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  1. I cannot understand why GGG is being singled out for some players boredum. Look within yourself and not at GGG or Magic Duel. When you point a finger, do the other four fingers not point back at you? Has Cutler's creation of the Astral Plane been explored fully? I am constantly finding things within the Astral Plane to do and new things to learn. Go to Talking Rock at Gazebo of Equalibrium or touch the Attic Rope in the Paper Cabin and you can travel all over Magic Duel and not have to leave your scene or lose Action Points. Between Astral Plane Loreroot, Marind Bell and GGG, there is plenty
  2. [quote name='King Bull' date='18 February 2010 - 10:56 AM' timestamp='1266512203' post='54685'] 3 sliver for #7 and the Beef lunches are out of the question and i am amazed that some one would want to make a lunch of me. I ask myself is that good or bad? [/quote] Except you are not Beef! You are a Bull Elephant, not a Bull Steer. What is elephant meat anyways? Grey matter? X D
  3. I have a spell, Open Hidden Exit that will activate but I am unable to pass through. This has happend to me several times. I only have 5 casts on that particular spell. Please advise. Sage
  4. [quote name='pamplemousse' date='16 February 2010 - 05:20 PM' timestamp='1266362439' post='54613'] I vote for number 2. What is a picnic without a little bloodshed. [/quote] Your Tartness! You need coinage to bid!
  5. As Falen Angel has no account here anymore, I send a discription of her picnic basket to you via PM. As I am married to Phantasm, I doubt very much he would want some strange man to have a picnic with me so I withdraw from this event. This could change. he he he
  6. [quote name='flamewarrior' date='15 February 2010 - 01:12 PM' timestamp='1266261123' post='54550'] I have been on MD for quite awhile now, and I enjoy being in Loreroot. I consider Loreroot my home, and as an old saying goes, "If you have no peace at home, find out what's causing the trouble and get it out." That being said, I would like to join the Guardians of the Root to help defend my homeland. Please consider my application. Thank you for your time. [/quote] I have not heard from JusticeFang, Firsan. With Windy being engaged to Flamewarrior, I wonder if it is appropriate or not for h
  7. *waves* Thank you for all those Bursts at GGG. You are a good man. I don't care what the others think....X D

  8. Rock on dude! Hope to see you back at the Inn soon.

  9. Young actor, up and coming. Died of bad mixture of prescription drugs. Tragic loss to the Hollywood community. Google him.

  10. Awww. You look like River Pheonix. You got that moody, unsmiling look on your face.

  11. Hey Sasha! Whats cooking?

  12. Hi LadyDawn! *waves back*

  13. Falen Angel is a Sister. Sagewoman is a retired Sister. .dst become a sister and you too can become family. Men will fear you. I mean those who don't already fear you. ROFL [quote name='Pipstickz' date='24 January 2010 - 08:22 PM' timestamp='1264386120' post='53358'] You want dst to join an RP group? O_O [/quote] Why not? It's a new year. Why can't .dst enter new territory and become silly like the rest of her Sisters?
  14. [quote name='Orlando Gardiner' date='21 January 2010 - 03:19 PM' timestamp='1264108794' post='53214'] I tought of that to, but there will have to be places build, new places to sell them from, map editions... or just a signpost with modifications.., but that I dislike:) [/quote] The Defense Quarters in Loreroot has only the Desk to click on for Aramor and weapons. For raw materials, it might be great to have the Chest or cellar to be used as a clickable.
  15. [quote name='MattyJames' date='15 January 2010 - 07:46 PM' timestamp='1263606383' post='52798'] I don't have a clue what to do on this game anyone care to point me in the right direction. [/quote] When you get lost, or don't know what something means, please click on the Gold Live Help Button. You will be assigned a Live Help Operator, a player who is experienced and knows the ways of the Magic Duel Realm. We cannot give you answers to Quests. We cannot not tell you how to defeat the Loreroot Guards or the Jack Willow Shop Guards but we can give you hints. We can give directions. If we c
  16. What exactly are you "selling" these properties for? Are you asking for Gold Coins? How many "properties" do you have in the Astral Plane at Ravens Hold? I do hope you will show these properties. You know, like an Open House the Realtors do.
  17. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='09 January 2010 - 05:22 AM' timestamp='1263036161' post='52283'] Well, the protective part I once had, was simple for me. Just get so strong that you usually don't lose the fights, or don't mind losing. Perhaps that is due to some arrogance that i built up from almost never getting attacked anymore, but I tend to believe it's possible at least to improve to the point where you can withstand some of the strongest people. Setting a simple, strong ritual that can even beat the crap out of drachorn rituals often enough is easy. Requires one claw3 creature and so
  18. [quote name='CrazyMike' date='09 January 2010 - 04:59 AM' timestamp='1263034793' post='52279'] I remember when the sisterhood was actively smooching all the males in MD. It was interesting (especially when there was an unofficial brotherhood with a mission statement of smooching all the members of sisterhood) Start a flashing program! Flash all the mp3s! This would make their day... LOL [/quote] Have no Fear, CrazyMike. Falen Angel has made it publicly known that she has neglected certain Alliances and high profile names when it comes to the Sisterhood smooching. She has even gone
  19. Character development takes time and hard work. Sometimes it can be a brilliant work and sometimes you just have to crumble up the scroll, throw it over your shoulder and start from scratch. As Tarquinus stated, be true to your self and don't worry about what others may say. You have already met new friends in your adventuring here in Magic Duel and every day is a learning process. I have 4 notebooks that are full of information, scripts, names of characters who don't play anymore, and secrets that are no longer secret. You might want to get yourself a notebook too and keep jotting stuff d
  20. Is that all your cat does? Sleep? lol My cat can beat your cat!
  21. [quote name='LadyDawn' date='08 January 2010 - 11:16 PM' timestamp='1263014209' post='52262'] I am sorry for interupting but... I dont think the location would be problematic and it wouldnt need to be relocated but instead of that a "script" [i](or whatever, I have no knowledge about these things)[/i] for the newbies that would pop out rules when they would first launch an attack on a player there. People dont tend to klick on all klicables when they start and with doing just that, they could be informed about special rules on special places... just a thought. [i](to addition one rule should
  22. Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, I lost all my files when someone reset the computer...or whatever he did to it. I no long have the room assignments for the Root of the Matter Inn. All residents are asked to PM me their room numbers so I can recreate the Root of the Matter Inn Book of Registry. Thank you. Sagewoman Hostess ROTMI So far I have 1. Firsanthalas 3. Astral Almighty, 5. Gremlin/Mysteria Blue 10. My room 15. Aeoshattr and 18. Prince Rhaegar.
  23. [quote name='Famfrit Flamel' date='03 January 2010 - 10:34 PM' timestamp='1262579696' post='51797'] Hello everyone. My name if Famfrit Flamel and I would like to to say I have enjoyed myself playing here by myself but I think it is time for me to get to know some people and see what I am missing from this game. [/quote] Welcome to Magic Duel, Famfrit Flamel! If you have questions, ask for help from other players or use the Live Help Operator button on the right of your screen. Operators are standing by! Sagewoman Live Help Operator
  24. [quote name='MRnegative6' date='31 December 2009 - 03:47 PM' timestamp='1262296062' post='51552'] I have returned from my journey, and have come back with greater wisdom. I have met a small portion of my friends, allies, and some enemies. If i did not see you within MD, i wish you a Happy New Year, and hopefully we shall meet again somewhere in MD once again. MRNegative6 The Long Guardian of Golemus [/quote] The Long Guardian? Or do you mean the Lone Guardian? Anyways, welcome back to Magic Duel. Hope to see you in GGG very soon. Sagewoman
  25. SageWoman


    Just too cute and very brave! I hope the super glue washes out of hair....X D
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