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  1. Murs cat? Its a nice picture though:)
  2. is avoiding the forums, but still is getting negative + positive reputation. How odd...i smell a...CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE 9!!

  3. Wtf did i do to get -8 this time? :o

  4. Can we still gain parts of the spell docs? I got a couple random docs but none are full yet <.<.....i want to fill them up sometime in the near future or future:/
  5. Why...am i -5 in reputation. What did i do now??

  6. Welcome Back! MRD has your research by the way.

  7. Only have my documents that have its theory on the pillars other than that, no i have no help here.
  8. Who dst farmed? ...someone that looks...like they have been beaten up... Omg! Jonn!! XD
  9. I disagree nice idea but itll make the game borring and Dst wont be...Dst if there is too many. Hes Dst because...hes the only one mb?
  10. A interesting idea...but i dont think this is possible? It kind of...changes the whole...meaning of MD. This i think is up to mur really, but i dont think it could pass. No, you dont beat me with 4mil ve:) I dont recall...bt i think i had almost -1mil ve...cant recall exact numbers...but atleast past -600k+
  11. Ill just be a source for now, if you need news i may be able to give it since thats...what my alliance helps me with:) I can write...but i have my own researchs on GG i must keep carrying on...if any news on Omega Killer comes out...tell me asap...i must get that guy...:/
  12. Like the idea...but...i think creatures should be limited that can be made...special. Would the server even hold this? I dont like lags:)
  13. News papers...hmm, interesting idea...i personally think its a big project...hard to keep...going? Not sure how the news will work properly since its almost impossible to record any news...but i am for this idea if we can solve these problems... Either way i think the news would not be...open for all as in...everyone may have a chance to be part of the news paper, but...id say certain players would be on the news all the time instead...is this newspaper going to be like foxnews? Heavily slanted towards one side or? Equal as in...a fair news about everyone in the game or just towards the R
  14. [quote name='Chewett' post='21601' date='Dec 9 2008, 06:57 AM']Damm. might have to go get the video player out and see if it still works.[/quote] I dont believe in santa claus...but if anyone does see him, tell him he owns me present BIG TIME and im gna kick his ass for missing a few presents for a couple of years!!! I agree with dst i like people that bring me presents XD
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