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  1. i want a spell document, an xbox 360(my comp breaks too much atm) to not be tonedeaf (we all can dream)
  2. hello, i would be interested in joining the dojo staff, i am always there when i am online, rarely ever leave and i obey the rules when i am there. if you have any further questions, feel free to ask me and i will gladly answer them. ingame name: mech
  3. i have wires going from my core to my hardrive, a screen that can display different pictures, and the ability to insert and remove items at will. what am i? i'm rating this 7/20 :unknw:
  4. i think that it is possible to havre supernatural beings, with so many supposed sightings and encounters, but still, it could just be a trick of the eyes.
  5. i like it, it would make things easier
  6. it would seem bread needs to be banned *grabs a slice quickly*
  7. nice to see another player, granted im from england. i hope you enjoy magicduel for what it is. a great game.
  8. mech


    b is the way forward.
  9. i guess that i'd fall under option two. even if i can clear my mind, so many things instantly return, like ghosts haunting me in the shadows.
  10. i am from england. perhaps you could include a list of what each timezone is compared to gmt, that way you could easily see what countries like romania compared to the gmt timezone are currently at.
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