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  1. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' date='01 August 2009 - 06:32 AM' timestamp='1249122764' post='38465']

    To sumarrise: Idealy, if the system is to broken, move it here and set up a non-combat NPC. You get safety of a sanctuary, ritual setting plus agreed fights, and access to the GoE, where Veterans are often online to offer advice, as well as LHO. This would also mean you wouldn't need as many Dojo staff, just the ones who were doing their job properly.


    The idea of moving it to a sanctuary defeats the very point and purpose of the dojo and it is a social initiative, having a npc there would be the result of divine intervention which were the reasons the start of the problems with the dojo it's self. Also the idea of using alt's (mp2's) is also not an option as they are no longer avalible for creation, and would not be for some time.. ( use of alt's is never a valide solution) The whole point of the dojo is a social initative run by the community for the community with out external aid. If you want the safety of a sanctuary and pre-agreed fights well thats up to you, you wouldnt need the dojo or the dojo staff to do that. But that said, if thats all people want then why have the dojo in the first place? (judging from the poll we can see thats not the case)

  2. This is here for final thoughts on the debate and the fate of the dojo, if you feel another issue should be added please state so and why, Also if you have something to say about one of the issues then do so, but don't just repeat what has already been said.

    Click [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4783-dojo-meeting-log-day-211-212/"]Here[/url] for the full transcript of the debate.

    [center][size="5"]PLEASE READ THE DEBATE BEFORE VOTING[/size]

    Edit: Modded on request.

  3. I also believe Ailith should be the one to chair this debate.. As for making it there, anytime works for me. Ive heard reasonable and unreasonable arguments from both sides for this debate already, and it should prove to be interesting, but the most important thing for this debate is making sure its at a time when majourity of the dojo staff can be there.. I have quite a few things to say on this but I'll hold them till the actual event.

    I'm also concerned that those who use the dojo its self, will not speak up, as most people who are showing interest in this atleast from the forum standpoint are almost all mp5, and a biased debate is no fun at all..

    Also.. Heil Chewett

  4. Now there are only a few ways to die in MD, and given the mechanics of her Character state it is not just some generic bug, it is a forced event.

    She was active after the torch contest so that is out
    There isn't some secret landwar test going on so that is out
    Also when a player does die in such cases there would be a a land affiliation such as no mans land..

    This was the result of someone doing this intentionally to this character.

    If you feel the need read these logs [attachment=1027:lupdeadatGoC.txt]

    Unless someone has information in which to base this as an actual bug, it is not one.

  5. She Role Played killing her self, its not a bug it was something that was done to her intentionally, perhaps people should consider their actions before acting as you never know who is watching... This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last..

  6. Its an interesting idea, it introduces several concepts to the combat system, which can be easily abused and lead to several bugs.. but so do most creatures, I like the direction your going with it but perhaps more detailed information on all aspects of it I can find more to comment on and critize :P

    What interests me is the results on mp3 combat the introduction of this creature will have, it would be one of the defences that players put up as a hazard to others due to heat.. And also the addition of this creature kinda makes others more or less.. useless and makes the entire targeting system pointless leading people to focus on all and multi (then again they already do :P ) .. Not to mention sacrifice vaule of this creature...

    Keep at it though ;) , this creature seems to show more promise than certain other ones that have been .. released...

    (this is just my opinon :P )

  7. It's about time you made this, been waiting months for you to finally get this going :D
    Also is there an exception for certain lower level creatures with unique abilities? Because it would be a shame for people not to get to use their creatures to their full potential.. :D

    Can't wait for the updated details, I'm most defiantly going to enter this contest just to see if I can beat you :P

  8. Adeptrewards, ways to reward adepts for loyalty, in a similar way to the calender daily bonuses,(minor stat increases) only amplified based on the number of days that the player remains loyalty to whom they are an adept to, also punishments for dis-loyalty to adepts and protectors.

    Variances on existing creatures, based on tokens, for example giving a certain token to an aramor will lead to it having a different type of aramor at the max level.

    Have factions finally come into play, as I have been egarly awaiting to see how they will effect the social structure of md.

    An automated system for the use of inner magic, rather than the current system.

    I'd like to see more function specific RPC's like one for contests, ect...

    Changes to the way the AL works, as right now, it seems quite stagnant and rather boring, perhaps a new system to allow anyone to do things so long as numerous people get involved, as with the lore no longer a factor in MD I cannot see much reason for so otherwise, perhaps have it set up so the Ledgend Speakers would be the judge of such things if they are worthy to be AL events..

    No more new alliances!

    A system using the wishshop to allow people to invoke land battles, much like the one at last Christmas, but make it divisible between alliances, eg. Guardians of Root and Golemus Gurrelium.

    Subtle changes to existing locations, which will lead to information on how to access additional points later on in the development, kinda like a new puzzle.

    Add more stuff to the wishshop, because now it just plain sucks ;)

    Get all the npcs in Golemus doing something.

    Thats about it for now.. Im sure I'll add more later..

  9. This is a creature that was conceived probably back in October/November 2008, it was going to be part of something else.. But that will no longer happen now.. So enjoy take a look and see... Leave your thoughts, comments, rants and raves..

    Obviously with tokens and the en mass stat farming this creature is more or less useless now.. but it is an interesting concept all the same...

    *Note to those of you who have seen this before, I have omitted the images for obvious reasons, so don't ask about it...


    Requirements for recruiting this creature:

    Action points 100
    Value points 5000
    Sacrificed vitality 10000
    Exploring Points 15

    Tainted Slime

    Targets: Random
    Abilities: Regenerate
    Actions of this unit are performed on allied targets

    From a primordial inanimate ooze where once there was only nothingness a glimmer of life bursts forth. Pulling in upon itself what once was dirt and slime, now contains a core of taint permeating each cell of the creature. Slowly moving from its birth place, the growing taint infects the slime driving it further from its state of nothingness.


    Vital Energy 40/40
    Regeneration -10
    Defence 0
    Initiative 0

    Requirements for next level:

    Experience 80000
    Won battles 0
    Age 60

    Upgrade costs:

    Action points 100
    Value points 30000
    Sacrificed vitality 15000
    Exploring Points 10

    Ruin Slime

    Targets: Random, Weak Creatures
    Abilities: Regenerate
    Actions of this unit are performed on allied targets

    With each step from its birth site the taint grows stronger deeper harder. Where once was only dirt and slime now a core of ruin binds the Slime together. This rigid core which at first held the slime together now slowly pulses with a darkness spreading beyond the tortured body of the slime. Where once there was only void, the seeds of a distressed core of awareness begin to grow.


    Vital Energy 80/80
    Regeneration -20
    Defence 0
    Initiative 2

    Requirements for next level:

    Experience 180000
    Won battles 0
    Age 90

    Upgrade costs:

    Action points 100
    Value points 34000
    Sacrificed vitality 18000
    Exploring Points 10

    Tortured Slime

    Targets: Strong Creatures
    Abilities: Regenerate
    Actions of this unit are performed on allied targets

    Special influences:
    [voidaura] Nullifies all special influences during a battle.

    The transformation of the tainted ruin growing within the slime slows as it collapses into itself. Tighter and tighter, the dense core of void tears at the flesh surrounding it torturing the slime in its partial state of agonized awareness. As the tortured slime is ripped apart from within, it radiates a silent scream of decay and destruction seeking to balance the world around it to once again allow it to return to a blessed state of nothingness.


    Vital Energy 120/120
    Regeneration -30
    Defence 1
    Initiative 2

    Requirements for next level:

    Experience 280000
    Won battles 400
    Age 115

    Upgrade costs:

    Action points 100
    Value points 40000
    Sacrificed vitality 20000
    Exploring Points 10

    Void Slime

    Targets: Multi
    Abilities: Regenerate
    Actions of this unit are performed on allied targets

    Special influences:
    [voidaura] Nullifies all special influences during a battle.

    Having reached a fully sentient state, the slime realizes the agony of its existence cannot be undone. Every movement brings pain deeper then the knowledge that as long as the world exists around it so will the never ending torment. Like a tear in the fabric of reality the slime begins its task to destroy everything and everyone around it. Waves of undarkness spread from its broken visage as the world withers around the void slime.


    Vital Energy 200/200
    Regeneration -35
    Defence 1
    Initiative 4

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