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  1. I think returning from the Dead is harder than self inflicted Death.

    1. Magistra


      I really wouldn't know.

  2. The Sage of Loreroot is Back!

  3. I've water on the brain.

    1. Maebius


      One case where depleting the resource is a Good thing! Vibes sent your way, my friend, to keep you hale and hearty.

    2. Quas


      That's nothing, I had my brain in the water >.>

    3. Quas


      *did a joke*

  4. Must be FALL. The temps dropped again.

  5. Posted Pictures...take a look~

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    2. Dragual
    3. ChildOfTheSoul


      car wrecks. not fun, are you alright? :)

    4. SageWoman


      It was my husband who was in the car. It's totaled but he came out without a scratch. God was watching over him and wearing a seatbelt helped too.

  6. Wants to Cuddle with an LHO! Who wants to be First?

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Burns needs to cuddle with something so he'll stop calling Amoran his pillow.

  7. The Bar is Open at the Root of the Matter Inn. Bring your own Pole if you dare. Passant and Lord Jaguar, just you try to stay out of my sight.

  8. I am feeling very naughty. Beware of the Sage!

    1. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Is locking himself within the Tribunal. Should be enough protection, right?

    2. Lord Jaguar

      Lord Jaguar

      Is hiding with Passant. (trembles in terror) :)

  9. I have a mind to get drunk and dance on the bar counter!

    1. Maebius


      Name the bar and I'll bring some beer!

    2. Sharazhad


      and I'll bring more beer!! and the music, and maybe even a pole, and recording equipment

  10. Had another seizure episode on Thursday but I am regaining my strength and energy. Been wandering around MD again. Am I really mad or just one step over the line of Insanity?

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    2. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      Everyone gets sick sometimes, I just don't like seeing someone as nice as you suffer. Get well soon, so we can come bother you again. ^^

    3. BFH


      Health, Health and more Health for you ^^ Get well soon. I miss you a lot.

    4. keida


      omg in rl????? im so sorry!!! are you okay???? please get well soon.

  11. Sulks and thinks of dark, depressing things.

    1. adiomino


      Everyone does sometimes :o

  12. Welcome back! Dariea is doing ok for an Mp3. She has solved the Beserker Puzzle and defeated at least one Willow guard so far.

  13. Gee, you look different somehow.I can't put my finger on it but it will eventually come to me. *snifs* Is that Bengay I smell? Or is it Metamucil? X D

  14. Hello! I take it your Mojopuppet? *looks at Shems posting*

  15. .*shoots the spammer in the arse with a rubber band*

  16. You really need to update your profile. It's a bit....bland.

  17. Hi Atlas. Falen Angel says hello. She doesn't have a profile on here.

  18. First Friend to post here! Sayyyy, your kinda cute. Not puppy or kitty cute but..young man cute and can I fix you up with my daughter? ROFL

  19. *waves* Thank you for all those Bursts at GGG. You are a good man. I don't care what the others think....X D

  20. Rock on dude! Hope to see you back at the Inn soon.

  21. Young actor, up and coming. Died of bad mixture of prescription drugs. Tragic loss to the Hollywood community. Google him.

  22. Awww. You look like River Pheonix. You got that moody, unsmiling look on your face.

  23. Hey Sasha! Whats cooking?

  24. Hi LadyDawn! *waves back*

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