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  1. I'm not a fan of the idea of people losing their avatars for the prior stated reasons, but also I understand the point of why it would be necessary, but when I got my avatar, the idea was it was something special not meant for all players to have, based on your commitment to md.. So given all this why not just compramise and add a high level avatar protection option in the shop like after you buy your first reset; lets say giving you the option not to have to worry about it for 4 months give or take? Maybe even lock sme avatars for the people who were and are rpc's, I know I would be annoyed to see some new mp3 struting around with Khalazdad's or Ome's avatar.. -Just my 2 cents

  3. [center][b][size=6]HEY YOU![/size] [/b][/center] [center]Yes you, brooding over there in the dark corner! Come now, how can you expect people to fear and rue your wrath if they don't even know you exist?![/center] [center]Are all your devious plots going awry? Are you finding yourself Minionless? Does it Burn when you pee?[/center] [center] Well, Wallow no more you emo wanna be Dark Lord![/center] [center]Dr. Void is offering his time to teach you in 10 easy steps how to be a feared yet mysterious Arch-Villain[/center] [i] GenericAnime123Fan: But Dr Void, Im still to weak to even have my own minions! Dr Void: Hahaha! Dr Void: Fret not you sad little man, For I Dr Void *adds* PHD Dr Void: Have the solution for you! GenericAnime123Fan: Really, you going to give me credits?! :Dr Void Kicks GenericAnime123Fan in the face Dr Void: Hahaha No! Dr Void: You see *presents a bottle labeled "AIDS"* With my patented Void Tonic* Dr Void: You will have an aura of Mystery and +1d6 Charisma! Hahaha![/i] [u][i]The following has been a paid advertisement brought to you by, DarkFountain Enterprises Ltd.[/i][/u] [sub][i] *Disclaimer, Dr Void's Void Tonic, may or may not provide desired results and side effect may include: Brain washing, desire to drink stagnant water, heart failure, urge to sing show tunes, Gonorrhea, Nausea, Diarrhea, and Hallucinations.[/i][/sub]
  4. Perhaps something on Crime and punishment and Court Hearings..
  5. And all this time I thought Mur was the meat sauce of the flying spaghetti monster... But if hes the tomato in the salad, that leaves me wondering is the salad supposed to be the universe or some sexual innuendo.. Also if Mur is God.. then why was I able to silence him (don't ban me again >_< )
  6. I thought I felt a draft.. :))

  7. Unless anyone minds.. I would like to tell Phoenyckz's tale..
  8. Granos

    Winds Sanctuary

    Thats it for each week from this point on I'm going to add a puppy to a box which one full will be killed via a cheese grater why a cheese grater? BECAUSE I CAN! Now please change that song before I have to hide more PETA protester bodies.. Coincidentally I'm going to be opening a soup fast food chain.. [spoiler]Also if you find this offensive it is only because you are stupid and thus have offended me by breathing [/spoiler]
  9. Ok, fine heres my attempt [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI&feature=channel_page"]MD Video Contest Entry[/url] Actually, I am working on a real video, Ill post it soon enough :lol: [i](just wanted to revive this topic with style )[/i]
  10. Granos


    I was drunk and eating a burrito.. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it..
  11. Yes another Canadian! .. Our numbers are growing >:D

  12. Hmmm Haven't seen you around before.. shame...

  13. A chance to remove another Drachorn from the realm? Of course I'm in... Granos - 88510
  14. MD needs more people like her...

  15. So then its clear, it should be settled in a mad max style battle in a mud pit!
  16. A time for change has come for the Dimensional Shifters, by unanimous vote, of all active members of DS, we have elected for a new leader Lightsage, as due to mass inactivity of SimplyZero, we have been forced to amend how the guild functions, as such we will be acting out our initial purpose as a guild for transportation. Know that this was not an easy decision but one that was necessary all the same. For more details contact any member of the Dimensional Shifters.
  17. Contest closed, winners will receive their prizes shortly, stay tuned for next month...
  18. :lol: Glad your enjoying yourself, if you need help in any way or fashion, there are many who will help you out, have fun battling and discovering your role in our little world.. and also.. Don't ask me for help..
  19. [center][u][b]The Ultimate Training Contest[/b][/u] This is the test contest for a possible monthly event, in which those who dedicate themselves to hard rigorous training will be rewarded.. There will be 5 spots to place in this contest, First place will be awarded 10 credits, and each subsequent place will be awarded 5 credits. How it works: The goal of this contest is to show off your dedication o training, how does one do so? By fighting, lots of fighting... The first 5 people to gain over 325 stats from a single day of training without sacrificing will win. This contest is open to all mp levels although mp5's will be at the advantage.. Submit your training results in the from of a screen shot, and as a control for training screen shots of your creatures (both pre and post stat result) will be required as No One likes a cheater.. As control all participants are required to sign up on the forum and make their profiles viewable as control [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] Good Luck and have Fun! Contest starts on October 28th 0:00 server time and will end on November 5th 0:00 server time. [b]Anyone who surpasses the 358 stat gain limit will receive double the reward, so long as they surpass all other contenders[/b] [i]Their Gains will be the new limit for the contest and will be the new requirement for gaining double the reward.[/i] [/center]
  20. I formally disagree with this course of action... Loreroot should have power equally divided among the council.. If not, then why have a council, as it seems to be now they are all merely advisers.. A king (Archon) should be secure enough in their leadership to not fear being usurped thus forcing members out of an alliance, this is not something that has been observed from the Guardians of the Root.. And being a bringer of Chaos, (has yet to be seen) it would certainly be going against your current role to be in a position of centralized authority, despite the other aspects of your role.. But, this is merely my opinion...
  21. What are you talking about combos do apply to defenses.. And on successful defending.. Do you have some data supporting this?
  22. I completely agree that DS has become completly usless, and as much as we would want to do somhing there is little we can actually do with Simply never being around.. But this is a dicussion for another topic.. Well Done Cryxus.. at least you held it for awhile...
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