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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Watcher in Path Of the Dragonrider   
    I was watching the crude face at the Gates of Necrovion....muttering " why dont you open for me??"........suddenly he jumped from nowwhere a living corp...skeleton warrior...he took a fighting stance at me but...he turned around and ran as if he was chasing something....who is he...does anybody know??


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    dragonrider7 reacted to Grido in Coward is my name   
    If you insist on this topic existing, I've moved it to offtopic.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Tipu in Coward is my name   
    Haha hey nad relax man. everything will turn fine in the end.
    we r here to have fun isn't? it so lets enjoy dude haha...

    Don't mind DST ..she is running short of people for her victims haha...
    She makes those who can't be defeated as her friends ..and those who can be defeated as her enemies. Thats why EOn falls in her friends category haha.

    And Eon she is just having fun out here and yeah by giving u some trouble hehe ...just play sportive and don't take anything to ur heart.

    Bottom line is have fun and enjoy dude don't take anything serious after all its just a virtual world haha...
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    dragonrider7 reacted to nadrolski in Coward is my name   
    i was trying to reply on my forum "mood panel" then found out 'twas now locked, so now i am forced to make a thread and paste what i was typing awhile ago..

    "Of course, i am not jealous or whatever you are thinking of about me, if ever you are really thinking before say something. I only posted once in your thread but seems you are the one who got affected so bad, and to be not so obvious, you are talking random stuffs, just to have something coming out from your mouth. Btw, do you have a proof about you saying I am jealous from Eon?"

    and what else you dug from my past bad habits here in MD you want to share to the whole realm? it looks like you are running out of bullets and random thoughts you are delivering.

    and please be known that the reason i complain like what others do is simply because i am not one of the noobs you said you are eating. you may have a close and strong connection with the boss, but you do not own us and make us look stupid


    [i]and honestly, i am not jealous of Eon, i am only CONCERN about his health. sleeping at most 4 hours a day just to keep our training away is not a healthy life-style: real-life stat damage. and now i have the guts to say i am concern about him?[/i]
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Neno Veliki in Cowardice seasoned with a bit of hypocrisy   
    u want solid proof?

    on the court eyewitness is considered solid proof.

    well i am eyewitness of eon using his alt acounts as scouts to benefit his main acount.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Junior in Cowardice seasoned with a bit of hypocrisy   
    I have alts and I do use them to benefit my main.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Eon in Cowardice seasoned with a bit of hypocrisy   
    Take all the screenshots you want of my alts walking around. Can you prove their specific goal is to stalk you for my main? That's the thing here, you can't unless I specifically tell you. For all you know Eno may feels a strong connection to the MDA and enjoys walking around the area from time to time. The same goes for anyone's accounts. You have no idea why we use them for the way we do unless we specifically say so.

    If were going to start punishing people for moving around on alts, I'll send the council multiple emails daily and start trials against every single alt I see in MD. If someone has an alt online then it is without a doubt up to something fishy apparently.

    I guess soon we'll get to see if the council would punish someone solely based upon assumptions.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to dst in Cowardice seasoned with a bit of hypocrisy   
    If you think that this topic is the result of you saying you'd run away then you lack brain cells more then I thought.

    Today was the day I had the time to actually talk to you and find out why you keep spamming the panels. And i did find out: cowardice. You think Eon and others (since apparently your posts refer to all paying players) receive protection just because they are supporters.

    @xrieg: IF you have proofs that Eon is abusing alts then why don't you do something about it? My personal guess (it's a [u]guess[/u] and it's [u]personal[/u]) is that you don't have iron solid proofs. 50 witnesses as ignuss claims are circumstantial proofs.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to xrieg in Cowardice seasoned with a bit of hypocrisy   
    it's interesting you mentioned the word 'hypocrisy' in title
    [quote]Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have[/quote] (Wiki)
    It's pretty relevant for the situation, when Neno was jailed for casting spell on Eon with his alt (to benefit his main) while everybody knows (and most mp5s spending some time in open with crits - experienced themselves) Eon keeps walking his alts to trace his main's victims months (I guess the main's benefit is not in doubt) - and was never punished for that... he collected evidence using his alt and his main was rewarded for that (same here: compare with Neno's criminal activity)
    as for cowardice I have no idea why it would be relevant in the rant above, after all they have no unshakeable position in MD and their complains are duly noted and when they stuck toes beyond the line they will get punished, won't they? they bear full consequences of their actions.
    I think it's sad they have only mood panel left to complain and be ignored there
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Anti-Teleport Defensive spell   
    You throw this spell and it blocks hostile teleportations on a 1 for 1 cast basis.

    Long time limit - probably spell reset period - but is used up when hit by multiple teleport attempts.
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Atrumist in You know you've been on MD too much when...   
    I finally realized that I am so close to MD......whenever I hear a bip sound anywhere, i feel that I got a chat message in the game :-)
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Peace in Poll Vote for your favorite Holiday Scene/makeover contest   
    I would like to say to all those who submitted their entries have done a fine job, but few of you made an amazing picture with MD style in my opinion. I feel sad that I voted the same thing as the first time, missing the new entries.

    A couple things though, I hope you won't mind me.

    A few people, no need to call fingers or point names, were begging for votes. I understand the reason they did it (even if it was annoying), but I hope that whoever received a pm from said people or followed a forum link took their time and [b]really looked all[/b] the entries and then casted their votes.

    There is also the matter of buying someone's vote. Should this be allowed/encouraged?
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Caggie in Hello there!   
    I just started MD a few days ago, and its really cool so far!
    Just found the forums here, and I wanted my first post to be aying hello to all my potential new friends out there.

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    dragonrider7 reacted to Tipu in [No Mans Land (?)] Cagg   
    Hey Dude join the Elite Group called FUGITIVES
    its is the most bad@$$ group in MD

    We lie We steal We cheat. Yes we follow only one rule and thats NO RULE hehe.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Muratus del Mur in Poll Vote for your favorite Holiday Scene/makeover contest   
    Oh NOW is simple for me to decide!
    all the listed scenes will get something, in addition to whatever other sponsorship i already gave to this event.
    It won't be of trade value, but more of personal value. The reason is plain and simple. seeing all these pics made happy, and kept making me happy each time i stumbled upon this post. Just seeing them made me feel a lot more of Christmas spirit than i had at home this year, so..if i keep refreshing this page a couple of times i might tripple my reward..just.because.i.can.

    Since i didnt get anything for christmas -ha, yeah, i was not so nice to santa it seems- now i am sorry i didnt asked santa for these pics, with author name on them, emailed in a nice packing ..bad santa. i should reprogram to read my mind too.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Seigheart in Rewards   
    What are you freaking out for?

    First off, I knew about it since it was posted.

    Second of all, Mur JUST got around to dealing with it.

    Third of all, try having some composure. You have a public role now, act like it.


    It seems that Mur may have forgotten about his little promise to the other participants. I will remind it. Sorry for the delay to those of you who it affects.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to dst in Rewards   
    You were TOLD only yesterday??? IT'S YOUR DAMN JOB to search the forum for such things!!

    Also if you CAN'T READ a friggin post, let someone else handle your job. You have absolutely NO excuse.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to DarkRaptor in Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest   
    The MD Xmas Festivity!
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Neno Veliki in Rewards   
    Seigheart please read post #34 again
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Seigheart in Treasure Keeper Christmas Auction   
    Winners are:

    Phantom Orchid on the Reindrach for 15gc
    Dragonrider7 on the Nutcracker for 6gc

    And 4gc for Santa? for Paraceleus

    Bidding may continue until the winners are confirmed (pay up)
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    dragonrider7 reacted to ZenTao in Yearly Artwork Quest: Cyclicity   
    [size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]The Sun is alive, alive for being lifeless. Once we were stars, celestial dust, life energy residing in carbon turned bright and warm by nuclear energy. A torch in the sky with limited fusion, fission and destined by time and entropy until its life, burning bright, collapses on itself causing one last show of light. Eventually comes the death of the lifeless, a star's death. Creating a cosmic whirlpool, sending out waves of wind. Particles mingle and dance heating warm in an absolute zero, creating a chain reaction, more heat, more wind, the cycle repeats. The birth of new stars, a stellar nursery.Death of the lifeless creates another alive yet lifeless star which gave birth to our realm, a world of endless sunshine.[/font][/size]

    [size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]Long ago, the Sun and the Moon existed in a day and night cycle. Both were created from the same Mother star and so, were kin in the sky. For a great many years they would pass the time in perfect balance watching steady fast upon the MD realm, silent spectators to events such as wars, celebrations, newly discovered lands, and the interactions between the characters. But they would keep to themselves, only passing a simple hello to one another as the daylight transcended to moonlight and again when sunshine poured into the darkness like a cup.[/font][/size]

    [size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]During this time there was a powerful magi said to be thousands of years old and so powerful, and wise that any person coming to seek his counsel would not get the chance speak for he knew the questions they were to ask. They say he looked as if he was in his twenty’s a handsome and youthful man in appearance. The Magi did not seem to sleep yet no one saw him during the daytime, which lead to speculations of him feeding like a vampire and of him being wed to the Moon.[/font][/size]

    [size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]He was not a vampire but he was a hermit and lonely for a female to love. When he thought of what kind of woman he wanted the only thing he could imagine was a woman with white hair and pale skin, eyes big and yellow, with darkness all around her coveting her like a blanket. He pondered on this and came to see that there was no woman such as this in the world. One night as he peered into the night sky the moon seemed to twinkle at him. It was then that he realized the beauty he felt the moon had, this was the beauty he wanted to be with. Quickly he attended to the alchemy of turning the moon into a woman.[/font][/size]

    [size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]There had to be a sacrifice in order to attain enough power to transform the moon into a woman of flesh and bone. It was the Magi’s sight, for in the last step of the spell he would need to burn his eyes by looking in the Sun, blinding himself of ever seeing her beauty and forever residing in the darkness of his mind. As he stared at the last rays of sunlight he would ever see he captured the moon and kept her an arms length away, his new bride.[/font][/size]

    [font=times new roman][size=5]She was just as beautiful as he had imagined he knew this not by seeing her, but by hearing the whispers of any person enchanted by her passing them by, they were drawn to her light such as months are drawn to fire light. The Magi turned into a monster fueled by jealous rage, for men from all over, no matter his magic and power, kept trying to woe her. He was bitter and frightened that she would leave him, so he locked her and himself away underground, forever hiding the moon from the realm. She is still underground, hidden by a spell that binds her there however you can still see how she pulls on the waters around Golemus[/size][/font].
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Ze Riel Diel in Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest   
    well i thought i just try something,
    if you dont shoot you always miss
    hope everyone likes it

    oops it was a little bit too big so i changed the size

    [attachment=3447:md kerst.png]
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest   
    Tried to decorate Winds Sanctuary... made quickly...hope it didnt break the rules

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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from ZenTao in Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest   
    Tried to decorate Winds Sanctuary... made quickly...hope it didnt break the rules

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    dragonrider7 reacted to Duke of Malfi in Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest   
    Christmas piano room.
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