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  1. OH there you are! I put dots in front and back of your name. Silly me.

  2. Do someting about your profile. Its bland. Put some pizazz into it!

  3. Sister! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. OH MY Goddess! YOU are Ledah? :pokes eyeballs out with hot pokers::YOu sure don ACT 13 you big fibber. = P

  5. Awwww. No Picture? Do I have to dream you up? Nah, stick drawings are unbecoming of Necrovions. LOL

  6. Are you feeling like your being stalked? My beady little LR eyes makeing ou sweat? I'll stop visiting if you want. LOL

  7. I could be wrong but my ancestors in the mountains found that hiding things in plain sight works well. What book is hidden in plain sight?
  8. Don't think I have run into you before. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Your not a stalker are you? In leauge with Grido? 0.o lol

  10. The eyes of the Sage are upon you! 0.o

  11. Come on guys. Figure out how its suppose to go FIRST before announcing it. I'm in. I love getting my Arse kicked. What's that? Yes, I got my Tree back this morning. Expect Reprisals. {ebil grin}
  12. Hey! Whats with your profile! It empty! It's Plain! Worke on it. Don't make me give you only one star!

  13. OMg your a Lincoln Park fan? Figures..

  14. I see you! I saw what you did! Stop kissing Stormrunner! LOL

  15. You use your Isp as your home? LMAO

  16. Hi there! Nice to "see" ya.

  17. Love your quest. You got everyone running around like chickens with head cut off! ROFL

  18. Pleased to meet you. You my friend, have your hands full with GG. You have my heart felt sympathy. ::pats shoulder a few times::

  19. I, SageWoman of LoreRoot, hereby lends her support and encouragement to Captain Cryxus and the Crimsom Blade and her Crew! I am Land Bound so I can only offer to Heal when you get your land legs. :good: [quote name='cryxus' post='20652' date='Nov 22 2008, 03:38 PM'][color="#FF8C00"]Alliance name:[/color] [color="#000000"]Crimson Alliance[/color] [color="#FF8C00"]Occupying:[/color] [color="#000000"]Golemus Our ship is the Crimson Blade, which is stationed at Storm Port, i have already done the work to make her.[/color] [color="#FF8C00"]Leader:[/color] [color="#000000"]myself, Cryx
  20. Got a visit by Grido who Iv never met, so I returned the favor. Spotted you and thought to stop in to say hello. ::waving:::

  21. I saw that you visited my profile, so I return the favor. I don't believe we have met..have we?

  22. You need to seriously fill out this profile, UP.

  23. Chippy! You seriously need to update your profile! Where you been anyways? Dont see you as often now.

  24. Hi Falen. Firsanthalas already told me about it. Trying to get it uploaded as we speak.

  25. Canadian take over? Pah! Iv seen more Brits than canadians. AS IF! LOL

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