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  1. Quest still goes on as planned Mr Mystery? I see no point in pausing it now:o Edit: Took a quote away which i added by mistake.
  2. [quote name='aaront222' date='19 May 2010 - 10:03 PM' timestamp='1274302998' post='60056'] I don't take bribes. Or at least I don't get influenced by them after I take them. But I never take them in the first place. [/quote] Aaront222, i think judges have already been decided since the quests already started. Also, how would you know if you wont be influenced by bribes if you never take them in the first place;) Either way, what does Judge 2 on Hold mean Mr Mystery?
  3. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='18 May 2010 - 08:22 PM' timestamp='1274210548' post='59995'] Yes, higher age means a quicker level up so you have a quick benefit of purchasing one. As well as tokens do, but a token depends on the creature and the type of token AND the principles of the owner. So most factors but all should increase prices, right. Let people bid, dont ask for a specific value. [/quote] Ofcourse;) Thanks for the update^^
  4. What are the factors that affect the prices of my crits? Ive checked other posts to see how prices are decided, but i cant seem to find a concrete answer :/ I got a range of non rare crits ages up to around 870-900 age, and shop crits somewhere around the same age. A couple have tokens on them. Do crits sell for more when they got higher age? More tokens = higher value per crit? MRN P:S Sorry havnt been around to check the prices of things<.< Forums are evil to me >
  5. Murs cat? Its a nice picture though:)
  6. is avoiding the forums, but still is getting negative + positive reputation. How odd...i smell a...CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE 9!!

  7. Wtf did i do to get -8 this time? :o

  8. [quote]This announcement is for the competition I've setup a very interesting partnership program for MD. It involves long term revenue sharing and collaboration. If any of you has ways to provide constant targeted traffic, from sites such as gaming portals, other online games, or similar communities, or has strong contacts with people that can do that, please send me details on email at manu@magicduel.com and i will reply with more info. The partnership program is a very attractive one for medium to large advertisers.[/quote] What competition?
  9. Ah ok, i guess they can grow older for a while longer then:) Thanks for the reply^^
  10. Ok ive rethought my ideas and altered a couple things. Im letting this one go;) Ive got another role to play. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  11. Hey just wondering what id get, if anyone is interested.
  12. Can we still gain parts of the spell docs? I got a couple random docs but none are full yet <.<.....i want to fill them up sometime in the near future or future:/
  13. Well, looks like a trade deal going sour. I dont wish to be involved in a your arguement but i was wondering what MD has set up to prevent scaming? I cant think of anything...? So, everyone should really be carefull when they trade things, especially if youve worked hard for it. To be safe you should record the whole trade to be safe (For example using screen recording programs), atleast to be able to send some proof to mur who could in theory reverse the trade. That is, if your were scamed. Tbh I dont think mur can do much without hard proof. On another note, there are scammers out everywhere, not saying i know any personaly in MD, but just be carefull;)
  14. Hey, love the idea might try it but i have a question. Can we create a film using animations etc? It doesnt need to be me IRL trying to act a scene of af film right?
  15. I cant photoshop MD into some nice pics i took myself? :/ What a shame if i cant, but i may be able to get a nice picture either way:o Btw using photoshop to make your pics look extra "nice" is against the rules right? I dont want to submit a pic without using photoshop when everyone else is <.<
  16. I guess we can only join an existing K group or be given one to edit by mur as a part of your role playing etc.
  17. Hey, Anyone know if this is against the rules? Example: I have an alt that ive used long ago, and havnt used since. It has several creatures around 400-500 years old each. I sell the creatures for x coins for example. Then i transfer the coins to my account im using? It does sound fishy but just wondered, cant hurt to ask before i do anything stupid again:P
  18. [quote name='MattyJames' date='18 January 2010 - 12:04 AM' timestamp='1263773071' post='52925'] How does one come to hold a item? [/quote] You earn it.
  19. The mailing system could be improved, even with my sorting cloud my mail box is still "uncomfortable" to use. I also seem to lose a some mails from time to time as i forget where i put them in my sorting cloud. So maybe we can add a "search" feature to the mail box? Perhaps the "search" feature can find mails from specific players we type into the search box.
  20. Hey, Im sure im not the only one in MD who havnt been able to finish a quest due to various reasons. Either way, i was wondering if quest makers could post a walk through of the quest once its done. Its sometimes frustrating when a quest ends and i never find out where i went wrong. So this is just an idea... What do you think? Perhaps its too much work for the quest makers?
  21. [quote name='gremlin' date='18 January 2010 - 09:36 PM' timestamp='1263850606' post='52994'] I ahve noticed in the shop that we ahve gold and silver coins. I ahve also noticed that every year the coins change so I was thinking that perhaps in each area or a certain area of the Shop we can ahve collectable MD coins where the discirption doesnt change. For example I buy a silver coin and its a knights edition why dont we have a permanant coin collection for in game as well as out of the game. [/quote] Would be interesting.
  22. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='19 January 2010 - 01:02 PM' timestamp='1263906128' post='53016'] happy 99th birthday! *points to her 'date of birth'" may you live at least as long [/quote] Happy b day??
  23. [quote name='Totenkopf' date='19 January 2010 - 12:41 PM' timestamp='1263904913' post='53015'] Cthulhu! [/quote] Who??
  24. I didnt know you very well but good bye. Hf and Gl in RL:)
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