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  1. You didn`t ask it to change for you, I just answered that way to point out that you can`t do anything about it

    Yeah it`s not the internet but the people... I think context based it`s quite clear that I mean the people who use the internet. (And when I say "you can`t change the world" i don`t mean the planet earth but the society of the people who life on it.)
    Sure there are but especially in gaming communities it`s common. They aren`t mandatory but you call it the "worst form of communication imaginable", just because you don`t like it. It`s used because people find them convenient. The use of communication is to convey thoughts everythiong which manages to convey thoughts is an legitimate way to communicate. Since they are widely understood in the circles which use them, there is no reason not to use them.
    If i drive to bavaria there will be some words i can`t understand cause they speak a dialect. But everyone in bavaria understands it so it`s my problem. And since the number of commonly used abrivations isn`t that big , it`s not really hard to ignore them

    PS: You may consider using bigger numbers thousands are an insignificant number of people.

  2. Hmm i know that problem, i don`t discuss complicated subjects on english cause it can take some time to formulate complex thoughts in english (and I lost interest in most philosophical topics anyway.). Reading is easy, writing abstact thoughts can be annoying.

    And at Vaul if you mean things like lol,gtg,gn8,omg and standard things like that. The internet won`t change for you so ignore them or accept them, they won`t disappear from informal internet conservations.

  3. Hmm as i understand it based on the posts in this thread, the problem is that people who prefer casual rp with talk about RL etc. and more serious rp players can`t really play together. For me rp is staying in character, don`t talk ooc and that means don`t talk about rl, don`t use ooc knowledge, your character only knows what he found out himself, if you know that that guy plans to kill you it doesn`t mean your character knows and btw. for me it`s an essantial part to describe the actions of your character(though when the actions include another character you can only say what you try to do and not just say * i chop his head off and bury him*) purely dialog driven rp would be to limiting though the dialog is important.
    As you see i wouldn`t be able to play together with someone like Glaistig if i tried to rp since what we want from rp is different. If i tried to rp and someone talked about RL my character would probably think that the guy is a bit crazy.
    To summarize it the concept of rp is to different than you can`t really play together. But i don`t know what to do, to solve that problem beside the two groups ignoring each other.

    PS: Just to make it clear I don`t rp her, never tried never will. I just fight a bit and search for weaknesses in the system. I don`t really have a reason to talk about this topic but i have time^^

  4. Sure that the :fries your head with lightning from eyes:" guy was playing a role? Some people(me as an example) use emotes in normal conversation just for fun. Ithink one problem(for you not for me I`m not here for rp) may be that only a few really play a role (after all rp is not mandatory , one of the reasons i`m not interested in playing rp here) so the chat is mainly a normal chat with some rp here and there.
    And everyone can make an role as what he wants, i could play an god if i wanted that, though i won`t judge if thats good or bad for rp.
    Concerning questions when i read the chat the game mechanic question normally get answered when someone is there at the moment who reads and write in the chat, though spoiler question naturally not(like how you can beat the lore guards.) but that perception may be false. Or do you mean questions about roles and the story?

    Btw i would consider the chat(or the forum) mandatory for rp, a story is just background information, rp means to act out the role and to do that you have to interact with someone and the only way of interaction here is text based(or atttacking people`but thats not the ideal way to expressing any character beside a massmurder).

  5. And i have this [url="http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ownageka7.jpg"][img]http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2483/ownageka7.th.jpg[/img][/url][url="http://g.imageshack.us/thpix.php"][img]http://img515.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif[/img][/url]

    Edit: Ah yes and this:Cirith's FATTY does weaken to multirandom creature(s) of dst and:
    - Weaken defence effect: -1360298129
    - weakens powerful left hand for next 2 rounds and lowers its defence by -1360298129 and remains with 6468 vitality
    Cirith's Grasan I does haoticdamage to multirandom creature(s) of dst and:
    Applying temporary effects for dst, slot 6 : , weaken (round:3 weaken: defence=-1360298129 )
    - hits haoticaly and does 2290637535 damage to powerful left hand creature DIES!

  6. Firstly i don`t think that the moral rule god made would have to be objective. Since all we know about him are things he wanted some prophets to know, he could as well be a jerk who randomly made up rules to see if we follow his every whim if he threatens us with hell. But I`m an atheist with a strong dislike for every organized religion so don`t mind what I say about god.

    But now morality. Equal hmm we aren`t the same but yeah I `wouldn`t say humans aren`t equal since for them to unequal there had to be a scale to measure humans and what would that be (intelligence? the abtility to produce healty offsprings?), okay if i think that way i would have to say all living things are equal. But that doesn`t matter since i don`t see how equality results in moral rules. Sure my desires aren`t superior to other but they are more important to me since they are my desires. There is no reason for me to care what the desires of others are, that`s not saying my desires are superior nor saying they should back off to grant me what i want, it`s just saying that i don`t have to take care of others desires.

    I don`t believe there is a objective morality. If i define a goal like "The median of the happiness level of all humans should be as high as possible" i could make logic deductions what`s the best way to reach it(developing a drug which makes them happy and pump them full with it), create some guidelines based on that and call it morality but that wouldn`t be objectiv since i randomly made up that goal. I could as well say my goal is "to make myself as happy as possible".

    That said i have moral rules and i follow them but they don`t have a logic reason, i just do what feels rights to me. So they are just a result of my upbringing and genes (since humans are animals which live in groups a few moral rules are benefical for survival).

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