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  1. Yup, having the same problems everyone else is describing. Hopefully its not another DDOS attack on the server.
  2. The addition of the research and connections seemed like one of the most exciting additions to MD for me in a long time. Since it has been almost a month and nothing new has happened (ie no new clues, no ability to submit research, no way to unlock level 3+ clues) I wanted to check back to see if this feature was still going to be implemented. As far as I can tell I have already unlocked the 16 readily available clues (+2 new ones in necro with the halloween party) is there any way to help with this feature? I would be happy to help if there was a mechanism or desire for volunteers by the P
  3. [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1297743224' post='78874'] My question is.. does it really take photoshop to put transparent gifs on the avatars we draw? Becauuse.. I thought i heard of other ways. Eh.. Photoshop is expensive too isn't it? meh [/quote] I use CorelDraw but that is even more expensive (unless you live in Thailand its only about 3$ US here). Cutler
  4. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1297274574' post='78695'] Medicine does not have as its main goal the purpose of understanding life; the pure science behind that is biology. Medicine is to biology as engineering is to physics. That does mean that people who practise medicine have to know a lot about biology and the line between applied and theoretical research can be quite thin, especially with people majoring in biomedicine. Pharmaceutical research uses, at least we hope it does, the same approach as 'pure' science: you generate a theory and then you test it with an experiment -> you mak
  5. [quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1297217229' post='78665'] well actually science only shows you the most probable answer it does not prove anything. it just proves that the most probable answer is _______. That's why tectonic plate movement is stated as a theory and we use laws. We never say this is whats happening. We say this is what a theorize is happening. [/quote] That's actually rather misleading and misses the point of what science is all about. Science proves many things to be false. Many of the best scientific theories are known to be partially incorrect for example Newtonian gra
  6. [quote name='The Great Pashweetie' timestamp='1296872770' post='78485'] I have an idea... quite a stupid idea, but an idea( i have no programming experience, so apophys your on your own for the coding :S) a group of competitors starts in a place, they run to a place, trying to beat everyone there, go to a clickie and get a count, at first i thought that this would be, everyone runs into a land getting the clickie, but now i think the locations should be un-revealed so that the first person to get to them all isnt just the fastest of them all, but the smartest of them all, after getting all
  7. [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1296817317' post='78463'] @TTL: A quest can be forcibly limited by mindpower, but there should be a good reason if you do so. Yes, Shadow, the idea, plus accompanying text, at every step. You need to show me what text the participant will see, tell me what he needs to do, and how he does it. Code workings are not required (I can do that, or I can get help If I get stuck), but it has to be physically possible to code, or else the quest will not be run and reward will not be given. Practically, the code (if any) is the only thing that can be left up to me to
  8. Quantum Mechanics Just a quick question, how many of the people in this thread believe themselves to be scientists? I am just interested if any real scientists would have any interest in this thread. (BTW I consider myself a real scientist, my CV would agree lol) Cheers, Cutler [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1296569137' post='78322'] I am annoyed that in school, history, civics, and similar subjects are nowadays grouped under the tag "Social Science." It used to be "Social Studies," which was far more accurate. The only common subject in the grouping that is a science is geo
  9. Ok, So this is just about as random as you can get, but it does provide a nice mathematical formula for the (correct) two numbers Mur provided and the first number in the sequence also just happens to be the exact number of days in a year which is interesting. The sequence I define as Mur#(N) is Mur#(N) = (6-N)*( N^5 + (N+1)^4 + (N+2)^3 + (N+3)^2 + (N+4)^1 + (N+1)*(2*N)^2 + (N-1)^(N+1)) The first four Mur numbers are : Mur#(1) = 365 <--- Days in a year Mur#(2) = 1028 <--- Murs first number Mur#(3) = 2481 <--- Murs second number Mur#(4) = 4970 <--- any signi
  10. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1295797723' post='77920'] arnt murs Numbers 2481 and 1028? Thusly The series doesnt include 1028 as you have highlighted 1024 [/quote] Lol OOps I read the number incorrectly. Feel free to keep neg repping me though. Lol Cutler
  11. See my next post below :-) Cutler
  12. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1294319217' post='76958'] @cutler: I got the reference, bigger letters mean you might need to use more [/quote] Yeah don't I know. No problem with size here Cutler
  13. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1294298197' post='76937'] The captcha was stripped down a lot to make it more readable, would it help if the letters were bigger? [/quote] LOL The capcha which finally let me in was: KY and when I got that I slipped right in. Cutler PS. For those of you who still don't get it, KY jelly is a medical lubricant used for digital rectal exams and often used as a sexual lubricant as well.
  14. Well today after six unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct security code, I got the following: [img]http://www.robcutler.com/KYimage.png[/img] luckily that let me slip right in Cutler PS I just had to share this since one of the earlier security codes was NO and it didn't accept it.
  15. Happy New Year All ! I had a nice treat for New Years Eve, my son (Tyler) who is now 5 months old walked over to me (in his little walker) and put his arms out for me to hug him. How adorable is that? [img]http://www.robcutler.com/TylerWalk.jpg[/img] Cutler
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