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  1. Murs cat? Its a nice picture though:)
  2. is avoiding the forums, but still is getting negative + positive reputation. How odd...i smell a...CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE 9!!

  3. Wtf did i do to get -8 this time? :o

  4. Why...am i -5 in reputation. What did i do now??

  5. Welcome Back! MRD has your research by the way.

  6. Oh i forgot ban THEM was forgotten:P

  7. Look at all his posts! Ban ban ban ban and even more ban. Ban him ban her ban this ban that ban this...

    0.o now thats evil...

  8. [quote name='Mainnalle D'Ashkera' post='20515' date='Nov 21 2008, 10:32 AM']Yeah, maybe so... But were you in the middle of a deep character discussion with Tarquinus? Man - can he role play! Mainnalle D'Ashkera[/quote] Oh i see...im usually busy with pms etc.
  9. [quote name='Mainnalle D'Ashkera' post='20505' date='Nov 21 2008, 08:30 AM']Well - in my case it's: You know you've been on MD too much when you refuse to go get fish and chips for your family for dinner because You can't leave your account for the 10 minutes it would take ... Although I do think Rex won. Mainnalle D'Ashkera.[/quote] I just leave my account idle lol...id take the food. Cant play MD without something in your stomach:P
  10. [quote name='Bloodpuppy' post='20508' date='Nov 21 2008, 09:28 AM']I have noticed that the illusions for more vital energy does not work and the regen spell neither. Are we going to keep the experience accumelated in the test? I've heard some people have beaten Mur, I wonder if he would punish them... [color="#0000FF"]You can defeat Mur with no problems. He will not punish you. As for the experience...no idea. There are things that sustain the idea of keeping the xp and there also things against it. dst[/color][/quote] If you want to test something like spells, use mur. Hes a good t
  11. [quote name='xPo' post='20462' date='Nov 20 2008, 06:52 PM']lol, but the creatures don't evolve in illusion mode.... (don't know if it is a bug or is normal, but they don't get xp) For what do I want an egg???[/quote] Cause eggs look nice why else?
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