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  1. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Peeled back trunk, all contents were in the back seat
  2. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Window smashed, dented roof, another deflated tire and crushed hub cap. Had my kids been in the back seat, I think Healers would have been needed.
  3. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Right passenger tire panel, deflated tire and crushed hub cap
  4. Wants to Cuddle with an LHO! Who wants to be First?

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Burns needs to cuddle with something so he'll stop calling Amoran his pillow.

  5. Shroom! Poisonous. I'll be back later to gather it up for All Hallows Eve Potion.....<.<.....>.>
  6. *stares into the globe and is stuck there*
  7. SageWoman


    Gee, you need a shave, Harry Potter! X D
  8. SageWoman

    Naughty Circle

    I love it! Curi coined a new MD phrase!
  9. The Bar is Open at the Root of the Matter Inn. Bring your own Pole if you dare. Passant and Lord Jaguar, just you try to stay out of my sight.

  10. I am feeling very naughty. Beware of the Sage!

    1. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Is locking himself within the Tribunal. Should be enough protection, right?

    2. Lord Jaguar

      Lord Jaguar

      Is hiding with Passant. (trembles in terror) :)

  11. I have a mind to get drunk and dance on the bar counter!

    1. Maebius


      Name the bar and I'll bring some beer!

    2. Sharazhad


      and I'll bring more beer!! and the music, and maybe even a pole, and recording equipment

  12. LOL! Woke up to snow this morning but I refuse to go out in it! You are a stronger woman than I.
  13. You gotta lay off that Grog she makes, Fyrd!
  14. How cute! You have a cowlick on the back of your head. It's got a nice curl to it too. X D
  15. You know you've been on MD too much when you click on Webcam on the right hand panel to see what pose Karak is going to make this time!
  16. [quote name='Dormouse' timestamp='1286925972' post='70241'] I will BUT maty gave me the link to here *raises eyebrows* - suggests no controls in place .......... [/quote] You need to physically seek out Mya Celestia, Sharazhad, or Firsanthalas in the game besides posting on the forum, little Dormouse. I could use someone with your size to help me harvest nuts for the winter. Sagewoman
  17. Had another seizure episode on Thursday but I am regaining my strength and energy. Been wandering around MD again. Am I really mad or just one step over the line of Insanity?

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      Everyone gets sick sometimes, I just don't like seeing someone as nice as you suffer. Get well soon, so we can come bother you again. ^^

    2. BFH


      Health, Health and more Health for you ^^ Get well soon. I miss you a lot.

    3. keida


      omg in rl????? im so sorry!!! are you okay???? please get well soon.

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  18. To: The Powers That Be c/o Muratus Del Mur Dear Secret Members of the Powers that Be, It has been long past due that a feature be created for players in regards to the Adepts Page. I have sent messages in the past to our Master, Muratus Del Mur, about this topic in years past to no avail. I now put the idea out to you. Consider this if you will. I have counted my adepts and I have an extensive list of 56 Adepts. Out of those 56 adepts, I have three that are active at this time, at the most 11. Some of these inactive adepts I have not seen in the realm of MagicDuel since year 3 and t
  19. *nerve tick goes off by her right eye* Hail the Mad! Hail the Sad! Those who hide behind the Mask. Poetry like ours is Bad. Ducks! Yes! Kittens? Aw! I bet they forgot the mittens. Alas I suck at this So I bow out with your permittence.
  20. SageWoman

    Festival Of Fun

    Sounds like fun Ali! I just hope I remember to show up.
  21. Sulks and thinks of dark, depressing things.

    1. adiomino


      Everyone does sometimes :o

  22. Hello O Dark and Accursed Leader of the Caretakers! Remember you telling me NOT to go to the temple? Well, I went anyways. Met Sephirah just outside of it. Lovely person. Btw, I am now accused of stealing from the lands. I didn't and I resent being called a liar. Just thought I would tell you the straight of it. Sephirah never did say what I had in my hands, for they were empty when I visited the Tribunal city and empty when I jumped to Leader. The Light in Your Darkest Hour Sagewoman Edited for better clarification of what city. Can someone please tell me why my comment is negative
  23. [quote name='Jazira' timestamp='1283633087' post='67682'] King Firsanthalas has agreed to let me try to restore or revive the Savelites Church. I still need a few people, preferably four, to join the church. I know, the Church has gone through more hands than it should have. Perhaps one day it will meet a pair of hands that won't pass the church along as though it were an old toy that had lost its luster. But, whether the church is new or old, there are still some in the realm of MD who would like to see the Savelites revived and in good health. I am one of these people, though before I
  24. [quote name='Roland' timestamp='1283377049' post='67516'] Your honesty in this world touches my heart. Therefore I will be open with you. I lost my little brother to undiagnosed epilepsy recently. It was the lowest point of my life (talk about being lost). I know you have young ones running around, and must commend you on taking charge of your health. You are facing a long and tedious battle, but after getting to know you...I've no doubt you will rise to the challenge! You have my love and respect "Sage". Please continue to keep us informed. A strong support system will do wonders fo
  25. Hey there Magic Duel! I come in Peace! Ok, for the serious stuff. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I have seizures and got medicine for it. Thought it left and I was seizure free and off medication. Well, 4 weeks ago I suffered seizures again. I get the petite and grandmal seizures and have been put back on Kepra XL. A Cat Scan was done and it appears I have space between my ears and secrets are leaking out. Wanna know them? Send me a pm. <insert maniacal laughter here> I have a new list of Thou Shall Not that is really bumming me out and I don't really want to enter the
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