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  1. [quote name='Rendril' date='07 January 2010 - 05:01 PM' timestamp='1262883661' post='52105'] The same applies to many of my scripts, and clickables like the book of ancients, oak stories, hanging of mur etc. Having the option of making a clickable permanent would defeat the purpose of the auto-hide, who can justify their script being permanant without it having to be judged by Mur? I would rather have it auto-hide if the script's last use was 14 days ago, which in effect means nobody accessed in that time, of course "last use" needs to be more t
  2. The new "auto-hide" on all scripts after two weeks makes it almost impossible to make any clickable features that are enduring. Some of the quests I have made (Puzzle arcade and astral plane) are ones which I had envisioned being a permanent part of MD. There should be some way to make certain clickables "permanent". Another issue with script upkeep is doing "daily maintenance". I have some routines which need to run once a day or so but I have running every time people use some of my clickables. A really useful edition would be a timed clickable option wh
  3. [quote name='Rendril' date='30 December 2009 - 01:52 PM' timestamp='1262181159' post='51444'] I'm in favour of all over Cutler's suggestions. A mail() function would be great, perhaps limit it so that it can only mail the scripter, rather than giving the ability to mail anyone. I brought this up a while ago for both item and creature transfers. I would love a function that can do it. The question is how to prevent abuse, whether it is an intended abuse or not. [/quote] Yeah the mail function would be fine even if it only could go to the script author. Actually now that I think a
  4. I really like the things which can be done with the current set of clickable functions. There is almost no limit to what can be done. With that said there are a few things which would be nice if they could be added. 1) Test which principles someone using a clickable has. 2) Keep track of quest progress by having MDscript send a PM when a quest leg is completed. 3) Give and take items from within MDscript (mainly I am thinking about silver coins) to help implement a more robust MD economy. (But WP and other items would be nice as well) 4) Test Action Points in the user variables (a
  5. The incentive for making quests I think would be a good new thread since at this point there really isn't any besides the enjoyment of doing it or to try programming something new (if you're into that kind of thing). In the past quests were one of the requirements of being an PRC (which never really worked well) and the "benefit" of being an RPC was the reward. At this point I might suggest giving the ability to give spell docs to people who make quests so that could be another form of reward as well. For my quests I have given out all of the WP I was given, in add
  6. Now that there are lots of options for spending wp giving a few out every year doesn't seem to be such a big issue. It is also possible for Mur to create more wishpoint rewards so that there are new things people can use their wishpoints on. I personally know that it is hard to both do quests and make them. When I earned most of my wishpoints I wasn't making quests and recently I have just been giving lots of wishpoints out. But I am out of wishpoints to gift so maybe it is time to go back and try to get a few more. It is kind of annoying the debug account kicked me out of the top
  7. A note on user variables, the current list of variables which can be accessed through MDscript miss a couple of useful possibilities. Now that principles can be changed and have a maximum value of 4000, knowing what principles a user actually have could be useful for quests and not just as a battle booster. It would be great if there was a function which could test if a user has a particular principle. It could even be done as: mds_has_principle('light'); for example in the same vein as testing for keys. To me it doesn't really matter what the value of the principle is ju
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