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  1. [quote name='Burns' post='27259' date='Mar 16 2009, 07:44 AM']tree, the newspaper subforum is not public XD i agree with chewett on that matter, MD needs money, and rusty is a way to raise funds but i would prefer it if there was some creature to kill it... we know that rusty is _really_ overpowered, with that attack-stat and its auras... i would really like to see some creature that opens a way to kill it easily, like an anti-anti-freeze aura, if you get the idea... that wouldn't make the rusty weaker, but give players a realistic chance to deal with it... a rusty in a good rit is almost invincible these days :/[/quote] There is a creature that has been submitted long ago before the Rustgold thats still awaiting apporval to counter such a thing
  2. I now recive errors of multiple sessions when using avant browser when a month ago it worked with no problems... And yes I only have the one window running and Im not using multiple browsers..
  3. Granos

    Forum Stalker :P

  4. [center][size=5]The full details will be posted after the festival, so as to incorporate all the changes..[/size][/center]
  5. Quality over quantity ;)

  6. Interesting idea, but I'm not sure if you have been here for the last few weeks, but the amount of stress on the server has been tremendous, now consider how this new mechanic would effect the server especially with all the idle people or ignoring the requested rather than accepting or not.. Not nearly a full explanation for why this won't be implemented anytime soon, but it gets the point across.. Also imagine what a nightmare heads would be once someone figures out how to bug that? I'm not sure how this is supposed to actually improve game play.. Like real life you should be able to be attacked everywhere, like MB said, and especially if your mp5 (if you don't like fighting don't become mp5) , and if you need to use a sanctuary to heal, then perhaps the dojo should be teaching people that, as it offers what you seek only in a realistic sense. My point is I strongly disagree with the implementation of such a thing with the way MD currently is even for the dojo's. Because the Dojo is a purely social movement with no mechanics at its base, as such it should remain that way, there are so many more ways to deal with dojo offenders which are usually just a new player, an alt for that purpose or merely a communication problem. As for attacking in sanctuaries, if you want to fight leave the sanctuary, as with such an ability in place it would allow for outrageous stat farming with little to no way of stopping it. In short, bad idea.. In every aspect.. (there's more to add but I'm sure our friendly neighborhood bug testers can drive the point home without me.. )
  7. *stamps the official Granos was Here Stamp TM*

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Don't.. Have the words...

    Should have sent a poet..

  10. *gets eaten by a grue*

    .. I knew I should have huffed more kittens..

  11. I offer my support for the CoE to be made into an official alliance.. But nothing further than that..
  12. Threat noted... And will be dealt with accordingly..
  13. *puts on his stalker face*

  14. *Ruins your wall of women*


    Also .. Yes I changed my mind.. ^_^

  15. Frosty the snow man was very loyal adept... XD

  16. :rofl: I can't wait for episode II: Attack of the Alts
  17. [quote name='dst' post='22735' date='Dec 20 2008, 04:25 AM']Thank you Granos again for writing a poem for me! You really must love me! *wipes a tear*[/quote] I doing one each day for different players Merry MurMass dst
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