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  1. Accidentally clicked the negative reputation to Sasha's first introduction post, so it is known. My humble apologies.
  2. http://storenow.net/my/?f=c23c839a84358682f944bd520f2924f4
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  6. aye, she can stay http://storenow.net/my/?f=e05c49c27b8f3a4cd1b18c916006e165
  7. http://storenow.net/my/?f=c2874daa4b68364d1d658d5cd70193c4
  8. Same error here as well, with the additions of not seeing personal recharging statistics:
  9. My activity is current, and has been for some time now, daily throughout the day. About the role, I have no specific one, since I'm still a, let's say, young soul around this Realm. I have my own entity's role and story that'll soon be published in my papers (when I edit it some more), and it's tightly interconnected with everything I'm a part of at this present moment. Currently, I'm usually gathering the precious liquid of water (and other resources) as a part of dowsers, for the masses (when resource sharing becomes more organized) and as a part of my role and need as a saprophytic org
  10. Majestic Winderwild ID: 511678 6 silver coins
  11. Gljivoje

    Rickroll Quest

    WittyLeWat (2) Ailith (1) Azrafar (1) Kyphis (1)
  12. This is resolved, thank you all who showed interest
  13. Selling or trading 9th Ann. Aramor for various things. Very negotiable, so if there's anyone in need of such, let's make a symbiotic connection. Thanks in front to whoever
  14. Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVZxpoq166Q Witnesses; Day 300 Year 9: Howling Gates; 16:30 ST: Present: JadenDew, Neno Veliki, AmberRune Awake (not idle): Etluc, Marvolo Paper Cabin's Upper Room; 21:30 ST: Present: Lania Gazebo of Equilibrium; 22:30 ST: Present: Haedrin Awake (not idle): Curiose, EagleEye, darkraptor
  15. - lashtal is an evolving psychonaut who explores boundaries of his inner and outer self, so killing a God represents an action that no one tried or achieved before, and in that way lashtal prospered with a new obtained knowledge by moving the known boundaries of his mind possibilities further and deeper - lashtal wants to achieve higher states of his own being and consciousness, to expand his learnings to another dimensions. He learned much from Mur in his alive material state, but as himself being a keeper of the dead, how much closer and intimate can you become with a God than to kill hi
  16. Gljivoje

    Teams? Teams!

    Green green grass of home, for me.
  17. I enjoy quests with hedonistic tendencies. Let me be 10th member in this merry company. ID:247317; I'll try to fit with other players requests. I don't think something'll came up all of a sudden for me.
  18. My apologies on my unusual writing, discrepancy and ununderstandable expressions. I couldn't do better than that at the moment, just wanted to express some long term itching thoughts. That's all, thanks in front for understanding.
  19. I enjoy and soak in this enthusiastic idea and will prolong my walks, especially toward MDA Lands. Joys of walking never really stood as an obstacle for my being, especially through such a beautiful landscapes and scenes. Also there's a great joy upon meeting freshly born players along the way who still carry that new great enthusiasm and "innocence", so speaking with some of them who like to exchange words is quite a mutual positive experience for me.
  20. Greets everyone. I didn't write much on the forums, 'cause of my passiveness and laziness. I just enjoyed the other side of the game, just observing my surroundings with thought of writing and more game involvement when I could actually offer something worth saying, and to first feel the vibe that emits from most of you. Some exchange words with me and some not, but I enjoyed everyone's presence in way unique for them. I was absent in my own personal Abyss in a couple of turnings. Things that kept my further and deeper involvement in this beautiful Game creation is 'cause my own person
  21. :) thanks, found her. She already treat me with delicious pickles a couple of times. I remember her as helpful pickle lady, just following the pickle scent with my trusted nostrils :)
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