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  1. Nice move Lib, but now you will see what happens as a result, anything that can be done within the bounds of player is acceptable, prepare for the consequences. I play nice fitting with MD and keeping things running from behind the scenes never intentionally damaging things, I've always taken steps to ensure things are ok and acceptable before hand in preforming an action which could be potentially damaging to MD. Such an action is quite an admeriable feat, if it was done under interesting circumstances but it wasn't thus I am not amused. Enjoy what little you have left.
  2. Granos

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    My friend as an Elemental [attachment=1227:mybuddyasafireelemental.png]
  3. [quote name='Lifeline' date='11 October 2009 - 03:50 PM' timestamp='1255290647' post='44407'] the realm is boiling... u have been wondering what this is all about. u shall not have to wait any longer. nobody dared to make his/her application public before the election and didnt wanted to face the masses and their criticism. we however are ready to face the enemy anytime. so here as promised the application for Liberty's kingship: What was once a prosperous land with a bright future is now the twisted land of Necrovion. Deathmarrow and the Shades have tainted the land and taken it from its
  4. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='10 October 2009 - 08:17 PM' timestamp='1255220236' post='44339'] *wonders who is neg voting on votes with real value and asking questions...* This is The reason why I never got involved in the war(choosing sides). It forces people to cause strife between friends. [/quote] You have Friends Fenrir? If that were to be answered which I have no reason to answer, it would have been done in the initial post. My reasons for such are known to who matter which is not you or the general populace.
  5. I have been quite silent during this war, and a few people have had suspicions about my part or interests in it. Some have been close but, none have been right--at least entirely. I was the one behind the cause of this war, to which the Sentinels provided an ample vessel to ensnare the enemy. Over the course of several months I have been planting the seeds of war on all sides so as to have ample distraction for my goal. A goal which has been realized.... Wodin is gone. Initially it was to be the Children of the Eclipse to launch the attack on Golemus, but their numbers were not sufficient fo
  6. I will only post winners from September 2009 on unless requested to do otherwise. [center][i]September 2009[/i] [/center] [b]Noone[/b] for finishing first and exceeding the previous record of [b]325[/b] stats in one day with [b]358[/b] stats in one day won double the prize for and received [u]20 credits.[/u]
  7. For those whom feel they have not been rewarded for this pm me on the forum as the same goes for those who are not mentioned here... [b]Do not post on this topic pm me.[/b] -Granos (Shady) Jester - 5 credits Awiiya - Awarded - 5 credits Pamplemousse - ( don't remember ) [i](there are others which I don't remember off hand as I lost the data)[/i] RED SAVAGE WIZARD - Joker [i]I will update this as more are rewarded and I remember/reminded more..[/i]
  8. Buwhahahahaha *coughs* hahahaha... Too bad Im mp6 and can't hit you anymore :P Also I appreciate the invitation you extended to your evil non-ally group but I fear I am already far too tied up :s

  9. Cheers, My rum often ends, with the opening of a bottle of whiskey or tequila :P Grats on making it to mp4 :)

  10. It appears that there is no torch for the Tribunal nor a treasury, will there be one if so how would such a thing be decided, as there is not a specific land leader. Will the Tribunal be treated like the Archives and still get a treasury or as a separate land with it's own torch or neither?
  11. Hehehe Finally MP5....

  12. Seriously though if you need help feel free to message me either in md or on the forums, Enjoy yourself :)

  13. Welcome to MD, if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone* most people here are quite helpful [b](Beware the heads )[/b] [i]*Except me Im an official newb hater according to some people.[/i]
  14. Of course, all our questions shall be answered next year! We will discover the meaning of life then 2 years later we get destroyed in 2012
  15. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 11:56 AM' timestamp='1254066974' post='42928'] ya dont need to bestove flag, its enough to see who are ya backin up [/quote] Lib, I like, I really do, but some of the things you say are just quite frankly unfounded and are rather foolish, if you have something to say to me questioning where my loyalties lie, as you seem to do, either PM on the forum or make another topic as this matter does not belong in this topic.
  16. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 11:46 AM' timestamp='1254066402' post='42922'] hmm dirty play from opposition i see, afaik there is no bugs left that can mess up allys, and i check it, if there is prove me that, and then i will say myself that i am shit of bug finder so cut down your bs, in every post somebody is exaggerating [/quote] No Lib not opposition, as I have taken no side in this conflict, also if requested by Mur or Akasha proof will be provided as somethings really have no place on the forum. All I believe is that fair is fair, I do not approve of double s
  17. I believe that would make sense, but then the summoned army was still just as strong, as it was before, or perhaps this would explain why the shade sentinel did not appear at the stone of twisted souls during the burning of the cube? Ok so then I was correct in that based on the balance that killing wodin would not kill the shades merely only weaken them? So to be quite honest I am rather confused on the entire matter, logically one thing should happen but it seems to me that the opposite may be true (I need more coffee >_<)
  18. As Liberty stated, killing Wodin would kill the shades, [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 09:23 AM' timestamp='1254057839' post='42885'] yeah awi thats it i agree, kill wodin, yeah cmon peace do it, kill wodin and with him all shades die as well as peace, nothin will remain that will oppose shades me votes for it [/quote] To which I replied: [quote name='Granos' date='27 September 2009 - 09:46 AM' timestamp='1254059163' post='42891'] Call me crazy but, Im pretty sure the shades existed before wodin, and would continue to do so if anything that action would weaken
  19. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='27 September 2009 - 10:47 AM' timestamp='1254062829' post='42904'] stone to avange drachs still havent been fired from catapult so if ya wish to drop it, dont complain later [/quote] But the catapults are facing out to sea.. not the main land... What did the sea ever do to you?
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