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  1. Ok here is my submission [url="http://i36.tinypic.com/30vdcv8.jpg[IMG]"]http://i36.tinypic.com/30vdcv8.jpg[IMG][/url]
  2. Eagle Eye, I am trying to upload my submission and they keep failing. They are well within the parameters. I am getting this Uploading is not allowed message. Who do I speak to of this?
  3. 33. Sagewoman really isn't married to Phantasm. Did you ever see them actually get married? The relationship is "complicated".
  4. SageWoman


    Very laid back and hiding behind Shades. How very typical. I LIKE IT! GLOMP!
  5. You know you have been in MD too much when MD is more Reality that you escape to get away from your Fantasy life in reality. XD
  6. Do you have to sign-up or just submit a picture of your submission? I have this sudden urge to get semi nude and frolick with a beach ball!
  7. Today is day 41 of the year 8 our our Dear Mur. I have received 15 out of 24 votes for Citizenship. For those of you who have voted, thank you. If you have not realized there was voting going on, please go to the Capital and cast your vote. Thank You!
  8. I have applied for citizenship. Please vote.
  9. I think returning from the Dead is harder than self inflicted Death.

    1. Magistra


      I really wouldn't know.

  10. The Sage of Loreroot is Back!

  11. [quote name='Princess Katt' timestamp='1341431526' post='116691'] I will pay 2 gc to anyone who can get Dragual Monarth to stop trying to kill my baby. You must submit proof (like a chat log or such) that he has agreed to let the baby live. If I manage to resolve the issue before anyone else, the quest shall be null and void. There can only be one winner, the first to submit proof. Princess Katt P.S. He has just made another attempt, but this one will fail if I can get help in time. Edit: With Axel's post, the winner now gets 3 gold, 20 silver. [/quote] I gave you the leash bec
  12. ~Shall we light your pyre so you can fit in your Urn? After all the trouble that Tom went to draw it for you too. *cough cough* Still awaiting my coughin...er...coffin, Tom Pouce.~
  13. You might want to say where you can be found so that those who want to participate, can hunt you down. I mean, use a locate spell. *cough* You know what I meant!
  14. ~Tom Pounce, I chose You!~ XD ~Or rather your coffin suits me. Thank you.~
  15. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1340394019' post='115825'] I don't like the idea of an automatic revival or a resurrection without help of others. Why? Because people would find little reason to help someone who would get back after a month anyway. Many great initiatives came from dead, like Chewett's [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10210-ceremonial-heat-letting-for-our-dead/"]heat letting for the king[/url]; Maebius, Katt and Guillak's [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11666-seigheart/page__hl__heat"]heat gathering for Seigheart[/url] (and later on themselves) togeth
  16. *rubs neck from strain* Well! I have to say I love the sword! Is it detachable and easily stolen or is it like Excalibur and only a Heart thats pure, pull it from the coffin? I like that the coffin in it's self is simplistic and that there are vines already growing around it so it's been there for some time already. Very nice.
  17. I just realized that in the story, I know the Kissing Bandit "personally". There are not that many characters that I know "personally" but again, as a member of the Sisterhood, I've smooched quite of few unsuspecting men out there. Hmm, gonna have to dig out my grey matter and think on who were good kissers. This was before Phantasm's did the dirty deed and forced me to be his wife and I don't recall smooching him before you disbanding the Sisterhood. Guess I'll have to read the rest of the story and figure it all like everyone else!
  18. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1339604760' post='114634'] Sagewoman is dead? Since when? [/quote] Not quite dead but advanced in age. I have medical issues that I am dealing with and I no longer have much interest in the realm. However, it seems there are some who are dragging their heels and trying to keep me from dying quietly *coughphantasmcough* hence this quest. I'm not labeled DEAD but not quite "dead" yet either as there is not true death in MD, yada, yada, yada, as all of us that leave always seem to come back. SO! I have three weeks of "life" till my Coffin is chosen and I'm stuff
  19. Good Bye Hedge. You will make a nice planter. @Phantasm, when will it be my turn? You are the only one who is keeping me from the Crypt.
  20. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339452262' post='114423'] did you jump in and not read what i said? someone has offered to revive me, for free. [/quote] Oh I read it but no where did you mention if you accepted. Why offer to revive you? Why not just do it and be done with it? I would have. But again, I have a soft spot for Big Furry Chewbacas with Bunny Slippers. <3
  21. If someone for no apparent good reason can kill a character, cannot someone revive a character out of kindheartedness and mercy? It is easy for anyone, oh for example...ME say I am going to kill my character willingly, say my goodbyes, and then then POOF, just leave (which I haven't but that's a whole other story) but quite another to have a "Death Spell" and pop someone off without a by your leave. Very naughty and worth a punt kick straight to jail in my humble opinion. To stop this bickering, icky "brown finger" pointing, will not one of you who actually HAS a charm, STEP UP, and revive C
  22. SageWoman

    A funeral

    Who's brilliant idea is it to burn Spartiatis' mortal remains in a Forest? It has been a long, unwritten rule that nothing is to be burned within Loreroot. I do hope that reconsideration is given on behalf of the forest and the pyre is done at the Gazebo of Equalibrium. Not only that, but not all can enter past the Guardians and you would have to give passes out or bespell guests for the Funeral. The GoE is open to all, and I think battles in his honor would sooth his Spirit onto the next Realm.
  23. With one foot in the Crypt, so to speak, even I, the half dead, support the Children of the Eclipse. What is Loreroot without the CoE? I remember their struggle and triumph and think it very naughty of Mur to disband them. Take away the Red Bull from Mur for a Month!
  24. [quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1333064751' post='107798'] And that's how Sage waved goodbye not for a minute, an hour, a day, or a week. But rather two weeks. Awi [/quote] It's a damn conspiracy! I'm trying to retire and it's beging dragged out by a no show by Phantasm and interferrance by people who love me. Btw, please send me a PM, I have a message for you. I don't have you on my friends list.
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