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  1. Jeepers! Creepers! Where did you get those peepers! Jeepers! Creepers! Where did you get those eyes! X D

  2. This thread I will list Edits of Public Logs. When I am contacted I will post who has what Gift from what collection here and if the Collection is complete. [color="#FF0000"]Please consult original thread for rules or PM me. I will not respond to any complaints, whining or flaming. The Deadline has been extended to the End of November[/color]All Treats will be announced Here. My Trick? WP winners will not be announced until the Scavenger Hunt is completed! To start off: [u]Tea Cup Collection[/u] Mya Celestial - 4 pc Tea Cup Set (Her Gift) [u]Miscellaneous Collection[/u] Malikat
  3. After reading three pages of spam and the tearing down of each others role play, I really do hope that there are other candidates who have bid privately for King of Marind Bell. Out of the whole realm there HAS to be another choice. Pip and Lifeline, I have read your arguments and I have to tell you that your not making my vote choice easy. I would hate to have to vote for the Lesser of two Weevils...er I mean Evils. Challenge: Any candidates who want to be King write a new thread of WHY you want to be King, and WHAT you plan to do. Qualifications are of no interest to me now. I, along wit
  4. Falen Angel wants to know if you have Angelican blood. PM her please.

  5. [quote name='Assira the Black' date='23 October 2009 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1256341601' post='45579'] Mysteria Blue came up with the idea of doing a Pub crawl where we all start at one pub and then move one at at time to another pub in md. There could be a contest or something held at each pub. Any thoughts, ideas, and other insight are welcome. [/quote] Couple of problems with that idea. 1. Loreroot is not accessible by everyone. 2. I run an INN, not a Pub. Yes there is a difference but not enough time to go into it. Now if you said Bar Hopping...Revert back to number 1. X D
  6. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='22 October 2009 - 01:41 PM' timestamp='1256236912' post='45491'] Doesnt sound fun to me... [/quote] Nothing sounds fun to you. As I didn't put a Gift in your Public Log, you won't miss out. [quote name='dst' date='22 October 2009 - 03:19 PM' timestamp='1256246368' post='45498'] Not to mention that I bet the WPs were not randomly distributed. I shall go no further with the suppositions. [/quote] The two WP ARE randomly distributed. Too many people are so caught up in wanting the Wish Point that they forget the whole point of my contest was for p
  7. What an expressive expression!
  8. You keep saying "WE". Get a timer so "WE" will be in the picture too.
  9. That is what Sharpie Black pens are for! ROFL!
  10. SageWoman

    For Cryxus

    I love it! The Crisom Blade! Argh you blidge rat! Job well done. ...was that piraty enough? I'v seen all the Pirates of the Caribean movies at least 3 times.
  11. Herly, I have replied to your application for the Guardians of the Root.

  12. [quote name='Herly' date='21 October 2009 - 05:47 PM' timestamp='1256165256' post='45390'] Greetings to all the members of the Guardian of the Root Alliance... I stand before all of you because I want to pledge my allegiance to the Loreroot Forest and therefore to this alliance. Ever since I heard about this realm (MD) and of Loreroot that I felt a connection between the forest, its green and its children. With every day that passes this bond grows stronger and stronger. Lately the link between me and the forest has reached such a level that I felt the need to be more active and felt t
  13. You will be a fool if you turn down the offer given to you. ~Fortune Cookie~

  14. Halloween is approaching fast and I have two wish points left to give out as treats. Starting from now until the end of [color="#FF0000"]November[/color], you will need to start looking at public logs, starting with your own. If you see: Gift - <some time as example>, you are already in the Contest. [color="#FF0000"]Edit[/color] This contest is now shut down and a WP has been awarded to Rendril Revant. Rendril was the only player who actively sought out and collected items for the Quest. Other players were more concerned about "losing a wp" then actively participating. Well, that has
  15. On this 294 Day in the year 4,Server time 16:30, Firsanthalas, Leader of the Guardians of the Root became the First King of Loreroot. Hail to the King! Long Live the King!
  16. -Keeping Marind Bell Peaceful by improving diplomatic relations with other lands -Fair Rewards to those supporting the Land -Encouraging Defense of Marind Bell -Support for the Sparring Grounds -Fair decisions with in Mind with all the citizens of Marind Bell For a French Fried Potato from Canada, I am actually pleasantly surprised that you have a plan, Pip. Your points actually are well thought out and are unselfish. Well, except for that wanting to put a Canadian flag on Winds Sanctuary... . As a former Dojo Mistress I am interested in hearing how you plan to back up the Sparring Gro
  17. OMG I actually agree with you guys. Can we get our $1 credit back and purchase something else?
  18. [quote name='Aeoshattr' date='18 October 2009 - 10:02 AM' timestamp='1255878174' post='45083'] Totenkopf! You posted the pics with us making evil plots?? Unh... The Godfather is so gonna bust you XD Btw ppl, i forgot to mention the evil plot we, the Romanian Mafia have set yesterday: The End is Near!!! XD XD [/quote] Looks like you all had a Great Time! I hearby declare that the First American MD get planned ASAP! Who can make it to St. Louis? X D
  19. [quote name='Udgard' date='16 October 2009 - 08:48 AM' timestamp='1255700884' post='44835'] Sage, queen? xD This is what came to my mind: [spoiler][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/S%26M_Dungeon_7_by_David_Shankbone.jpg[/img][/spoiler] disclaimer: although I'm sure this is pretty okay, don't click the button if you're disturbed by such (EDIT: NSFW - I dunno what that means though, ask buns xD)pics. [/quote] Ugard, are you the blond or the brunette? I could have sworn you were a guy! Your coming out should be on another thread, not this one.
  20. I am Sagewoman, Elder and protector of the forest of Loreroot. It is my intention to become the First Queen of this Sacred Forest and her Peoples. As an MP4 I was invited to join the Guardians of the Root during Nelya Setesh’s Leadership. When Raven took over for Nelya in her absence after I evolved to Mp5, I was voted and invited to join the now defunct High Council. During Amoran’s Leadership I learned hard lessons about loyalty to friends and loyalty to ones Land. Of these three Leaderships, I am one of the one of the few remaining Guardians of the Root. Loreroot is my homeland and I wil
  21. I still plan on being roasted alive at the root of the matter inn. I actually ask the critics to show up I would love to hear as many complaints as possible and make good on the things that they have problems with. If elected (not bloody likely) it would still be my job to listen to you supporter or not. Kamisha, If tonight's impromptu gathering is anything like it will be this weekend at the Defensive Quarters/Root of the Matter Inn, it will be a lively discussion where people will interrupt and make bring up your dislike of Bob constantly. Cryxus will never get to voice his opinion witho
  22. [quote name='Kamisha' date='15 October 2009 - 12:26 AM' timestamp='1255584394' post='44707'] Name: Kamisha Active days: 192 For starters I would like to announce by being a candidate although I am given the right to vote I am divorcing it because I find it cowardly to ask for your own vote to win in fact if I do vote for myself I would like Mur to call me out on it and stop people from voting for me because I have turned my back on you if I have. [i]Already strike one. You are an unknown and your arrogance and hostility in your first paragraph is quite clear.[/i][b][/b]You action is of
  23. Hello Mala! I am Friend #4! WOO HOO!

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