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  1. thx. I'm gonna activate myself completely to MD now...or as completely as I can.
  2. yay!! I'm back after a loooooong time...I'm trying to make a slow return.. :lol:
  3. uhm...I'm not very experienced in MD yet, but....If there is any finnish players (or people who can speak finnish) out there who would like to translate, maybe I could help translating.....but if there ain't, I don't think I should do it on my own, because I may not have the time.............
  4. I ain't a good drawer....everytime I try to draw someone I alway mess up the nose of the person.....and the face will look like a pig's face or something.....that's why I always draw a hood on the person's head so that his face can't be seen...lol
  5. Hey, just registered today, and I really like this game! I've been looking for a game like this for a long time and now I found it. Cool to meet ya all....by the way, I play a lot of online games so I may not have too much time for these forums, but I'll try to be as active as I can be....
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