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  1. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 10:47 AM' timestamp='1254062829' post='42904'] stone to avange drachs still havent been fired from catapult so if ya wish to drop it, dont complain later [/quote] But the catapults are facing out to sea.. not the main land... What did the sea ever do to you?
  2. Ah, ok thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't very sure on that specific aspect, too many rumor mills you know But, back to the point it doesn't make much sense for the shades to order to kill themselves no?
  3. So because Grido refused to use bugs to infiltrate and kill the or rather take the Necrovion Sentinels hostage he is being made outcast to Golemus, very interesting Yrth, So this post would clearly implicate that you fully condone and approve use of bugs, that is very poor behavior and a terrible example for other players especially considering that you are not only a RPC but also the "King" of Golemus. This raises the question, what other questionable demands have you made to your "people" to ensure their loyalty?
  4. Im making this new thread to discuss the possible implications of Killing Wodin in regards to the shades as it was causing the other topic to veer quite offtopic.. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 10:18 AM' timestamp='1254061125' post='42900'] wizard was dangerous, tiny ppl werent dangerous so tiny ppl taming drachs are still problem, but atm since everyone is killing them they cant balance nothin [/quote] That still does not address why the shades would send people to go kill the Golemus Wizard, It really doesnt make sense that they would do so with the intent of destroying themselves... And given that shades are suposedly "black water" would that mean that all "black water" would be removed as well? Including all Wind Drachorns? EDIT: I hope this makes more sense
  5. [i]Contest updated with a new addition.[/i]
  6. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 09:50 AM' timestamp='1254059406' post='42894'] heh before was also golemus wizard alive [/quote] Well under that notion given that the Golemus Wizard was the sole inhabitant of Golemus, if anything the shades should be even more powerful than ever given that GG is vastly inhabited now, why else would the shades send someone to kill the Wizard? I still really don't see how that would kill the shades but then again, Im crazy... Or how it acceptable to make a new account based off an existing character... (Silly me I thought that was a banable offense )
  7. [quote name='Death Bell' date='27 September 2009 - 09:48 AM' timestamp='1254059305' post='42892'] what happened to wodin was worse.. stealing his creatures like that is worse than whats happening to you. why do u keep forgetting to mention that in your posts.. about how u stole his creatures. [/quote] I believe that is what we call a grey area, and is being discussed amongst the RPC's as is it technically stealing if it is your account? But that is a matter for the RPC's to discuss, not us, hence why we do not drag it back into this thread.
  8. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 09:23 AM' timestamp='1254057839' post='42885'] yeah awi thats it i agree, kill wodin, yeah cmon peace do it, kill wodin and with him all shades die as well as peace, nothin will remain that will oppose shades me votes for it [/quote] Call me crazy but, Im pretty sure the shades existed before wodin, and would continue to do so if anything that action would weaken them, not kill them..
  9. Why is it that the [i][b]King of Golemus[/b][/i] had immunity from the shades, wouldn't the shades kill him for [i][b]invading Necrovion[/b][/i] rather then attacking the Sentinels whom were defending their land?
  10. Im sorry but as a Quebecer, I will have to decline, as we are a district society, and I Granos will Separate myself from the Canadian Clan *cough* Bill 101 *cough*
  11. Now, I have made this post for one reason and one reason alone, for the sake of pointing out how ridiculous these recent claims of power have been, be in terms of leadership of not fully discovered land which is Neutral like the archives or be it from invading another land for the sole sake of gaining more power. I have no interest in such a pointless claim to power or "leadership" as it were. The Tribunal lands are neutral and as such should never have one specific leader as they will never be involved in war, For those who have take my prior post seriously, have me quite concerned, and not a good way. Your odd claims to power are naught but pointless true power comes from people not spells, dots or otherwise. For that reason, I can ensure there will never be a leader of the Tribunal despite the so called would be claims of the potential Caretaker candidates.
  12. Welcome To the WORLD OF TOMORROW! err.. MD... Great to see new talent coming to md, if you need anything feel free to ask almost anyone, most people here are quite knowledgeable and helpful.. Except me... Im Technically a Noob hater.. (so I've been told *avoids pointing fingers*)
  13. The God King shall spare you then.... Blessings of myself upon you... Unlike the one form of opposition which seemed to have mysteriously disappeared..
  14. I hereby claim the title of: The All Mighty God-King Dictator of Supremeness of the Tribunal I do not need to give my reasons for this as there is no viable competition against me in this matter, but let any claims against be posted here.
  15. Welcome to MD I hope you enjoy your stay
  16. Happy Birthday!! or day after... >> I'm bad with time zones.. Try not to set yourself on fire
  17. Like I first said when Play logs first came out Pip For President :P

    Your still one of the greatest asset to md and defiantly one of my favorite people, but I still want fries... ;_;

  18. Happy Birthday, (Insert witty comment pertaining to mutations)
  19. The fact that RPCs have and done this and get away with it over the average players is enough to make me say yes he deserves his creatures back and makes me want to shout take a closer F-ing look at those you trust before punishing random people who have actually paid exuberant amounts to support md just to have accounts banned.. Also if you are going to ban and announce banning of accounts at least make sure you have to correct information. I understand that examples need to be made but why not actually focus on people who are actually problem players and abusers... ( note the amount of new mp6's and the amount of unique "active" players to md... ) Lifelines punishment was unwarranted and he is the type of person if he was simply told of his actions being illegal he would have taken actions to stop what he was doing and rectify the situation, which is MUCH more than I can say for the RPC choices of late and this year... So Kudos on making people who actually care about MD more annoyed while not targeting the people who should be the focus of scrutiny like the inactive RPC's or the RPC's not doing with their roles or positions despite their being online, no lets ban some alts of someone who wants to do something for MD... Brilliant..
  20. Congratulations you just made yourself an enemy

  21. You disgust me, there are places for jokes, and this is not one of them. Someone please close this topic.
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