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  1. 1. Never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do.
    2. If you find yourself at a barrier be it a person or thing, there is always a way around it or through it.
    3. Learn how to talk to people, you would be surprised what a little ass kissing can get you.
    4. Always be in control of any situation you are in, once you lose control, be it on the forum or inter-personal (to the point of losing your cool ect..) leave, MD will be here tomorrow.
    5. Morality is what society makes it, learn this fact then use it to make your own morality.
    6. The greatest asset in MD is the people, use them.
    7. Power is not Stats, Spells or Abilities, Real power is charisma.
    8. Make sure you read any and everything you can get your hands on, it might not be there tomorrow.
    9. Never expect anything to be given, when it is be suspicious of peoples intentions (trust only what you make yourself)
    10. Never forget its not about gaining power, or recognition, its about having an extension of yourself, if you can manage that you will succeed.

    Also Never trust a word I say...

    (Never annoy the Mods, they can and will break you)


  2. [Rant]

    Ok so its time for a real post on this issue, lets focus on what the main subject matter of this is, the problem with MD? Well guess what its not Murs incomplete projects or the lack of shiney things or AL, history or whatever other BS reason you may have. It all simply boils down to the problem being you, You the players of MD who would rather rant whine and complain about lack of things rather than working with what you have. I swear its actually worse now than it was with the RPCs, which is scary that I find myself agreeing with Burns, although not in nearly the same regard, as it seems EVERYONE now is incapable of action because they seem to wait and demand that they need X to do this or Y I cant do this because of the lack of. When you all seem to be missing the most important aspect of what makes MD what it is. Its not the fucking lore or history or even the little stories, those are filler little distractions and praise, its all about the perceptions of how you see things how the hell do you think its possible to have something like the savelites otherwise? Savelfuser was not a god, yet there is an enitre church built around one character, hes not widely regarded as a god, but enough people saw him as such thus it was through thier perceptions that such a thing is made possible, Religion in md.

    Now you might be wonding where Im going with all of this well its quite simple most of you love to sit back and come up with great ideas and concepts for things but then NEVER do them you say oh lets stand togeather and fix this but when it comes down to it, people will look up to you as they already have and you fail them epically, how so? Just by making your self serving posts here in the forums youve failed them as that means you talking about fixing things rather then doing it. We have the tools already to do any of the given suggestions here and we dont need mur to code anything for it to happen. Yrth suggested a PAL well its really easy to set something like that up, hell Ive being doing my own personal one since ive started playing MD watching people and recoding their actions its usually how I end up choosing people to come and work on project with me to actually have something happen in md. For a PAL to work just get a few freaking people in on it and put it up on a RPC item and there you go!

    Oh I cant do this I cant do that, let me put it in very simple terms for all of you, Ive managed of all freaking people to cause and generate more things happening in md than some of the past would be RPCs for quite some time with little to NO TOOLS, if I can do it then anyone can.

    It is better to ask forgiveness than permission.


    P.S. - You all suck :P

  3. "The chips are in the sky, so does that make me God?"
    - Steven Kroll

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

    "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally."

  4. In no particular order:

    Each person here I have greatly admired for their various qualities, I don't really care if you don't agree or think is me just trying to make fun of this but these are some of the people I have come to genuinely admire from MD..


    There are many others I should mention, most of you know who you are, well except Grido, he just plain sucks :P

  5. [b]The Spectral Shard

    Abilities: [/b]Whom ever posses this blade suffers -200 to Briskness, but will gain the capacity to inflict minor skill damage[b].

    Corrorded Guantlet

    Abilities: [/b]Daily Event; Drains -1 to all stats on the owner of item, gives X amount for charges of givevital (renewable).


    A Dusty Black Tome

    Abilities: [/b]Requires 3 "key items" (one use items that vanish after use) to be made of actual use to its owner. Upon being unlocked gives X charges of random spell to holder upon being unlocked (spell random pool to be based on personal principals of item holder)
    Every time item changes owner it must unlocked again.

    Note: I commissioned and created the Corrorded Gauntlet knowing a purpose for it, although I currently do not hold it on my person.[/i]

    As for the Dusty Black Tome idea, this is just a basic for now I can go into more details of its full design if needed but if done here it would be a notoriously long winded post possibly lead to people creating alts geared to having specific principals only for the sake of min/maxing this system.

  6. Clearly they all just simply need to get back in the kitchen, or perhaps get to knitting sweaters... Anyone else find it odd that only men are the ones crafting anything in MD?

    Or perhaps there needs to be prevalent RP sexism in MD for the sisterhood to really shine...

    Without friction there is no purpose, either you act to create it or react to others...

    Just my two cents...

    Or heres a suggestion given light of the recent restrictions to RP "affection" get in contact with one of the religious groups in MD and have they take a strong stance against anything remotely related to premarital action or whatever it may be you want them to Taboo, there really isnt much limitation to what can be done with this and then you could use the sexism aspect as they will only target women and then perhaps the sisterhood could have an actual purpose working in and out of alliances protecting these targeted and defending their rights and images..

    There are no saints if there are no sinners..

  7. I suggest you read this...


    But also, there have been many ideas in regards to this, if you wish to start something do not seek permission to do so, merely do it, do not ask for ideas, embrace your own and find others like minded to pursue such ideas or ideals as it were, but then again there are already too many groups in MD, with little variation to them all focused and geared towards empowerment of their particular group focused through singular entities. Decide first who you are and what you want before trying to get a group together of lost people, with no purpose or substance all that is left are stat grinders. And if all you want is comradery, then join one of the existing alliances.

    But thats just my opinion...

  8. Nice move Lib, but now you will see what happens as a result, anything that can be done within the bounds of player is acceptable, prepare for the consequences.

    I play nice fitting with MD and keeping things running from behind the scenes never intentionally damaging things, I've always taken steps to ensure things are ok and acceptable before hand in preforming an action which could be potentially damaging to MD. Such an action is quite an admeriable feat, if it was done under interesting circumstances but it wasn't thus I am not amused.

    Enjoy what little you have left.

  9. [quote name='Lifeline' date='11 October 2009 - 03:50 PM' timestamp='1255290647' post='44407']
    the realm is boiling... u have been wondering what this is all about.
    u shall not have to wait any longer. nobody dared to make his/her application public before the election and didnt wanted to face the masses and their criticism. we however are ready to face the enemy anytime. so here as promised the application for Liberty's kingship:

    What was once a prosperous land with a bright future is now the twisted land of Necrovion. Deathmarrow and the Shades have tainted the land and taken it from its rightful proprietary – Ourselves. We have had enough madness and corruption in the realm! The last war in Necrovion itself has shown that very well. Such a tainting of once resourceful and sacred human lands cannot be allowed anymore. Enough with feeling helpless! Enough with feeling manipulated! Enough with feeling corrupted!
    Let us turn our blade against what opposes our very nature. The pain and suffering shall end here.
    Therefore I candidate for kingship of Necrovion to reclaim the land from the plague called Shades. We have all seen that shades aren't even able to protect their own land. They failed twice not only did the Summoned Army stand no chance vs human fighters including necrovion sentinels after the war; but even a few month before it was defeated by thief's stealing from the land. The so fearful Shade Sentinel itself could do nothing more than swear revenge and stay helpless and was only able to watch how its land got pillaged.
    It is obvious that Shades are unfit and cant even reign their own land. And they corrupt everything that presents good values. We, the humans, cant allow this much longer.
    Shades are useless without the humans. So I will take the necrovion alliance and cut the shades from all their supporters. Why should once peaceful and sacred lands serve as a prison for the mad? Since not too long ago we have an own prison. So all those twisted beings that support the Shades will be exiled into our own jails. Then I will tear down the wall around Necrovion and reclaim the land step by step.
    If you appreciate human values and have had enough of foul creatures tormenting you and your family then join me and help restore the former prime of our civilization!

    Application sponsored and written by Lifeline
    © Lifeline Inc. and Co.

    Well well well, It seems Im forced to speak up again, well done.

    lets start by looking at the application of a known enemy to Necrovion and by proxy the rest of the realm given his intentions and just pure blatant stupidity and ignorance of anything related to shades and Necrovion and apparently Military affairs given the fiasco that was his last campaign.

    Necrovion was not a once prosperous land as any indication of such was from lore which has been blatantly removed from MD for the very reason such as this as people are often to foolish to understand the actual point of it and use to base their claims and allegations.

    The Shades are unable to protect their own land? The shades if memory serves annihilated Lib with ease and the only people who can hold their own against them are Lifeline, Eigger and Shadowseeker. The Shades are more than capable, much more than Liberty is for Marind Bell and any other land is.

    Shades do not corrupt things, you clearly have little to no understanding of the nature of shades, and your basis seems to be from Lore which is not actually part of MD ecology.

    But on that note lets talk about corruption, corruption in Marind Bell, the blatant abuse of forum admin status and other countless ones, shall I make a short list of just Lib's doings?

    -Spamming chat in 16+ locations
    -personal alt abuse for the benefit of one character 30+ alts (used to become mp6 back in January) along with other numerous alt related offenses
    -Verbal abuse to countless player in game
    -blatant use of foul language with no regard for the rules

    But then wait, no warnings OR punishments? Something clearly is not right. (also notice the mood panel the ones offering their vote to Liberty openly are the same people using his alts to train in the Fenth Cave in Golemus) Very interesting...

    Perhaps you are blind, bad at reading or just plain stupid.. But this is from an AL event which is on hold, never take lightly the words of the Shade Sentinel, once it resumes you should know you are in for a world of pain if you haven't already given up from your blatant disgrace or banning. Keep in mind this is the very same person who Declared war blindly and then lost their OWN alliance, failing at proper leadership, a blind arrogant king? Leaving his own people to suffer and pay for his mistakes, human power INDEED.

    It is the duty of those of Necrovion to protect the shades from people and people from the shades. Are people really so blind as to ignore ACTUAL MD history ignoring all that was sacrificed in the first war by Khalazdad a far greater man than any present here now.

    Prision for the mad, you want to talk about madness, how about blindly sending your people to war before knowing all the facts then abandoning them. Great leadership qualities. Or rather having claims and allegations which no facts in which to back it up or even better claiming to know things to which you only state now which would have saved you much grief as well as those under your command and GG your ally wouldn't have had to suffer.

    If you appreciate human values and have had enough of foul creatures tormenting you and your family then join me and help restore the former prime of our civilization? Your are a moron if you believe this, the Shades were here before us, and will be here after us, war on the shades would destroy the realm that is what the KING OF NECROVION is to prevent not instigate.

    Kingship is a duty to its peoples and its land, you Liberty clearly posses none of these qualities and this merely is another claim for power a self serving claim as it shows from you record you have little to no regard for your peers, people and allies.

    Well done Liberty you've gone all in with a pair of twos.

    Another note, for those applying for kingship, this is a perfect test to which none have taken a stand up against, I have been gone all day and yet I am back for a short amount of time and already have done more than you to stand against this insult. Bravo.

  10. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='10 October 2009 - 08:17 PM' timestamp='1255220236' post='44339']
    *wonders who is neg voting on votes with real value and asking questions...*

    This is The reason why I never got involved in the war(choosing sides). It forces people to cause strife between friends.

    You have Friends Fenrir?

    If that were to be answered which I have no reason to answer, it would have been done in the initial post. My reasons for such are known to who matter which is not you or the general populace.

  11. I have been quite silent during this war, and a few people have had suspicions about my part or interests in it. Some have been close but, none have been right--at least entirely.

    I was the one behind the cause of this war, to which the Sentinels provided an ample vessel to ensnare the enemy. Over the course of several months I have been planting the seeds of war on all sides so as to have ample distraction for my goal. A goal which has been realized.... Wodin is gone. Initially it was to be the Children of the Eclipse to launch the attack on Golemus, but their numbers were not sufficient for my designs thus I moved to the Sentinels for my wishes and spoke with Jester. His goals for wanting to revive things in MD gave me much to work with from behind the scenes.

    His rise to power solidified the part I was to play. From there I began hastily working in conjuction with Jester and his ideas. It was pre-planned on my part to have Eigger join the sentinels prior to the war for the sake of torches. It was by my will that the Guerrilla Golemicarum alliance was given to Peace, unknown to most but a few. As a symbol of this pact as it were I gave Peace the Spectral Shard - an important item to me as it carries my soul thanks to the deal I made with Azreal Dark the Silent Reaper.

    Then there is the matter of Grido, as we had worked on some things together in the past, he approached me for aid in terms of retaliation against the Sentinels knowing full well that Brotherhood has men in every alliance (not guild), to which I strung him along in hopes of delaying things further until the battle started to decide the fate of the war so as to ensure all plans fell accordingly. At the last moment it was ordered for Eigger and other allies to join the Sentinels to annihilate the those foolish enough to give an excuse to wipe out their alliances with their hubris. Peace spoke of help from a higher power, that higher power was me.

  12. I will only post winners from September 2009 on unless requested to do otherwise.

    [center][i]September 2009[/i]
    [b]Noone[/b] for finishing first and exceeding the previous record of [b]325[/b] stats in one day with [b]358[/b] stats in one day won double the prize for and received [u]20 credits.[/u]

  13. For those whom feel they have not been rewarded for this pm me on the forum as the same goes for those who are not mentioned here... [b]Do not post on this topic pm me.[/b]


    (Shady) Jester - 5 credits
    Awiiya - Awarded - 5 credits
    Pamplemousse - ( don't remember )

    [i](there are others which I don't remember off hand as I lost the data)[/i]


    [i]I will update this as more are rewarded and I remember/reminded more..[/i]

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