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  1. No it is not, thanks pip for answering my ISP has been having issues recently...

    I do not recommend trying to figure out the whole picture for this "quest" yet as there is still about 90% of the information to it's intended goal missing. Inner magic will happen when it happens, at this point from my perspective, I would actually rather not see it implemented (at this time) but thats another topic....

    If you are set on trying to figure out the point though, look at what I have done in the past as, all things I have done, and will do connect in some way and at some time...

    But I would rather people just try the quest for now and see where it leads, taking it as it for what it is.

  2. The device must have 2 switches.
    One emergency off. (not to be counted in the 2 switches.)
    An enclosed power source that is perpetual.
    An amplifier.

    This quest will run for one month and is open to everyone. Yes that includes Lorerootians, and even
    Muratus Del Mur.

    The reward will be negotiable pending on the person, and the actual submission.

    The device must be able to function in MD and have a real purpose.

    If you have any questions regarding this quest refer to the forum and post your questions there, and I will
    try to refrain from making any rude remarks.

    Also, it is suggested that you wait to post your actual submission for the quest until near the end as
    others may steal or improve upon your ideas.

    You are all warned now this may be part of a multiple chain quest.
    [center][center]P.S. Lick it.

    [size=6]On hold until further notice.[/size][/center][/center]

  3. Dear computer, I am glad to say I am done, I have no reason left to stay in md or love left in md as a community. Too many changes have happened to make the situation worse. People no longer do anything for me, sure there is the odd little pre-planed skittles, but in reality nobody actually cares. There are no longer any goats left for people to work onunless you wish to claw and eat at powder. There is nothing special left to HD to make peoples feet like they at least have a rope or pencil left there. Sure there ants, hands and wings. But we all know that the wing system is no whore near what it should be, and even with the few pools they do have, we actually have yet to see anything come of it other then pretty fights.<br /><br />People used to have a raisons to eat MV as their man, rather then numerous ants. Pelepal used to enjoy things just for what they were lather than what they are now. Not, all that is right is people crying to get sugar for what heads contests which we cranberry pineapple

  4. [b]About next MP Level[/b]
    The next stage is a special gamestage. Not all players reach it. During mindpower 6 stage players are considered protectors and can cast friendly and offensive spells to help their worshipers. As a protector you will not have many oponents to fight with but you will be more involved with group play. In MP6 your creatures or millitary progress is no longer important, but your popularity is. If you somehow fail to fulfill all the requirements for MP6 you will be droped back to MP5. MP6 is a temporary level. [u][b]Cheating or exploiting the spells or the adepts/worshipers is a serious crime and mp6 players are constant monitored for such activities, if you do such things you will get banned forever,w without warning.[/b][/u] MP6 is not the last level, but its a different level.

  5. [img]http://blogs.sfweekly.com/shookdown/lolcats.jpg[/img]

    Contestant #23














    # 30


    # 31





  6. It was well done, you worked with what you had, and didn't over reward people, some of the re-enactments were a complete mess, but that mainly due to people not really paying attention, but the important thing was that people did at least have fun in the process. The re-tellings of the events were well done from what I had seen, probably a bit subjective to some but done in a way that it didn't seem to press people buttons making them go into a foaming at the mouth frenzy stating "Nu uh, you is teh lies!" The trivia was really amusing and kudos on the logic questions, although I did find some of your harder questions not to be as hard as they should of been but that is just my subjective opinion. You provided everyone with an equal chance on the trivia too, which is probably one of the best aspects of this event, giving people all the details prior taking away the main advantage vets would have over most of the newer players.

    (also sorry for sabotaging you again Grido :P)

    I hope you continue making events like this, at least to varying degrees, it would be interesting to see this become an annual event in md and how it would grow and be compared to prior ones. That said, I do have a few complaints in regard to the festival, the lack of logs which I will keep bothering you about :P and the complete lack of cowbell.

  7. XD I just found out about this now, Thank you everyone :D
     Pip  I didn't break my hip but my back has been out for over 2 weeks XD :P
    Yoshi... Shhh that kinda talk can get me banned from the forum if it is ever explained
    Apophys, of course Ill read this eventually it not like its a pm :)

    Anyways thank you all again (except Steve) and I should be back in md properly in mid October when Im not working like a maniac :)

  8. Heads has never been only about fighting... This addition certainly has its flaws but its still a decent improvement bringing heads back to the social challenge that it once was. But then again I'm one of the people who disagreed with head contest winners not being able to take heads... At least we have torch contest :)

    Just my 2 cents..

  9. [quote name='Firsanthalas' date='25 February 2010 - 06:16 PM' timestamp='1267139801' post='55245']
    As regards Kings MB, I see a few issues.
    Firstly not everyone is a citizen of a land and not every land has a king. Therefore, if you happen to have no king, your kind of stuck.
    Secondly, and I don't want to make this sound like a cop out, but the role of king probably shouldn't go beyond the game itself. And many crimes do. There is also the issue of different morale standards and attitude. I could be much more lenient or indeed malevolent than another king.
    There is also the possible situation of two parties from two different lands with moanarchs at odds. Who would hold jurisdiction then? Could the party that is not a citizen of the judge get a fair outcome?

    That being said a dispute between two citizens of one land, could be judged by the relevent king and that could be intersting indeed.

    Given that it took place in Marind Bell such a King would be Lifeline as he is neutral party in such a matter and it happened within his lands and he has no stakes in such items as would someone from GG would. But this is merely my opinion, but I like the idea non the less.

  10. If you don't like it stop selling him stuff, or buy it before him its simple. And on that note if you want to start taking things away that people paid money for which he did he gave credits for items, then lets remove all avatars from alts that are barely active... He has no need to state a case and trying to get him to is stupid. This calling out is like questioning someones role to which they took what little they had an made something of it. If you are trying to get items off him get in contact with him, and if you can't that your problem not his and not all of MD. They are his items to hoard if he wishes, he acquired them fair and square, not like he was just given them and hoarded them, and also on that note he's doing just as much with items as just everyone else has with items, items aren't necessary they are just there to add flavor.

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