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  1. There wouldn't be room for you because you would clearly be in the white van speeding away after I had kidnapped you. Thus unable to occupy the given space. Granos' Law
  2. I stalk all.... And see all... Now would you mind plugging the hidden cam back in... :P

  3. 1. Never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. 2. If you find yourself at a barrier be it a person or thing, there is always a way around it or through it. 3. Learn how to talk to people, you would be surprised what a little ass kissing can get you. 4. Always be in control of any situation you are in, once you lose control, be it on the forum or inter-personal (to the point of losing your cool ect..) leave, MD will be here tomorrow. 5. Morality is what society makes it, learn this fact then use it to make your own morality. 6. The greatest asset in MD is the people, use them. 7.
  4. [Rant] Ok so its time for a real post on this issue, lets focus on what the main subject matter of this is, the problem with MD? Well guess what its not Murs incomplete projects or the lack of shiney things or AL, history or whatever other BS reason you may have. It all simply boils down to the problem being you, You the players of MD who would rather rant whine and complain about lack of things rather than working with what you have. I swear its actually worse now than it was with the RPCs, which is scary that I find myself agreeing with Burns, although not in nearly the same regard, as it
  5. Ive been asked to comment here, so here it is. Pecking Order If you do not understand the simplistic significance of these two words then perhaps you should simply stop what your doing and go find a dictionary then go drown in a fire. (PS: 10 points to everyone who misinterprets this )
  6. *Screams like a Girl*

  7. Granos


    "The chips are in the sky, so does that make me God?" - Steven Kroll "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." -Anonymous "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally." -Anonymous
  8. It is the least I can do....

  9. In no particular order: Each person here I have greatly admired for their various qualities, I don't really care if you don't agree or think is me just trying to make fun of this but these are some of the people I have come to genuinely admire from MD.. Sostef Ailith Khalazdad MRD Jester There are many others I should mention, most of you know who you are, well except Grido, he just plain sucks
  10. Just to clarify, the participants can use spells? And if so are they limited to only using them match per match basis or can they aid in a match they are not in so long as they are a valid non eliminated participant?
  11. [b]The Spectral Shard Abilities: [/b]Whom ever posses this blade suffers -200 to Briskness, but will gain the capacity to inflict minor skill damage[b]. Corrorded Guantlet Abilities: [/b]Daily Event; Drains -1 to all stats on the owner of item, gives X amount for charges of givevital (renewable). [b] A Dusty Black Tome Abilities: [/b]Requires 3 "key items" (one use items that vanish after use) to be made of actual use to its owner. Upon being unlocked gives X charges of random spell to holder upon being unlocked (spell random pool to be based on personal principals of item holder
  12. Granos

    The Sisterhood

    Clearly they all just simply need to get back in the kitchen, or perhaps get to knitting sweaters... Anyone else find it odd that only men are the ones crafting anything in MD? Or perhaps there needs to be prevalent RP sexism in MD for the sisterhood to really shine... Without friction there is no purpose, either you act to create it or react to others... Just my two cents... Or heres a suggestion given light of the recent restrictions to RP "affection" get in contact with one of the religious groups in MD and have they take a strong stance against anything remotely related to premari
  13. I suggest you read this... http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5031-seals-of-six/page__view__findpost__p__41138 But also, there have been many ideas in regards to this, if you wish to start something do not seek permission to do so, merely do it, do not ask for ideas, embrace your own and find others like minded to pursue such ideas or ideals as it were, but then again there are already too many groups in MD, with little variation to them all focused and geared towards empowerment of their particular group focused through singular entities. Decide first who you are and what you want be
  14. With his forces intact he will dispute the mastery of the Empire, and thus, without losing a man, his triumph will be complete. This is the method of attacking by stratagem.
  15. I used all my free gifts last year but I got a shop reset, since then so I believe that might be why I now have the free gifts again... But then again I'm drunk
  16. I claim #69 [i] because someone has too...[/i]
  17. Welcome back, good to hear from you, glad you'll around in the coming month(s)
  18. Hope you Feel better soon, I'll waiting for your triumphant return, Take care of yourself
  19. Happy Birthday Guy, May I never accidentally traumatize you again
  20. When theres a new Canadian player and you get over 7 people asking (accusing) if thats your alt
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