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  1. Ditto! - Just to get this out of me: HARRY POTTER. - Hehehehehe...

  2. Pampleeeeee! I miss you. : (

  3. Hello, my dear. Good to see you.

  4. I've had to do numerous ethnographies for Organizational Communication and Advocacy and Argument classes; they are super detailed and slightly annoying. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.
  5. Good luck, my friend. You will be in my thoughts.
  6. I was basing my availability on the Monday date and time. Is it Sunday or Monday?
  7. That is 1:00 pm for me, and unfortunately, I will not be able to make that time. However, I could be there at 4:00pm, which is 2300 server time. If the time remains at 20:00 ST, I have asked Grido if he will be Pample for a little while and accept in my stead, if I should win anything. Thanks!
  8. I think the balance is right, if not spot on. I feel we have plenty of freedoms, but also there are still a number of "automated" (or whatever) surprises offered, too.
  9. I think these are good points you raise, Pip, and I know that you and I have talked at length about what can be done, and you have put yourself forward in a role of a somewhat mediator, which is appreciated. But, that raises another question, what if, as in this case, the King does not wish to speak to the rebels or is absent for large amounts of time? Trying to speak objectively here, I believe the burden of action must fall to the Rebels, as they are the ones dissatisfied with the King/Queen and frankly, it comes down to either fish or cut bait. A stalemate doesn't do anyone any good, esp
  10. Men look [b][i]so[/i][/b] much better with facial hair. Congrats to all the fellas making this world a more handsome place and doing their part to raise awareness.
  11. So, the chatban lasts for [u]4 hours[/u], so I'm told. That seems [b]INCREDIBLY[/b] excessive. I understand that only one person can be banned at a time, and that there is, or will be, a cool down. But for those that are not on MD for long hours at a time, this seems a bit unfair. Of course, those that rebel will have to lose some rights, but if someone is rebelling, you most likely have an issue with a King and that King might be more inclined to want to shut you up because you are rebelling, not because what you are saying is inflammatory or negative. Being a rebel has its price, but n
  12. I have a question about the chatban part. From the Announcements: "Kings will receive items to supress rebels from talking in chat but they wont be able to suppress groups" *I understand there is strength in numbers, but what is considered a group? 2 or more, or a higher number? *What is to stop a King from silencing all the individuals at once? A cool down, or something else? *Must the target have the "rebel" tag to be silenceable? *edit* Thank you, Yrth and Rendril for answering my questions (and Grido for going rogue for testing purposes.)
  13. Absolutely, Kamisha. Glor has yet to respond or read my message regarding the Artwork, so the position is still available.
  14. [color="#FF00FF"][size="6"][font="Georgia"][center]Happy Birthday!![/center][/font][/size][/color]
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