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  1. Ok here is my submission [url="http://i36.tinypic.com/30vdcv8.jpg[IMG]"]http://i36.tinypic.com/30vdcv8.jpg[IMG][/url]
  2. Eagle Eye, I am trying to upload my submission and they keep failing. They are well within the parameters. I am getting this Uploading is not allowed message. Who do I speak to of this?
  3. 33. Sagewoman really isn't married to Phantasm. Did you ever see them actually get married? The relationship is "complicated".
  4. SageWoman


    Very laid back and hiding behind Shades. How very typical. I LIKE IT! GLOMP!
  5. You know you have been in MD too much when MD is more Reality that you escape to get away from your Fantasy life in reality. XD
  6. Do you have to sign-up or just submit a picture of your submission? I have this sudden urge to get semi nude and frolick with a beach ball!
  7. Today is day 41 of the year 8 our our Dear Mur. I have received 15 out of 24 votes for Citizenship. For those of you who have voted, thank you. If you have not realized there was voting going on, please go to the Capital and cast your vote. Thank You!
  8. I have applied for citizenship. Please vote.
  9. I think returning from the Dead is harder than self inflicted Death.

    1. Magistra


      I really wouldn't know.

  10. The Sage of Loreroot is Back!

  11. I've water on the brain.

    1. Maebius


      One case where depleting the resource is a Good thing! Vibes sent your way, my friend, to keep you hale and hearty.

    2. Quas


      That's nothing, I had my brain in the water >.>

    3. Quas


      *did a joke*

  12. # 118 is all LIES! LIES I tell you! (scroll back to see what 118 was) 120. If Eon sold you the Nile, you got dst'd (makes only sense to me and Windy) 121. Dst is Mur's sister-in-law 122. I forgot what I was gonna say....must have been the NightShade I didn't inhale.
  13. Hey Metal Bunny! Want a smooch? X D
  14. SageWoman

    Trick or Treat!

    Related to Metal Bunny perhaps?
  15. From the album: Trick or Treat!

    Even rabbits need a night of fun at Halloween Parties!
  16. [quote name='gremlin' timestamp='1318744185' post='94178'] I wish to join GOTR, even though i made some poor choices i wish to be accepted back into my family [/quote] Seek out Mya Celestia or Sharazhad or Shemhazaj.
  17. Must be FALL. The temps dropped again.

  18. Posted Pictures...take a look~

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    2. Dragual
    3. ChildOfTheSoul


      car wrecks. not fun, are you alright? :)

    4. SageWoman


      It was my husband who was in the car. It's totaled but he came out without a scratch. God was watching over him and wearing a seatbelt helped too.

  19. SageWoman

    Saturn vs Grasan

    Husband had an accident yesterday. In the wee hours of the morning on his way to work, it was foggy, cold and raining. On a blind curve he had a close encounter with a Grasan (ok a possum). Here is the damage.
  20. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Cars vs Grasan...Fly next time
  21. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Slide down the steep embankment on its roof
  22. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Only thing not harmed in this car mauling was the spare tire!
  23. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    This side didn't hit the Trees but the side mirror was ripped off
  24. SageWoman


    From the album: Saturn vs Grasan

    Windshield cracked but intact
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