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  1. Happiness is a warm gun

  2. cryxus

    Page 5

    i think i know who that is. *grins*
  3. ill put my account on the line for a chance to test the features as well as finish my treasure hunt quest with a few (hopefully glitch free) surprises also ill admit im not the best scripter, but im not the worst either
  4. how about a random generator so someone may go to a spot and see something and maybe sees "you find a box on the ground" and they type "open" it could be either an amulet or a ring or something or give a random quest path... i dunno if im explaining it very well because i just woke it
  5. You're drunk at someone's house and all you can think about is getting back to your computer to check up on MD...
  6. ahoy there, just wanna say thanks for putting up with all the crap I give you and mur. ;) just in case you didnt know it was appreciated.

  7. Bootes, Bootes, where for art thou Bootes?

  8. holla cap meeting u first time face to face.....hows it goin

  9. cryxus


    it's eyes reminds me of floyd from the muppets... i love the muppets... >.>
  10. ...i wish i knew how to get this bloody webcam to take new pictures -_- im getting tired of this one :D

  11. is it implemented yet or just being worked on?
  12. Hey, nice tattoo, that kinda reveals the RPC over being a pirate.

  13. I have hidden all my thongs so YOU and your ilk, can't find them! *yanks the 5 pair she has on out of her arse.*

  14. the mighty fenix

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