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    Granos got a reaction from Aethon in MVLs   
    Don't mess with Romanians 
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    Granos reacted to Ungod in So how do we measure time in MD?   
    How we look at time is basically like this, no? :
    d/V. Basically, it's about movement over a distance. If an objects doesn't travel, time doesn't 'pass'. Now, we might say time still passes, by looking at other objects that move, but measure it in relation to the object that stands, and you have zero. 
    So how do we measure time in MD? Can't do it by looking at the sun that 'moves', and bet on the day-night cycle. If you measure it relative to the moment you get 1 more AD, you have a 'day' there, but we can all agree time is measured here in relation to an exterior system of reference, right? 
    What happens in MD that we can take as reference point? For example, the lights shooting up from the angien egg could be one, but the interval is too short. How can we obtain 'a day', measuring time by  something 'internal'?
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    Granos got a reaction from Azull in Happy Birthday Azull!   
    Happy Birthday!
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    Granos got a reaction from Pipstickz in What do you love about MagicDuel?   
    What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel?
    What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel?
    Converse about theories.
    What do you do most often in MagicDuel?
    Observe people.
    What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel?
    What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel?
    Wealth, making the peaks new people have to reach ever higher.
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    Granos got a reaction from Nava in CoE Manifesto - public   
    I understand there are other Alliances to such an effect, and look at the state of things--stagnation. For things to move forward there has to be a change of ideals. That said I am not condoning RP, but merely stating that there needs to be a reasoning behind it, a purpose that makes sense in regards to what MD is. And for clarification, there are Alliances, and then there are Guilds, guilds are the ones with coded purposes.

    Just because something else exists does not mean something else should, MD is about that unique set of perspectives, if there is a reason behind it which there usually is (although may have been lost over time--which is another discussion all together) then it is fine so long as it sits grounded in the foundations of MD. As Dst pointed out, you do not need an alliance to RP.

    There is nothing wrong with having fun, but an alliance is making a visible impact on the realm, therefore must have a purpose. An alliance that has lost or blatantly failed its purpose should not exist, case and point the Necrovion Sentinels.

    I would like to see this succeed, but it has to be for the right reasons. (publicly or privately)
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    Granos got a reaction from Nava in CoE Manifesto - public   
    Ok, originally, I like the purpose of the CoE.... But this, no offense, seems like a load of nonsense. You have a lengthy explanation detailing a lot of things which is great but ultimately pointless. It seems you are saying a lot without saying anything at all. It panders to pointless RP with no real purpose to the realm. Say if you were to legitimize and study the night system and become authorities and push and fight for it to be fully implemented like the original CoE was aiming for then yes, I see a point. But in so far as to what is actually here, it is all just a bunch of RP for the sake of RP and pandering positions for the sake of ego.

    - An Alliance for the sake of just role playing for the sake of role playing with no basis is pointless.
    - You need a real purpose, IE the night system.
    - Have one focus not multiple IE a military for the sake of a military aspect. One focus is what is needed there are other alliances for that.
    - Just because it was like this in the past does not make it good, it died in the past for a reason.

    This may seem harsh but ultimately less is more.
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    Granos got a reaction from Nava in Inner Sun - Free No one and I am Bored   
    They cannot be reached by conventional means, there is no way to get to them from the archives nor from Outer Necro.. And yes I already tried hi jacking Renavoid's spaceship.. The pillars may work, The teleporter device (if you know about it good if not too bad ) and the Ferry Man will not grant access to inner necro which from what Ive been told is where they are "located"...

    So Ive been working on a spell to free them.. If you wish to aid me or have another idea please pm I'm usually at the fountain of dark vibrations..
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    Granos got a reaction from Nava in Discovering Inner Magic   
    I have been pondering this matter at great length recently.. Given the nature of inner magic, rather than hunting down an RPC to gain their spell documents is it possible through greater enlightenment and understanding of the realm of magic duel to "discover" inner documents.

    By which I mean studying all matters associated with such documents then documenting this information into a theory of said document. If done could we then submit our findings to an authority so as to evaluate our understanding and thus "discover" inner magic?
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    Granos got a reaction from Mallos in R.I.P. Cutler   
    Edited to keep names out and taken from his FB...

    It is with great sadness that I have to tell you Cutler died on August 22, 2014 of an autoimmune disease called primary biliary cirrhosis.

    You will be missed old friend...

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    Granos reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in mp6   
    I vote yes. Its not an easy thing to do, it deserves a fitting bit of awesomeness. Either the ones who deserve it get cool skills, or yes it will tempt people and that will cause conflict and therefore energy.
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    Granos reacted to Ary Endleg in Why deplete?   
    I remember when I talked with No one long ago, he was kind to leave herbs so I could gather them, and as far as I know he did the same thing for anybody who asked him.
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    Granos reacted to Curiose in Why deplete?   
    No One is really nice when it comes to requests like that, at least in my experience. I find it a lot easier to just go to him if I need something than to have to harvest something myself. I mean, hunting for things is sooooooooooo old school.
    : p And monopoly? Psh. As far as I know, he hasn't once asked for money so... any retorts about monopoly are pretty far fetched.
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    Granos reacted to Curiose in Why deplete?   
    Just ask the so called hoarders if they wouldn't mind helping you with making your teas, cakes or sand castles (etc). Simple.
    A kind request goes a long way.
    If you begin abusing their kindness by making say more tea, cake, or sand castles than initially stated, then that would be an issue... but it's not. Just give the remains back to the person you got them from.
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    Granos reacted to Rophs in mp6   
    Give protector more ways to punish worshiper.
    spell to give worshipers skilldamage forms of weaken Spells to teleport worshipers into unsavory locations KILL a worshipper revive a worshipper (prot-kill/revive should only affect somebody worshiping the mp6 who casts it, can't be made into spellstones)
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    Granos reacted to dst in Why deplete?   
    @Aeo: you seem to miss the semantics of the expressions so imo your argument doesn't stand.
    And this:
    Read my above post: I am depleting not to hoard stuff. I am depleting for those nice topics that blossom on the forum from time to time.
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    Granos reacted to No one in Why deplete?   
    You have post it all, but ... you didn't read it.
    [spoiler]Ann. 1923 - [2011-07-12 23:29:56 - Stage 10] - Permalink - 
    Resource regeneration delay when depleted
    Resources will have a regeneration period if they drop to zero. During this period they will grow by fractions and you won't be able to gather them till they reach at least one full resource point. This means that whenever a location gets completely deplete of a resource, it will take about 3 days for that resource to start increasing again. Remember, the bigger the source is the faster it will grow. why? "greed control, sabotaje opportunities, efficiency planning".[/spoiler]
    Also, have you tried to gather stuff ? resource, stats, active days, ve, vp ? Then you are a hoarder too. You just don't know it.
    By the way, my neg rep to you is because you didn't mentioned that you quoted me and you took the text out of context:
    Then, how do you affirm that you know what's best for me ? That is really cute.
    You don't know the dynamics of resource gathering (on which I've spent most of my last few years). So, excuse me that I don't take your word for this. There are many things to be said but real-hands-on-experience on resource gathering will convince you that depleting is ... unavoidable. It is not (all the time) on purpose. It just happens. (check the herbs from MB gate).
    I really don't understand what you mean by giving others a fair chance.
    Do you want me to take them to where they can get a herb baskets ? You want me to tell them where and when to get herbs from ?
    Girl, I have a limited time to play each day (if more then just login / logout). What more of a chance should I give to others ?
    Yea, and it used to infuriate me when ppl didn't know a thing of what is involved but they "knew" for sure they "know better".
    Cool. Try collecting some resources and then talk.
    Yes, I can help you compute that :
     - 1 candy can be collected every 8000 (8k) seconds ~ 133.3 minutes ~ 2h 13 minutes -> a maximum of 10.8 candies per day from a single candy box.
     - you can get 1 herb (max 2 with skill) every 10 minutes (I don't know exactly the period), there are 4 possible results each in equal probability
     -  you need 2 candy for each cake
     - you need 1 herb of 2 kinds
    -> you can make a maximum of 5 cakes per day if you spend 24h/24h getting candies.
    -> you get enough herbs for one cake in just 40 minutes
    -> 5 cakes ... in herb collecting would be 5x40 = 200 minutes = 3h
    I promise you that you can get enough herbs if you want to.
    And coming back to the subject , you can get so cute sometimes :) :
    I don't have coins but I can gather :) and f.y.i. I do trade (or I did, yea, mostly to Tal but I did) and I did gave away stuff and I still do that.
    But you requested my Timeless Dust (only 70+). Do you expect me to give them to you for free ?
    Only the time requested to harvest 70 stones (70x80minute) should say something of the hypocrisy of such a though. Then you'd have to put something in those stones (it would take ~ 3h to put a spell into a stone) and not to mention that I don't have that many spells.
    And then again, you asked 70+ timeless dust ... for what ? what do you want to "hoard" ? the dust or creatures ?
    C'mon, you can do better then that.
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    Granos reacted to dst in Why deplete?   
    Really? Greed is not good? How about greed for life, greed for knowledge, greed for love?  Are those bad as well?
    And you just hit the puddle with the stick by quoting the Bible: No one is an atheist :P.
    Ok, your role is one of giving. Who made you in charge to dictate the others'  roles? Maybe No one's role is one of a hoarder.
    I would deplete too if I would have the time and the right mood. Why? Simply to piss people like you off :D.
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    Granos reacted to Rophs in mp6   
    [log Mp6 should have life+death power on worshipers. Mp6 only has life power. Give mp6 death power.]It's shortened because Mur wants only one line. I'm apprehensive in posting this in accordance with the five minute rule but I'm going to "violate" my own judgement for the sake of making a short statement for Mur's sake.[/log]
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    Granos reacted to Kamisha in K Document Collection (Sum of Creation)   
    I have finally got my final wish point for getting to 1000 active days (I know its late considering [This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 30.09.2007 05:53] but that's besides the point). Now usually I would use this wishpoint inside the wishpoint shop and use it on a generic spell (which I would rarely use) or I could use on getting the ability to code multiple objects (which I don't have the patience to re-learn [I know its simple though my knowledge of coding has died over the years]) or I could use it on research points (which is a feature I don't believe is supported or any more or if it is very poorly. Anyways moving on you want me to get to the centre of the matter.
    A less generic choice is try to create a record but my proposition is different from the archivists. I don't want a generic record of what has happened in the realm. I want to create a collection of the people in the realm. Most of Magic Duel revolves around the people who shaped the world. When Magic Duel was first created it was empty baron a clean slate. That was part of the charm the lure the fact that until the first person logged in and before the first words where spoke and before the first action was made the magic duel world was no more complicated from the wooden box you where plucked from to enter creation. It was that sum of people that made magic duel what it is today. Thus the title the Sum of Creation The Sum of the people who created Magic Duel. 
    Though there is a small hiccup it is called a K document Collection for a reason. It is a collection of document to make a sort of digital library of sorts so although I am supplying the first wishpoint and the first document (in the next 1-2 months the world has changed allot since I started writing it) I need backers other than myself. Though it is important that the documents follow the theme. If haven't made it clear yet it is the people in magic duel. Not theories about the land not how this place was create not the lands opening order and not a chronological order of events from the beginning to now (and quite possibly the future [you never know]) but the people as you see them. To make things a little more clear some people in magic duel will remember that I was representing the University of Winnipeg when I was writing an ethnography. An ethnography for those who don't know is a study of the relationship between people and a study on culture and relating it to your own experience and explanation. Basically that is what I am looking for is a collection of  documents from people revealing there views on the culture of magic duel and the people inside it.
    Before you decide to sign up a few things to keep in mind:
    1) Your document must follow the basic theme. You can make assumptions and use dates all the things I said you should not but it has to directly support the source material. If it doesn't add substance its just pulp that should be strained out.
    2) Political views in the world should be redacted. I do not want a whole bunch of LR praise and Necro bashing in the other or vice-versa (one of the reasons I stay in no mans land). This is your view directly on individuals not an entire group. I am not telling you to break character but I will tell you to keep your politics out of it.
    3) This is an ongoing work so it would be wise to update your document from time to time since world does change frequently.
    4) Since this is a select work not all submissions will be accepted. I will be requiring a sample of your work privately or publicly to make a decision its your choice how you present it.
    5) The spelling and grammatical errors in this post are not acceptable in the final work. Please be sure to proof read(I am not checking this yet since it is 3am. Ill try to force myself tomorrow).
    6) This should be a step in your new role.
    Note to mods: I was looking for a place to put this and there isn't really and the text about k documents it should be a big step in developing your role so I choose to put it here; since this is neutral ground. If there is a better place for it please place it there just make sure it is a public space not belonging to any land and I can still access it. Thank you.
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    Granos got a reaction from (Zl-eye-f)-nea in New shop branch   
    Maybe a new shop tab full of useless items like tomatoes to throw at people or rotten fruit, odd items that we can use that have little to no real value other than mild amusement... I have over 500 credits with nothing to spend them on...
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    Granos reacted to Chewett in Wishpoint shop changes   
    What? This whole topic is about the MD shop, and you mention wish shop?

    Where do branches fit into the concept of some Wish items need to be purchased to get other items? You know there is a very important point of making you purchase the more common items?

    Also, the branches in MD shop let you view more different items, how would branches in WP shop work?

    I dont think you have got the concept of the WP shop... and if you want to talk about it make a new topic :)
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    Granos got a reaction from Sasha Lilias in New shop branch   
    Maybe a new shop tab full of useless items like tomatoes to throw at people or rotten fruit, odd items that we can use that have little to no real value other than mild amusement... I have over 500 credits with nothing to spend them on...
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    Granos got a reaction from Azrafar in New shop branch   
    Maybe a new shop tab full of useless items like tomatoes to throw at people or rotten fruit, odd items that we can use that have little to no real value other than mild amusement... I have over 500 credits with nothing to spend them on...
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    Granos got a reaction from Assira the Black in New shop branch   
    Maybe a new shop tab full of useless items like tomatoes to throw at people or rotten fruit, odd items that we can use that have little to no real value other than mild amusement... I have over 500 credits with nothing to spend them on...
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    Granos got a reaction from Lintara in New shop branch   
    Maybe a new shop tab full of useless items like tomatoes to throw at people or rotten fruit, odd items that we can use that have little to no real value other than mild amusement... I have over 500 credits with nothing to spend them on...
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