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  1. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1310817754' post='88060'] Can a non-citizen BECOME a king? [/quote] He is already king, also let me point you to the first Marind Bell Election and the First Necrovion election. Shadowseeker and Pipstickz both ran for Marind Bell Kingship both not actually being citizens of the land, then in the Only Necrovion election Liberty ran for King in order to "annex" the land. (Or something equally interesting...) You can look for it in the announcements. Stop making assumptions and stick to what the topic is about. Do you believe kings can be part of
  2. Kudos to you Firs for this post, but as a point to all the people making comments in regards to Jester and his Kingship and/or his views/goals in such an action before saying or assuming something actually [b][i][u]TALK[/u][/i][/b] to him. It never ceases to amaze me regardless the situation in MD how much nonsense that can be avoided by people simply talking to others... As for the actual question, it may seem biased coming from me, but yes it should be acceptable, to a degree. As for actual restrictions on this well I do not believe that there really could be a generalized rule for someth
  3. No it is not, thanks pip for answering my ISP has been having issues recently... I do not recommend trying to figure out the whole picture for this "quest" yet as there is still about 90% of the information to it's intended goal missing. Inner magic will happen when it happens, at this point from my perspective, I would actually rather not see it implemented (at this time) but thats another topic.... If you are set on trying to figure out the point though, look at what I have done in the past as, all things I have done, and will do connect in some way and at some time... But I would rath
  4. In terms of work in MD, a logical function, not literal, so a clickie would not be necessary, and would be far to limiting to majority of people. SoS Does stand for Seal of the Six... So something like a toaster would be out of the question... I hope this clears a bit up...
  5. How many imprints can you make in the same slab of cement before it breaks?

  6. Ha! You're OLD! *points* Happy Birthday bud
  7. Is MD carbon based?

    1. dst


      MD is not a base...it's an acid.

    2. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      isn't it neutral to the mda folks? :P

    3. Udgard
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  8. [center][color=#FF0000][size=7]Happy Birfday![/size][/color][/center]
  9. The device must have 2 switches. One emergency off. (not to be counted in the 2 switches.) An enclosed power source that is perpetual. An amplifier. This quest will run for one month and is open to everyone. Yes that includes Lorerootians, and even Muratus Del Mur. The reward will be negotiable pending on the person, and the actual submission. The device must be able to function in MD and have a real purpose. If you have any questions regarding this quest refer to the forum and post your questions there, and I will try to refrain from making any rude remarks. Also, it is suggest
  10. Can some "moderator" or forum admin, lock this topic before we get any other stupid questions unrelated to the actual topic. If you have a question ask it, just do it at the right time and or place.
  11. I wish to be removed if I am still considered to be on the list of "legends". In terms of what should be represented to people new and old anything that I have done (or not done) should not be embellished or even be worthy of remembering.
  12. No matter how much you play the river, you will never beat a royal flush...

  13. Time is fleeting...

  14. Dear computer, I am glad to say I am done, I have no reason left to stay in md or love left in md as a community. Too many changes have happened to make the situation worse. People no longer do anything for me, sure there is the odd little pre-planed skittles, but in reality nobody actually cares. There are no longer any goats left for people to work onunless you wish to claw and eat at powder. There is nothing special left to HD to make peoples feet like they at least have a rope or pencil left there. Sure there ants, hands and wings. But we all know that the wing system is no whore near what
  15. [b]About next MP Level[/b] The next stage is a special gamestage. Not all players reach it. During mindpower 6 stage players are considered protectors and can cast friendly and offensive spells to help their worshipers. As a protector you will not have many oponents to fight with but you will be more involved with group play. In MP6 your creatures or millitary progress is no longer important, but your popularity is. If you somehow fail to fulfill all the requirements for MP6 you will be droped back to MP5. MP6 is a temporary level. [u][b]Cheating or exploiting the spells or the adepts/worship
  16. 280 active posts, 5068 profile views O.o I have too many stalkers...

    1. lepus


      i had a stalker once... but erm yeah we don't talk about that anymore

  17. Granos

    Rp Judges

    Dang, I didn't post it in time XD I was going to suggest Innocence, Zleiphneir, Tarq and dst as the judges. Just my 2 cents, I can edit the post if you really want an explanation.
  18. Avatar Last Air Bender was TERRIBLE...

    1. Granos


      It wasnt even 2 hrs! 94 minutes! There wasnt so much of a story as people randomly seeming to do things with no reason and for the little exposition there was it was terrible

    2. Nimrodel


      i still wanna watch it :P

    3. zalabar


      yup, didn't even bother watching it.

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  19. Happy Birthday bud, and sorry I don't think Ill be able to arrange that plan or thing you wanted also [color="#0000ff"]:Granos gropes Grido [/color]
  20. Granos

    Cats In Md

    [img]http://blogs.sfweekly.com/shookdown/lolcats.jpg[/img] Contestant #23 [img]http://www.lolcats.com/images/u/09/01/lolcatsdotcomxy4wwqbmg4sdmujf.jpg[/img] #24 [img]http://www.straferight.com/photopost/data/500/lolcats-finish-him.jpg[/img] #25 [img]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh183/vicky_fxz/LOL%20cats/lolcats_scared01.jpg[/img] #26 [img]http://www.mattbrandenburg.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/lolcats-surprise-buttsecks.jpg[/img] #27 [img]http://geekfriendly.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/schrodinger_s-lolcat.jpg[/img] #28 [img]http://i136.photobucket.com
  21. Why is it people talk before reading....

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      God gave us one mouth, two eyes, and two ears. The mouth must work 4x as hard to keep up.

  22. It was well done, you worked with what you had, and didn't over reward people, some of the re-enactments were a complete mess, but that mainly due to people not really paying attention, but the important thing was that people did at least have fun in the process. The re-tellings of the events were well done from what I had seen, probably a bit subjective to some but done in a way that it didn't seem to press people buttons making them go into a foaming at the mouth frenzy stating "Nu uh, you is teh lies!" The trivia was really amusing and kudos on the logic questions, although I did find some
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