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    Ren I blame you for for Jenkins *winks*

  2. [quote name='stormrunner' post='16943' date='Sep 18 2008, 02:12 PM']no they'ld figure out you just sucking up and still get mad or at least till you to go away[/quote] I don't play suck up, ask any of the RPC's, the only people I suck up to are the Bar tenders, because I want free booze .. And Metal Bunny Still Scares me
  3. I just stalk rpc's till they talk to me
  4. [quote name='stormrunner' post='16799' date='Sep 16 2008, 04:08 PM']is the gem I shattered that was bugging wind, the red gem your talking about[/quote] Oh it will come back.. It always does.. I already tried to shatter it and it reformed..
  5. I was sleeping in a peaceful garden when I had very strange dream.. I can no longer recall the details of the dream itself but I still am haunted by the one detail about I do recall. A dark figure placed into my hand a glowing red gem and whispered with a raspy almost metallic like voice the name Jenkins.. I awoke in the garden to find the very same stone from my dream grasped in my hand. At first I could not tell whether this was a good or bad omen... I pondered to myself walking around the world "What did the figure mean by Jenkins, am I supposed to find Jenkins and bring him this gem..."--j
  6. Sounds interesting... I think this would really help the overall story line of the game too, you have my support--not that I would join the alliance haha..
  7. Greetings Sun Wukong, The only piece of info I can offer is to check out the gate of ages.. If you see im game say hi.
  8. Granos

    Help phrog

    It would appear that Phrog's body has been destroyed but all hope is not lost.. Khalazdad has captured Phrog's spirit.. what he has planed though still remains a mystery, but there are still those who are trying to free him and see about getting him a new vessel. If you have any information on this matter which can help please post it here or PM me, all help is welcomed.
  9. Greetings... I am the new being in this plain.. I have made minor impacts on the lives of some of you already, but as of yet my intentions for my actions have yet to be deciphered.. *breaks the 4th wall* Ughh, thats better, Hi this is one my first times playing a game like this I have found the experience thus far quite rewarding. A little bit of info on me for those of you for some odd reason my be interested... I have minors in Western History, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and English.. I am some what of a creative wack job who is known for the crazy things I've done and I usually pla
  10. Granos

    Help phrog

    I'm not sure how it happened by Phrog is safe for now but he's still out cold and if anyone out there is willing and capable to lend a hand I beg of you to please come to the howling gate... Also is it possible to unseal a gate, even just temporarily?
  11. Granos

    Help phrog

    It's ok hes under a protective shield for now, several of the party trying save him have been gravely injured though.. I'll try to keep you guys updated as things progress..
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