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  1. Ditto! - Just to get this out of me: HARRY POTTER. - Hehehehehe...

  2. Pampleeeeee! I miss you. : (

  3. Hello, my dear. Good to see you.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I know it's early but I wanted to be the first!)

  5. haha, thanks. you beat out the brother who lives with me, your practically family. then again, he kinda said it as a way to pass the time between polishing off a sammich and cracking open a beer, so that doesn't mean much.

  6. hey Pample! So me and Raine spent endless hours (10 minutes) on the computer looking up Pamplemousse. HI GRAPEFRUIT!!! Im curious on how you came upon this name... are you french?

  7. haha Greetings dear Pample :)

  8. The Fall is a great movie too.

  9. never heard that song before, i like it.

  10. Pretty lady, pretty lady~ Pretty lady who gets stuck often. > >

    Pamper the Mousse, man!

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