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  1. .*shoots the spammer in the arse with a rubber band*

  2. *sings* Happy Birthday to You You Live MagicDuel You smell like Yesterday And your holey socks sure do, too! PU! It flows when I sing it anyways. Wuv you Grido!
  3. [quote name='Indyra' date='28 June 2010 - 04:15 AM' timestamp='1277716541' post='62833'] in order for a marriage to be valid it has to be consumed...prove that and i'll believe your marriage until then...dst said she'll marry Grido if he gets 50 coins so... [/quote] If Memory serves me right, there is no way to prove is a marriage was consummated. The old "hold up a blood stained sheet" wont work in this instance. X D
  4. Root of the Matter Inn Republic? I would laugh if I was not so outraged by that comment. The Root of the Matter Inn was created so that all people who entered Loreroot could have a place to rest from battles and perhaps enjoy chatting in a pub like setting. I have seen Sentinels, Golem Guerrillas, Archivists, and new players participate in idle chit chat. The Inn was created to encourage interaction among veterans and newbies alike. While it is true you do drop in from time to time, you chose to be at RavensHold. Some Savelites did frequent the Inn and engage people there. It feels to me
  5. [quote name='Prince Marvolo' date='24 June 2010 - 06:49 AM' timestamp='1277380158' post='62572'] You could also hang a muffin on the top of a tree, so you first need to reach it before eating it. That way, you exercise AND get a muffin for it [/quote] Great idea! What worries me is if Bob is a weight bearing tree. One might be able to sneak past the Goatman to hand the muffin, but will he let you back down? Oh, you mean any tree BUT Bob?
  6. Are you all a band or club?
  7. After the recent bru-ha ha with Prince Rhaegar, I think it was prudent for you to put in writing on what happens when you join an Alliance and becoming a Citizen. Clarity needs to present so there is no misunderstanding. Kingship has its rules and I am glad that you spelled it out for all to see. It is an elected position as you said, and it should be clear that those powers go with the position, not the person IN the position. I do think a statement should be written out on what a citizen is and their responsibilities to their chosen land and hense, their King or Queen. It might be a good i
  8. [quote name='Tarquinus' date='10 June 2010 - 08:44 PM' timestamp='1276220670' post='61611'] It will start at 0600 server time. I realize that's early, but I wanted to put as much of the European day in the "calendar" as possible. Note to all participants: when you lose a fight, whether on offense or defense, regardless of whether or not you were fighting someone registered in the quest, you are "knocked out" and should retire to the nearest sanctuary ASAP. This rule may change depending on how heavy the brigandage is. Note to all others: Just be yourselves and do whatever you want. I'm ke
  9. My sword is for Mya Celestia.
  10. [quote name='Prince Marvolo' date='08 June 2010 - 11:09 AM' timestamp='1276013377' post='61374'] For the record: I have nothing to do with this all. Not has the Savelites Church. For the time beeing, I took the lead of the Savelites Church. I cannot speak for individuals tough, but as alliance, we do not want to get involved in this.. At least, not further. It is a sad thing 3 members of the church were found traitors, But that does not mean we All are. I hope this is understood. The Savelite Church IS Loreroot, and STILL is Loreroot, wether individuals might like it or not. Any q
  11. [quote name='druzik' date='08 June 2010 - 10:40 AM' timestamp='1276011605' post='61368'] I think it will be great...ehh now i have dilemma on which side fight...;p [/quote] The side of Justice of course. Mya Celestia was a pawn and an innocent victim of circumstances beyond her control. The bad boys need to be spanked. he he he he
  12. Today, Day 154 year 5. Burns lit a smokey fire and together with myself, fanned the smoke into the Gazebo where Mya Celestia's body is laid. Her Ghostly form was seen by those present within the smoke. When asked what she could tell us, Mya gestured towards the South and then to Loreroot. Still not understand, Awiiya came forward. Using his ability to Ghost, Awiiya communicated with Mya Celestia. May said these words: Sen...then no then the letter D then no...then Be, then her spiritual energy wore out and she faded away. At this time those present are trying to figure out what she was so fr
  13. Sasha, Perhaps you might conduct a Seance? Are there any mediums in Magic Duel? I might give it a try but I have never spoken to the dead before. Perhaps a Necrovion has this skill? Or Phantasm.
  14. The possibilities in limericks are flying through my Head! I hope to be able to participate at least in that part of your Mini-Festivals of Fun! ..There once was a Tree named Bob who
  15. Not all poems have to rhyme Even with the given time. You made some laugh Some think you daff. Not all have the gift as you can see as I drift. Thanks for sharing your words, your tears, and your world, Manu.
  16. [quote name='Watcher' date='26 May 2010 - 12:50 PM' timestamp='1274896254' post='60414'] Your argument is based on the idea that this new account is actually a new player. That is not the case. This new "character," if it can even be called that, is simply another alternate for an established player. There will be no "deciding;" all the choices a new character would normally make were settled on long before this account was created. Your argument would make sense if this had been the actual child of two people. However, this is little more than yet another example of the extremely poor
  17. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='18 May 2010 - 06:07 AM' timestamp='1274180868' post='59968'] AH you got me Firs *changed* Ok, it mentioned up in the header, from 10 am servertime [/quote] You can count on me! Um...just send me a reminder when you see me online. X D
  18. [quote name='CrazyMike' date='07 May 2010 - 01:23 AM' timestamp='1273213438' post='59522'] For other potential candidates who are interested in joining GOTR, it is good that the candidate is a strong individual. But joining GOTR means you will be part of the Guardians family. Caring what other GOTR says or thinks about you is important. GOTR does not require grovelling or apple polishing. We seek in individuals who can reflect the spirit of GOTR. We want individuals who can carry the principles of GOTR. We want an individual who is not afraid of being in a team. GOTR is not just
  19. [quote name='Shadow(mcvities)' date='02 May 2010 - 12:16 PM' timestamp='1272820562' post='59160'] Seems that my application was never even looked at...I really am a shadow [/quote] It was a very long time ago when you put your application in to the GOTR. I don't remember you ever following up on it or talking to anyone of us about wanting to join. Then too, you seem to have left the realm of Magic Duel. If you are serious about wanting to join, you need to reapply stating why you want to be a member of the Guardians of the Root. King Firsanthalas will contact you then.
  20. You really need to update your profile. It's a bit....bland.

  21. Hi Atlas. Falen Angel says hello. She doesn't have a profile on here.

  22. Surprise! Surprise! I too, voted no in this poll. I am a role player, and while I can fight, I do not do so very well. However, I feel I must speak on behalf of the Fighters who do fight well. It seems to me that those battling to get Heads already utilize the Friend card and get their Heads quite easily. As others have stated before me, the Head Contest is about fighting and using your creatures strategically. While this is merely experimental in the Boss Head Contest, I see no reason why it should be brought to the main land if it proves successful. Just because something works does not me
  23. From the album: Sage and Mug

    Goofing around at breakfast time. Coffee! Gotta have it!

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    This is my new Mug! Mur...I need your address...I misplaced my xmas card list.
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