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  1. I like it......I had suggested this kind of thing sometime back but...aint got through....   -rider
  2. Lot of nice sculptures and history in Vienna....but couldnt find a dragonrider though :)
  3. These days...I am flying a lot, my dearest art tools are somewhere far....so i grabbed ....a medieval iPad and a tool called "Adobe Ideas"....started again (still amatuer..)...but this time since I flew over some rainbows...my drawings got color :) -rider
  4. Ah!! missed this one.....Good luck everyone.....   *dragonrider7 jumps on his dragon and soars into the beautiful sky* sky is safe
  5. I flew far beyond the Winds Sanctuary...in search of lost dragon realm....i wasnt mistaken ...i found the remains of the great dragon palace, here are some items that i found Amazing Dragon Lantern: -Its said that at night the dragon open his mouth with flashing light...tearing the darkness Book Of Dragons:- Ancient book of dragons written by the dragonriders...it contains information about dragons..I am still decoding it I am gonna place these items when I rebuild the dragon palace... :)) -rider
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