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    dragonrider7 reacted to Syrian in Craft a Christmas Creature   
    Three people participated in this quest and the results are as follows, based on attention to detail and the overall appearance of the piece:
    1. dst
    2. AmberRune
    3. dragonrider7
    congratulations to dst!
    The album with all the entries can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/D3tZM#4
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Eara Meraia in Drawing contest: Santa V   
    Since the last Santa drawing has been released we are looking for a new one! Previous years awesome Santas have been provided by duxie and dragonrider (you can see some of drawings HERE). Now it’s your chance to be the author for the next Santa.
    What to do?
    Draw the Santa (preferably full body, nothing cut off :P) Load the image to one of image hosting sites (imgur.com) IMPORTANT: Send the link with image as a PM on my forum account! (with the title: Santa V) Don’t make it public! All images must be kept secret until the winner is decided. Both: nice idea, MD-spirit and high-quality drawing will be considered in the process of judging. Naturally all images you send to the contest must be authentic. Each of them will be carefully checked.  
    This contest has NO official deadline. But hurry up, since it will end as soon as the winner is chosen!
    Rewards will be sufficient!
    So don’t lose time! Start drawing Santa V now!
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Jorana in A great HELLO from me to you   
    Well.. I just want to say "hello" to all of you.
    As you can see - this is me: Jorana. You may know me out of the realm?!
    For I am still a newbie, I´m just on my way to discover this world with all its beautiful places, with all its shadows and mysteries..
    I´ve quite managed to register here and - here I go.
    I wonder, what may awaits me here.. well, I´m a bit excited.
    For this moment, I think, I´ll rummage in the forums, taking a look into the gallery and may visit some members..
    first trial lesson, so to speak..
    Wish you all a nice time and..
    a great HELLO to everybody!
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    dragonrider7 reacted to nadrolski in Resource Balancing   
    introduce a weight (for example.. weight: 1) to every resource that will be collected, and to those existing in everybody's inventory. not just on resources but also with other items.
    the weight on each resources should somehow affect one's movement.
    this weight could be applied to the viscosity feature.
    the more you carry, the heavier the weight is, and the "slower" you should be able to move.
    - - - 
    if a scene visibly illustrates existing resource, it should have that resource available for collecting.
    for example, water, adding more sources to make it common: a river is visible in Wind's Crossing, the same lake as with Willow's Walk and Angien's Ferry is visible in Sage's Path and Sage's Keep.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Eon in Favoritism   
    People get faced with opposition when they expect things to just be handed to them. If I remember correctly in your case, you decided you wanted to become "Death" and thought the council would grant you a name change just because you asked for it, or considered asking for it. You should try to study those who have roles and find out how they got them. Firestarter (I think it was him) roleplayed about his cloud for the longest time before eventually getting a cloud (and possibly a tag and description). Put in the work, be realistic, be active and it'll most likely come.
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from gonzalocsdf95 in Special scounting mission   
    Ah!! missed this one.....Good luck everyone.....
    *dragonrider7 jumps on his dragon and soars into the beautiful sky* sky is safe
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Chewett in Over Moderation   
    So soon(now) the other Moderators and i are going to be more officious with how we moderate the forums because clearly some people dislike each other enough to repeatedly attack each other on the forum.
    If you use a racial slur or similar, you get a ban for a period of time. This is your only warning.
    If you cause a conversation to descend into insults, and we as a moderation team decide it was you starting this, the topic will be locked and you get a warning. You or anyone else are free to recreate the topic, but if it descends again, it will get locked again, and the person responsible will get a warning.
    You can complain about things nicely, its not hard so please try.
    Multiple warnings = post moderator and/or banning for a period of time.
    Its your forum, if you think the changes are wrong, tell us, we are open to discuss this, but clearly people are using the forums to vent hatred at each other and its going to stop by either banning every single user of the forum, or by people learning to speak nicely to those you dislike. I dont mind either solution.
    Please make comments here.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Seigheart in Cleaning up Seighearts "Day of Fear"   
    Uhh, no, I never said for you to not interfere. I was told Mur would do it. So Mur did it.

    It has NOTHING to do with being "too proud" as your IG PM states. If you were to do it, Mur would have told you to do it.
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    dragonrider7 reacted to dst in coloured Elu price check   
    How about 25 credits and 15 Gold Coins?
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from nadrolski in <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #13   
    Waiting for the token.....

    I will be idiling at Fenths Press ...
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Fang Archbane in Donate to lose weight   
    [quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1367063114' post='135366']
    so the anorexic ones should stop supporting the game? Or die? >:3

    Yes >=]

    Yes im all for this, only the curvy women shall live, and that is otay with me >:3
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Change in Donate to lose weight   
    Vending machines are evil things--evil I tell you! They have these bags of chips for $1.50 each, and they're not even that big! If I go to the grocery store, I could get a much bigger bag for only $3.00! It's such a rip-off. There are also these dried mangos at the store for $5 each. They're probably really bad for me, but oh are they ever tasty! I just can't help myself with this kind of stuff (despite being a vegan). That is, until I realized something.

    $1.50 x 20 (I bought something from a vending machine once every day or so) + $5 x 4 (I bought the dried mangos once every week) = $50!!

    Fifty dollars! I really needed to stop spending all this money on junk food. I also had a $5/month subscription to magicduel. I figured that I could easily pay $5 a month (or 16 cents a day) when I was regularly buying chips that cost $1.50 each. The problem was, only having a $5 subscription to magicduel made me feel like I could afford to buy other things on the internet, such as cards on an online trading card game (TCG). For me, MD is less conductive to being a money sink than some games are. Anyways, this meant that I was spending $30-40 a month on card games and such. I felt that I could afford it because I was paying 'only $5 a month' for magicduel (and similar small amounts for online magazine subscriptions).

    I'm a student, and I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I was double over my mental credit limit (my limit is 5x larger than it needs to be for groceries so that I can buy textbooks/go to the dentist and such.) Something needed to change. Then, a solution hit me.

    I'll just up my magicduel subscription to $30 a month! That's the perfect solution! Now before you say, 'HOW??' hear me out. While $5 was easy to ignore, $30 definitely wasn't. So, I stopped buying chips and sugary snacks because I knew that I couldn't afford them due to my subscription. This completely got rid of the $50 that I was spending a month previously. I also stopped buying cards in online card games, and I'm now only donating to one other game that I think really deserves it. It's a LOT bigger than magicduel though, so it doesn't really need my money that much.

    In conclusion, becoming a bronze subscriber saved me quite a bit over $20 a month! It's saved me enough money that I can occassionally donate even more to games like magicduel. Now I know that some of you can't afford a subscription, which I understand perfectly. I'm just really lucky that one of my parents retired after working at the university that I'm going to, which (due to a university policy) means that I get 50% off of my tuition.

    However, I'm sure that there are some of you like me who spend money on things like chips which only gain you weight. Why not convert that chip and candy money into shiny, pretty, tokens? Tokens last a lot longer, that's for sure! Also, I recommend getting a subscription as opposed to buying credit packs. Subscriptions are much harder to think of as insignificant, at least for me.
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Watcher in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Lazarus in Hoping for an Avatar   
    [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1366918845' post='135290']
    Suitable composition, but a nice drawing doesn't always convert to a nice avy.

    Means?? ......it is a rough one i drawn......I can clean it up if you want......and if any modification required please suggest (and definitely...I do it for free )

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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Jubaris in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 reacted to gonzalocsdf95 in Draw your Creatures Birthday   
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Nimrodel in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Nimrodel in Draw your Creatures Birthday   
    After seeing this...my dragon told...how the tree celebrated birthday.....little Grassan was worried

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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from Eara Meraia in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from lashtal in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from nadrolski in Hoping for an Avatar   
    Yeah!! I remember a lost boy near MB gate.....this is roughly how he looks....lost enough??


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    dragonrider7 reacted to DarkRaptor in Draw your Creatures Birthday   
    Here is another way to make a 8th Aniversary Aramor..

    Now with a attempt of coloring..

    [b]Happy 8th Aniversary MagicDuel![/b]
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    dragonrider7 got a reaction from nadrolski in Happy birthday nadrolski   
    Happy Birthday.....sir Nad
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Fire Starter in <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #13   
    I am so glad we are fast enough out of the Nut's mode this time

    No offense Alex
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    dragonrider7 reacted to Tipu in Quest: anniversary sweet treat   
    Banana Fry sweet
    items needed r ghee and banana only

    1) First add Ghee in the fry pan

    2) Cut the banana longitudinally thru its length like this. (The banana should be riped one ready to eat )

    3) now fry the banana (first the seed side )

    4) Allow it to get brown then turn the side ( now the seed side facing upwards )

    5) Allow it to get dark brown

    Thats it Banana sweet fry is ready.
    The trick is seed side should be fried until brown and the curved side till dark brown.
    gl hehe.
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