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  1. The fact that RPCs have and done this and get away with it over the average players is enough to make me say yes he deserves his creatures back and makes me want to shout take a closer F-ing look at those you trust before punishing random people who have actually paid exuberant amounts to support md just to have accounts banned..

    Also if you are going to ban and announce banning of accounts at least make sure you have to correct information. I understand that examples need to be made but why not actually focus on people who are actually problem players and abusers... ( note the amount of new mp6's and the amount of unique "active" players to md... )

    Lifelines punishment was unwarranted and he is the type of person if he was simply told of his actions being illegal he would have taken actions to stop what he was doing and rectify the situation, which is MUCH more than I can say for the RPC choices of late and this year... So Kudos on making people who actually care about MD more annoyed while not targeting the people who should be the focus of scrutiny like the inactive RPC's or the RPC's not doing with their roles or positions despite their being online, no lets ban some alts of someone who wants to do something for MD... Brilliant..

  2. It's a bit long for a T-Shirt but I've seen some with variants of this before...

    [b]I must not godmod. Godmodding is the mind-killer. Godmodding is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will stop my godmodding. I will permit others to attack me and defeat me. And when it is done I will lose in a realistic way. Where the godmodding has gone there will be nothing. Only Role-Play will remain.[/b]


  3. [spoiler]
    First of all I will start by stating this: Since October of 2008 I have lead and administrated the hidden faction of the Brotherhood of Void Destinies. We have always functioned under the radar, under the guise of controlling and spreading mis-information. We have infiltrated every alliance (not guilds) for reasons such as control and mass manipulation of others as well as holding others hostage from the shadows. Not many people would know of our existence other than for the fact that we have done so to keep our presence known to a small extent in order to insight questions and fear. Many strong players have been part of the brotherhood, as well as notable ones.. Although, due to the nature of the organization, their names will remain known to them and high ranking members only (unless specifically requested). Loyalty has always been our strongest suit in the Brotherhood, as one cannot betray or argue with those they do not know they are affiliated with until, that is they are fully ready. It has always been structured in such a way that only the high ranked members have earned the right to actually be viable members, and would continue to do so if an official alliance was to come of this.

    We have always been dedicated to the secrets of the lands, manipulation of the spreading of facts as well of mis-information, which has lead to great power among our ranks, many of us have dedicated ourselves to the creation of quests for the realms as we have discovered that such power and rewards are far to easily gained and thus we take the necessary means to inhibit others while keeping our hold of power over others. We have always been neutral to a degree in the sense that we equally despise all others for their sickening weakness and how easily distracted they are.

    The structure of the Brotherhood of Void Destinies is as follows:

    Possible Recruits: Sleepers
    Probation: Acrolytes
    Apprenticed: Fangs

    Pre-Mastery: Brothers
    Elite: Assassins

    Leaders: Speakers
    Leader: Listener

    Given its structure, we would only have seats in the actual alliance for those of Rank of Brother and above, whilst keeping other agents within the other alliances, which we can say openly as they have already become far to integrated within each one's structure for us to worry about removal--inhibiting our plans. We have never used or condoned the use of alts for any of our works or actions to which in my opinion is one of our greatest strengths all we do and have is based on individuals.

    The alliance as itself would be mainly used for contact means and setting of contracts with other individuals and alliances for things which hold the Brotherhoods interest and lust for power for the sake of inhibiting others. As well the communication interface offered by it would greatly expedite things as PM's are quite horrid those who know me know I get anywhere from 20 to 50 pm's a day...

    Regardless of possessing an alliance or not the Brotherhood will continue as we always have, and we will destroy all others in hopes of getting closer to the void. Be it through direct or indirect means...

  4. I really do not think that the punishments are harsh enough.. With amounts of alts and the blatant stupidity of people the ones who would mainly be abusing the spell they shouldn't get a tour of prison, this is direct abuse of one of the systems in place in MD which has been brought up countless times, Anyone who does abuse would know they are abusing it and therefore should just jump straight away to worse punishments. Anyone whos over 100 days of activity found abusing the spell shouldnt be given a second chance.. People have been banned for less, and quite foolish reasons, the ones damaging the game through blatant abuse should be punished and not just tapped on the hand, I am quiet sick of the hypocritical attitude towards punishments. (Burn the infidels)

    But thats just my opinion..

  5. 1 - It would be based off a separate site one of my servers.

    2 - There are a few peoplet thats being worked on, it depends on if others wish too If not I can get others from my other Stations to fill in temporarily

    3 - Its and outside project being opened to those in MD, given that discussion of properties, is not illegal that is a non issue

    4 - I think you may need to learn how to read...

    5 - I have full licensing ( non issue)

    6 - Those details will be addressed to the people participating in the project as prior, as for how people listen, Either by url built in or in the media program of their choice. You seem to mis-understand the concept of radio.. and the internet..

    Because you seem to be bad at reading I will repeat myself, It will be hosted on one of my servers. Not through some Random website.

  6. Thats it I'm posting the Convo :D

    Fenrir: If you choke a smurf, what colour does it turn?
    Granos: is that some slang for some new sexual practice?
    Fenrir: No...
    Fenrir: Exactly as it says.
    Granos: you disgust me...
    Fenrir: Why?
    Granos: Smurf choker...
    Fenrir: Haha. It just popped in my head...
    Granos: back in my day... We went to Church and Prayed to hold back our urges all we needed was Jesus!


    [quote]Smurfette is not one of the original smurfs because she was created by Gargamel, the evil wizard.[/quote]

    So if you base it off the original 99 smurfs.. No, but later there were other female smurfs... Like Nanny and Sassette

  7. Yes they would be repeated based off a few programs I already use for automation on my other stations. The intervals would be based on relative times zones and length of specific segments along with the amount of people available to participate in the project, once there is enough interest I'll provide detailed information for all who wish to participate.

  8. YOU! The focus of the general talking would be about the people of md, commentary on the events major and minor, philosophical discussions (mind you that may or may not be there based on the test audience), What it would more less boil down to is people having conversations they they would normally have outside of md related to md only, it would be people who are much more interesting than most (unless you count my involvement :o ). Humor would be the key to it, as with most sucessful radio shows you need a healthy does of humor pertaining to things that people can relate to. Sure you can listen to anyone about how Grido shot first, but if they don't manage to tell it in a way that is somewhat humorous (one of the main facets of entertainment) then there isn't much point therin even talking to said person. Also One of the obvious ones, would be character and player interviews, now I separate the tow because with most people these things don't exactly go hand in hand. A chance to put a voice to the characters we all know and.. may or may not like.. And we musn't forget there would be contests and competions where people can win free stuff, and who doesn't like free stuff?

    "Mango" says - having a few extra voice in your head is always a bonus
    "Mango" says - the alternative is buying a cat. (thats not a good thing)

  9. First off, I know I can have more than 5 listeners for sure, due to black mailing :o

    But that aside, there are many creative people in MD, the main news related to md, wouldn't encompass much, the actual main issue I see with a project like this would be from language barriers, but it would give people just another open form of expression along with free advertising aside from just people entertained. Most of the really addicted people are stat grinders who look for exterior entertainment along side from just md. Granted there would be music and repeat shows (like 99% of all radio stations) . So I would suppose that the acutal md related content would be limited for starters, but with any pilot project the start is small, and with anything MD related only certain people will actually hold interest I don't expect the entire community to jump up and grab at the idea and love it or even listen, There are loads of quest out there for people to do doesn't mean everyone does them, there's combat, but not every does combat... etc.... If there is enough interest in any given project related to md I see no reason not to follow through with it unless there is a direct reason not to :). This is merely another facet for the MD society as a whole to come embrace share and enjoy.

    "Mango" says, when confused, slap your butt.
    "Mango" also says....eat your greens.

  10. [indent]I would have to go with the idea that things are initially chaotic, then become ordered... Just as an example take the way the human mind works, initially we didn't have much to our though process more of just a chaotic sense of purpose and urges acting on the reptilian impulses, eventual it came about to advanced cognitive activity in which the way thing are precieved are ordered. When we see things we put them into categories, either by shape, color.. etc... Associating them with other things which we can understand so we can have plausible comprehension. Then again one could argue that even the reptilian mind is functioning from a state of order, the body requires food thus we have hunger. Then you have the other issues which would matter more so, such as the actual nature of the universe in which your view on the subject would more or less be based on a specific creation theory. If there is no actual unified point of basis to determine things we are left only to ponder and theorize such concepts, which given no real point of origin to base things you could say that just thinking on the question would be chaotic :o If you don't have point of reference order isn't very plausible. Order in this case being the state of organization, we may have the laws of physics to base things off, but who is to say that they are not in truth merely the result of compounded chaos? If you look at it from different perspectives other than just the way we see things as they are, think about it from wholeistic time sense, who is to say that all that we know is hard truth for all of time and actually ordered? Like gravity, we see it as a force in which determines the motion of things. Now, imagine if you will that this was more of a mistake only actually plausible because of other fractured things.. Chaos compounded.. What is Gravity wasn't actually meant to exist like life it came about merely as "mistake" and eventually like life it will cease to exist in the universe...

    Just food for flame and thought :)


  11. Ive been contemplating the idea of setting up a new server for a radio station, and someone who will be known for the sake of this as "Mango" suggested that I make it for MD...
    What I would like to know what are people's thoughts on something like this, also would anyone be interested in participating in it for a test phase?

    Post your Qualms, Suggestions, Complaints, Flames and other thoughts that you may have...

  12. [center][size="6"]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/size]

    [left]Another year older, and another year wiser some would say, but to those who know you... No :o Maybe a little drunker Happy birthday bud

    Also, I'm pretty sure this is the real [url="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1189559/To-ends-earth-British-Isles-stop-smoking--man-exile-island.html"]Zleiphneir
    [/left] [/center]

  13. Ive only tested the french, for basic communication it works fine, but when it comes to certain phrases it gets completely lost in translation, which is to be expected, works well in my book :)

    I'll continue testing with other languages :)

  14. Given that the head contest is meant to be unfair, and in the last few months it has been almost anything but, I would have to say that any RPC that wishes to mess with the heads contest should be allowed too, doesn't mean they all have to, but that the option is there, you can come and whine and complain about so and so doing this and doing this and that, but in the end, it all boils down to things being unfair, which is what the head contest is supposed to be. I can go into a whole set of reasons about the head contest being a joke now, but that would be going off topic.

    Just my opinion..

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