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  1. If nobody else is interested, since I somewhat do it already, I can be the "law advisor" for the Tribunal, Charging for advice is a silly notion though, the only way I could see people charging for this being viable is if they were going to be directly responsible for any bad advice they give and/or being able to make bribes to bend the legalities under certain circumstances. Which to my understanding would kind of undermine the whole point of this....

    If this is needed? Not really people already are doing this to begin with, if anything it might help direct them to them quicker, but in the end it may lead to more unnecessary buracracy which will just distract people more-so from day to day things (IE - lead to people trying to get more laws, for the grey areas).

    Maybe it will be a good thing though to help enforce the illusion of power over people or make others feel more rebellious (at least sooner in a "non-damaging" way)

    The aspect of law replacement, is a dangerous notion and will really depend on the people involved--I mean imagine if I was allowed to do that?! :))

    It will be interesting to see what happens with this--but I still think its not really needed, as it is geared towards vets rather than giving newer people roles...

    Just my rambling opinion, take as you want...

  2. I direct you to this, tis locked...

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3204-names/page__hl__names"] [/url]

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3204-names/page__hl__names"] B[/url]ut, is a fun word to say...

    And Granos is spanish for beans, or something.. My reasoning for it... Something to do with Eve Online I think and burritos...


  3. A long time ago back when WPs where little notes on hidden logs and Shoeps was GM, We had an option to use WPs to get a tag and description (I think it was like 2 WPs). That how I originally ended up getting my tag...

    Not sure if anyone else ended up doing this though, most people got rewarded them. (makes me wonder if its actually all just in my head O.o)

  4. Amoran, The diffrence is the scene had no name, and it was giving the scene a name! The key thing there is naming a scene not applying a subtitle. Awiiya has done more than enough to have earned a scene, arguably more than Alche did--but thats a whole other can of worms. Players put subtitles, Mur names scenes.

    There are rules for putting subtitles, none for naming scenes (that we are aware of atleast :P )

  5. This... Broke my brain... Seriously... I mean are people really that incapable of reading? Maybe if english wasn't your first language... But still ffs... I fully support the removal of the subtitle with no compensation for stupidity, as for a ban, why not its been awhile since theres been a good example made...

    Can't say I agree with full wp removal, but maybe her right to use the subtitles on all her account or something similar... As we can see she obviously does not understand what is acceptable and what is not in terms of this...

    EDIT: Awiiya's Way and Jester's Streets, are scene names NOT SUBTITLES. Like Alche's Statue, if this was something you were not sure of you could have asked people, but you did not and acted anyways--I stand by the need for an example.

  6. Selling [s]6[/s] [s]4[/s] 3 Angiens Ages Ranging from 378 to 377. This is not an auction it is a first come first served basis. Please post on the forum if you are interested in purchasing.

    6sc per Angien for Citizens of Marind Bell
    4sc per Angien for Citizens of Necrovion
    5sc per Angien for Anyone else.

    These are all that I am selling for right now, but if anyone is interested in buying them in bulk (at a discount) contact me via forum pm.

    [i](tips are not accepted)[/i]

  7. I disagree with this idea, to me it is a slap in the face to those who have been here already, doing so with newer items or active items in the realm currently is fine, but I say let laying dogs lie. Things are meant to be lost of time, Enthropy...

    We all have our "legacies" thats one of the appeals to MD...

    If this is done, you might as well allow people to make items to steal items and avatars from other players...

    Just my opinion take it as you want...


  8. I'd slap you if could, you know that...

    You should have at least popped on YIM once in awhile, I thought something might have happened to you in RL (given what has[was] been happening in Greece).

    1. You don't "have" to, look at dst. Also I would have to agree with that to an extent, but that's another rant, or an old one.. :))

    2. You spent all that damn time bugging me and bugging me (not that our conversations weren't fun XD), getting others to bug me, and so on and so on, till finally I'm back and now you leave?! I will cut you -_-...

    3. There I somewhat disagree with you, the main point of MD is what you make it--Play the people not the game :P

    4. No comment...

    Seriously , though ima cut you... It really annoys me to see you leaving, I was looking forward to seeing you unfold your masterpiece, your one of the very few people from MD who actually made me paranoid....

    Ill probably edit and add more to this when I no longer feel like strangling you.. >.>

  9. Actually within 10 minutes people contacted me asking me about it (as well as other members of the SoS), but regardless, my interests? Assume what you will and by all means attempt to convince others of what you seem to think they may be, in the end your wasting your own time and others (Nonsense like that accomplishes nothing.) Like with this post you just will come off as foolish. If you feel the need to make obtuse remarks, when trying to understand something then you should expect a slap, simple as that.

    As for belittling the entries, you seriously have issues, if you feel the need to do that when you even claim to not seem to understand this quest, otherwise why would you be so obtuse? Or are you trying to play crusader and make it seem like your asking questions for something so simple (even Tipu* got it right away-no offense) for the benefit of others as another act of self promotion leeching off of someone else?

    Simply, attempt it and learn from it, before you scrutinize others...


    Do not.

    Also as for the spell documents, in the 16 months you've been active, you should have taken a look at the main page.

    [i]*I use Tipu as an example because English is not his native language.[/i]

  10. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1310817754' post='88060']

    Can a non-citizen BECOME a king?


    He is already king, also let me point you to the first Marind Bell Election and the First Necrovion election.
    Shadowseeker and Pipstickz both ran for Marind Bell Kingship both not actually being citizens of the land, then in the Only Necrovion election Liberty ran for King in order to "annex" the land. (Or something equally interesting...)

    You can look for it in the announcements.

    Stop making assumptions and stick to what the topic is about. Do you believe kings can be part of more than one land, etc... (read the first post as I am not going to spoon feed people to lazy to read.)

    As another note if anyone consider's Mur to be king of the Tribunal (which he is not) He is also part of two lands, Lands of the East and the Archives, as he acquires active days for both simultaneously... Just something else to add for people who were not aware of this... Which to me some what would prove that this is indeed possible, therefore should not really be an issue.

  11. Kudos to you Firs for this post, but as a point to all the people making comments in regards to Jester and his Kingship and/or his views/goals in such an action before saying or assuming something actually [b][i][u]TALK[/u][/i][/b] to him.
    It never ceases to amaze me regardless the situation in MD how much nonsense that can be avoided by people simply talking to others...

    As for the actual question, it may seem biased coming from me, but yes it should be acceptable, to a degree. As for actual restrictions on this well I do not believe that there really could be a generalized rule for something like this and it literally would have to be taken into account situation by situation. As for the actually reasoning I will say nothing on it as it is not my place to do so or anyone else in the Seal of Six other than Jester himself. (So yeah stop asking, you know who you are...)

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