nearly my favorite subjects.    But in any case, I will finish the Principles. Here is Darkness.   https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/KhPimULmEYBXomcpGtk1DnaZ00SfztHKiJQnEiNIUCcA=w594-h591-no   I will enjoy MD! I always have. I've been dipping in occasionally for several years now, and have seen a little of its history go by. The Principles always thoroughly intereste
  11. Awesome! Yes, the lines were supposed to meet, must have smudged off the page. That turned out great! I am working on Darkness now. It's exciting to have other people work on symbols with me! (I probably draw symbols a lot)   Not sure why I didn't think to scan them... I will draw them on white paper and do that.
  12. I will, then! I'm pleased there is some interest! I was sort of planning of dropping them and running away, haha.
  13. Also, I could draw symbols for the other Principles if anyone is interested. It would make a good project to bring me back to MD.
  14. Go ahead!   And there should be better quality photos now. Thank you, dst!  :))
  15. I drew some symbols for the Principles a while back and they have been gathering dust ever since. If anyone likes them, have at them! Imagination Balance Cyclicity Transposition Time Syntropy Elements Entropy Light Darkness Changed photos to a, hopefully, better quality.
  16. Also me! :)   [spoiler][attachment=4435:Register copy.jpg][/spoiler]
  17. Yasrin Luvien ID: 247111 AD: 70   I'm newer and therefore unbiased, as well as tending to be unbiased in general. I have few opinions on the younger or older players, and they (most likely) have none of me. I'm reasonable and good at keeping secrets. I'm also seeking further integration in MD, but I'll do that one way or another. I have no hidden motives for being on council, which is a good thing (I would imagine). I'm here to do, be that what it will.
  18. I think the two statements are complementary. If the future is a homogeneous, stable soup, then it makes sense that there would be systems in place to balance things. Time is the grinding of those "feelings" (maybe archetypes?) which probably form all sorts of complex shapes (fractals and whatnot), and the point where they grind together is time and reality. If entropy causes time, it makes sense that the marks left 'behind' by time (memories) reflect the unbalance. The loop of the outer system curving back into itself, keeping the entire system balanced, is one of the larger encasing our worl
  19. Thinking on the void as a gate, a point that drags the rest of the system around it. In order to reach perfection, something must require nothing, require the void. That places the void as our point of travel, dragging us like a black hole towards a complete, balanced system. Could the gate be both open and closed at the same time? Can something that doesn't exist truly open and close? If void is required for something to exist, for systems to perpetuate themselves and ignite the energy that drives them, then perhaps one could ride both infinity and void at once, thereby gaining awareness
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