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  1. [quote name='Windy' timestamp='1332534413' post='107168'] I am not happy to see you go, even knowing how debilitating your health issues are. Who can I play "good cop/bad cop" with? Katt has come a long way and might be able to fill your shoes....with lots of rolled up newspaper...but she's not you. I will miss you in game. [/quote] Is it my shoes or my bra you want her to fill? hahahahahahahahaha!
  2. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1331851343' post='106666'] nah ..she is joking...she is blaming the fact that there is no death in MD but i can confirm that Sagewoman is immortal! Deep roots under the realms surface stand as proof and of course i never interfere I was reading your reasons and i was like "wtf, these are my reasons to leave!" ..lol.. lucky you [/quote] What blame? Those are facts! lol Gosh, you are making me blush with all these kinds words. Thank you everyone...(who failed to post) and to the rest of you too.
  3. Happy! Happy Birthday! We all want to celebrate with you! Happy! Happy Birthday! With some cake and ice cream too! Love ya Nim!
  4. I've water on the brain.

    1. Maebius


      One case where depleting the resource is a Good thing! Vibes sent your way, my friend, to keep you hale and hearty.

    2. Quas


      That's nothing, I had my brain in the water >.>

    3. Quas


      *did a joke*

  5. I have finally fallen off the fence and have decided I am leaving the realm of Magic Duel. It's long past due that I do so. I have medical issues that robs me of mental clarity and it is still not under control. Also, I am no longer active enough to be considered a threat to the male population that I usually was, and my role as the Hostess of the Root of the Matter Inn has gone to the way side. So I am doing my last Swan Song, my last Hurrah, my last desperate gasp of a role play before I go out in small POOF of badly played drama. I have given away some of my "great" creatures and in doing
  6. # 118 is all LIES! LIES I tell you! (scroll back to see what 118 was) 120. If Eon sold you the Nile, you got dst'd (makes only sense to me and Windy) 121. Dst is Mur's sister-in-law 122. I forgot what I was gonna say....must have been the NightShade I didn't inhale.
  7. Player ID: 47315 Creature ID: 696257 Error message like the others posting on this topic. Thank you.
  8. There were so many great submissions! I voted for Darkraptors because of the use of not only my Avatar but of several others!The inclusion of Avatars really gave his submission,....wait for it......CHARACTER!
  9. It is bad enough that Loreroot and Necrovion are void of life, why must GGG be as well? Marind Bell is the only other land to walk about in and the Archives and the Tribunial are heavy with viscosity. Take too much more away and there won't be any Magic Duel left.
  10. [quote name='Vasilemacel' timestamp='1320098062' post='95045'] I was walking through Loreroot a few days ago with my good friend Kindred. A strange storm suddenly started and we tried to get cover under a tree. He was faster then I was, but the second he got under it the tree got struck by lightning. I grabbed him fast and headed toward Mardin's Bell to get help. On the way back we ran into and old man. As I asked him for directions to get back to Windy's pub (I don't know my way around Loreroot all that well and I thought Windy will know what to do) he said he will come with us. When I asked
  11. I had fun with your mini-quest. I do hope you create one for Murmas and make it a bit longer. I generated a lot of heat which I gifted to my Protector, Shemhazaj.
  12. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1320069936' post='95014'] Night is a thing of dreams and folk tales in MD. This story is from long ago, when the sun refused to shine for one ghostly, and deadly night. Imagine nothing could be in sight, because there were no light in MD. All sorts of beings and creatures roamed around feeling out in front of them, hoping to find something more then complete darkness. Small groups of people had found each other and gathered huddling close, waiting for some change, some hope of light. Screams of scared beasts running fiercely about, bumping into trees and
  13. Tutorial of Loreroot: You find yourself seated at a table in Defensive Quarters. King Firsanthalas sits at its Head. Do you: a: take his whiskey b. ask him if it's true that real men don't wear underwear under their kilts c. attempt to take his Head d. take his muffins results: a. You are punt kicked out of Loreroot with nothing to show for it but a boot mark on your arse. b. Firsan gives you a naughty look. Why you ask? Shall I stand up so you can take a peek? c. Nice work. Hope you can keeps those. d. Instantly you feel vertigo and find yourself suspended head first over Gazebo o
  14. Briskness Increase 1 EverHot Pot of Sage Coffee 3 Orbs Heat 2 wings of Majestic WinderWild GPS Attach Wings to your own back with Murs All Purpose Duct Tape Give the Heat to your Mp6 Drink the EverHot Pot of Sage Coffee Sing: ~With the Wings of the Majestic WinderWild~...start running while moving your shoulders to activate Wings ~I look cool and have Style~ make flying noises with your mouth ~Up, up and away~ locate nearest Sanctuary with GPS ~Here I go on my way~ ...ignore laughter from bystanders as you run foolishly by
  15. Loreroot Soup 1 tail of Water Being I, pit roasted then cubed 4 cups Pathfinder Lake Water, seasoned 1 sprig Rosemary 3 bay leaf, whole 1 whole wild onion Simmer in crock pot 1 spin of the Server Time or until tenderized Add root vegetables like potatoes, carrots or cat tails (not feline, plant) Simmer 40 min until vegetables are just tender but still have a bite to the tooth. (not soggy) Serve with buiscuits or a hardy bread. Wine, Ale, or Beer as a compliment to the soup
  16. Hey Metal Bunny! Want a smooch? X D
  17. SageWoman

    Trick or Treat!

    Related to Metal Bunny perhaps?
  18. From the album: Trick or Treat!

    Even rabbits need a night of fun at Halloween Parties!
  19. [quote name='gremlin' timestamp='1318744185' post='94178'] I wish to join GOTR, even though i made some poor choices i wish to be accepted back into my family [/quote] Seek out Mya Celestia or Sharazhad or Shemhazaj.
  20. Thanks for the warning. I am always seeing new people in Loreroot and finding one with our Alliance Shield would have made me go on the offensive. Finding Mp3's in Loreroot really makes we go, "Hmmm."!
  21. The Root of the Matter Inn can never have enough glass. Do come visit me.
  22. It is my opinion, that the Forum is a place where Mur should announce well in advance where he intends to be and all other pertinent information. It is a fact that not everyone views the Announcements because of the volume and changes it goes through daily. I would also like to suggest, that Kings, Queens, Leaders, and MP6's then take this information and re-post it in their private forums as well as private Alliance Page. A simple copy n paste will do it. That way, no one has room to say that they didn't get the information. Do not Kings and Queens announce to their subjects declarations, i
  23. Must be FALL. The temps dropped again.

  24. Posted Pictures...take a look~

    1. Dragual
    2. ChildOfTheSoul


      car wrecks. not fun, are you alright? :)

    3. SageWoman


      It was my husband who was in the car. It's totaled but he came out without a scratch. God was watching over him and wearing a seatbelt helped too.

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