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  1. Just do it, even though personally I disagree with things generally like this that is still no reason for me to tell you not to do it. People no matter what you try to do will try to stop you in one way or another for various reasons, most of them being over petty ego issues though.

    The most important thing about all of this though is that you are actively getting people involved in something, doing something be it the training or even working against it, hell even I was tempted to react to it. This action and reaction aspect often times killed on the forums (mainly due to petty egos as mentioned before) is one of the most important things to MD, especially now. 

    So in short ignore them, go and do and remember you are making things move one way or another, and think to yourself what the hell have the people who are trying to kill the idea been doing to get any motion in MD?

    Take pride in this and do it.

  2. To be honest I came back with the intention of observing things, I did that for a short time watching and seeing what MD has become, to which I contacted a few people with the intention of helping MD.

    This is something that I have always done regardless of public opinion. The only difference now is that it is an official position and I am not in the background.

    Regardless of the announcement or anything to do with powers grated ect... This is something I would be doing regardless, It is who I am and what Granos is to MD.

    I have never needed authority or tools to make changes to what I saw needed to be changed I always found a method in which to achieve what I sought, the fact I now have tools to enact this with the assistance of others, just puts things in the public view. 

    As clarification, I do not need tools to perform this and never have.

    If the community as a whole once actions have been taken feel that I should not have this type of position then by all means when the time comes petition to burn me at the stake, but until that day comes merely take the chance and see what happens, you may be surprised....

  3. We are not living together as much as I wish that was true not actually married yet. As for choices, honestly I think I would have better luck getting Dst to agree with me on more things than Ailith.

    I hope this isn't taken out of context of what it really is for, such a position I wish wasn't needed nor wanted. But I full well understand why it is needed.

    Our personal lives do not change our morality in regards to MD.

  4. Focusing reasons with too many people my attention would be spread too thin, which would defeat its ultimate goal... Which will become clear to those participating once they've reached a certain point in it's progression and it will be up to them to reveal what it is... Only if they want to.

    For clarification there is no tangible reward for this.... As of yet..

    TL;DR (because Im lazy, and don't have too much time)

  5. This is merely for tracking purposes and then potentially sharing information.... Only those who have spoken with me to get the quest may post on here.... 

    Only 10 people may participate, if there is no there results or continued conversation from a participant they will lose thier spot and one will open up.

    So far I have officially:

    Lashtal - Phase 1 Complete - Pending
    Intrigue - Pending

    Rophs - Phase 1
    *Syrian* - Phase 1

  6. Send to labyrinth
    Send to Random (if possible)

    Independent Chat Muffler item ( the thing at loreroot forgot its name)*
    Independent Heat Jar
    Independent Herb Basket

    A set of Lenses
    A bottle of Mercury
    A Magnet

    A full stat removal item (effects only the user) - Void Stone

    Key to Archive Maintenance Room (Granting Access)
    Key to Quadrature Maintenance Room (Granting Access)

    Muratus Del Mur Voodoo Doll

    *Will edit when I have more time and remember the names

  7. or randomness IS part of the logic system of the universe, thats my conclusion so far at least...a conclusion i will keep open for change later, given a better reasoning

    i must add that with such forum topics i entertain myself occasionaly, i pic some of your replies as much as i can read (i have a serious concentration problem reading long text), and i analyze those replues individually, not compared with the rest. Even if i read or reply a year later, such topics remain the things that keep my mind alive and keep me going, so i must thank you everyone for your replies.

    This is simular to the way I've always viewed things... Randomness is the not the opposite to the order which things tend to lead to, but the process in which the variables are organized to achieve "order".

    A very simple example of this:

    Nothing - Random - Order - Origin - Nothing

  8. Cool story bro, I liked the part with the Gauntlet, there really should be "cursed" things in MD, more consequences the better. Hope all your planing for the items works out for you. Its good to see original ideas cropping up along with some RP being alive.

    Just for the sake of my curiosity what would you have a fire tornado do to a character in a mechanical sense, as if it was an actual spell?

  9. In MD most people are hypocrites, thats just something thats inevitable over time given how things are, that aside what people have done in the past can't we just get over it and try to move on and make changes towards making it a more suitable place for others rather than have pointless arguments. For once work together and make some changes so maybe just maybe nonsense like this won't be as common place and people wont endure what others have already?

    Maybe I'm crazy...

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