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  1. I would also like the creation of a few other items if possible: A Pony dispenser, which would be a tool on use create a tradable Pony item that is consumable and does nothing. A Scarlet red cocktail dress A miniature version of the mentioned dress for the voodoo doll. A Cow Independent Milking Tools An Overtly Phallic Sword
  2. Focusing reasons with too many people my attention would be spread too thin, which would defeat its ultimate goal... Which will become clear to those participating once they've reached a certain point in it's progression and it will be up to them to reveal what it is... Only if they want to. For clarification there is no tangible reward for this.... As of yet.. TL;DR (because Im lazy, and don't have too much time)
  3. This is merely for tracking purposes and then potentially sharing information.... Only those who have spoken with me to get the quest may post on here....  Only 10 people may participate, if there is no there results or continued conversation from a participant they will lose thier spot and one will open up. So far I have officially: Lashtal - Phase 1 Complete - Pending Intrigue - Pending Rophs - Phase 1 *Syrian* - Phase 1
  4. Send to labyrinth Send to Random (if possible) Independent Chat Muffler item ( the thing at loreroot forgot its name)* Independent Heat Jar Independent Herb Basket A set of Lenses A bottle of Mercury A Magnet Sulfur Salt Cinnabar Metacinnabar Hypercinnabar A full stat removal item (effects only the user) - Void Stone Key to Archive Maintenance Room (Granting Access) Key to Quadrature Maintenance Room (Granting Access) Muratus Del Mur Voodoo Doll *Will edit when I have more time and remember the names
  5. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and reminding me that I'm not getting any younger XD
  6. This is simular to the way I've always viewed things... Randomness is the not the opposite to the order which things tend to lead to, but the process in which the variables are organized to achieve "order". A very simple example of this: Nothing - Random - Order - Origin - Nothing
  7.  Sitting next to me... With Tequilla...
  8. All lies it was actually a leak of gas from a deep fissure leading to people hallucinating many odd things...
  9. I nominate to remove Granos from the list as none of you can prove he has done anything....
  10. Happens to me too... Don't really mind gives me an excuse not to read PMs.
  11. So I herd u liek rumors....

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      So I herd u liek rapesauce on sourdough breadz...

  12. So I herd u liek rumors....

  13. Name: Granos Mp: 5 Age: Old enough Main Principal: Oxymoron Reason for applying: Because I can.
  14. Cool story bro, I liked the part with the Gauntlet, there really should be "cursed" things in MD, more consequences the better. Hope all your planing for the items works out for you. Its good to see original ideas cropping up along with some RP being alive. Just for the sake of my curiosity what would you have a fire tornado do to a character in a mechanical sense, as if it was an actual spell?
  15. In MD most people are hypocrites, thats just something thats inevitable over time given how things are, that aside what people have done in the past can't we just get over it and try to move on and make changes towards making it a more suitable place for others rather than have pointless arguments. For once work together and make some changes so maybe just maybe nonsense like this won't be as common place and people wont endure what others have already? Maybe I'm crazy...
  16. For Necrovions downfall, Rebels made little to no real difference other than an initial push towards the fall, but it has been something a long time coming from even before Jester was king. As for Ravenstrider he is one of the few people left in the realm who could ever be considered a true Necrovion.
  17. Cannot Read PM's, if you must send them on the forum.

  18. Real Life issues jumped in the way, ill start phase 2 later this week and all the other lovely stuff...
  19. If nobody else is interested, since I somewhat do it already, I can be the "law advisor" for the Tribunal, Charging for advice is a silly notion though, the only way I could see people charging for this being viable is if they were going to be directly responsible for any bad advice they give and/or being able to make bribes to bend the legalities under certain circumstances. Which to my understanding would kind of undermine the whole point of this.... If this is needed? Not really people already are doing this to begin with, if anything it might help direct them to them quicker, but in the
  20. I suggest reading dune... Good luck with this role...
  21. My nipples are still prettier...

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