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  1. Just Horrible camera quality :))

  2. Granos


    Now there are only a few ways to die in MD, and given the mechanics of her Character state it is not just some generic bug, it is a forced event. She was active after the torch contest so that is out There isn't some secret landwar test going on so that is out Also when a player does die in such cases there would be a a land affiliation such as no mans land.. This was the result of someone doing this intentionally to this character. If you feel the need read these logs [attachment=1027:lupdeadatGoC.txt] Unless someone has information in which to base this as an actual bug, it is not
  3. I did too Stop playing O.o for three months.. and came back.. in May :P

  4. [quote name='memory1' date='17 July 2009 - 11:22 PM' timestamp='1247887348' post='37369'] Need a large background jpeg that represents MD higher the res the better I have a server you can upload to message me or email rollercoastercomputers@gmail.com or upload to rapidshare. for the advertisers..... Thanks, memory [/quote] What dimensions?
  5. Granos


    She Role Played killing her self, its not a bug it was something that was done to her intentionally, perhaps people should consider their actions before acting as you never know who is watching... This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last..
  6. Tomato.... O_o *Gets his tinfoil hat on grabbing a rusty battery muttering* drowsap.. drowsap.. drowsap..

  7. Do you mean humint? And no it's not a ninja mask, Clarice..

  8. Granos


    Somethings different about you... Did you get a hair cut?
  9. Yeah I have the same problem.. I think this would be a nice addition--mainly because I'm lazy...
  10. Its an interesting idea, it introduces several concepts to the combat system, which can be easily abused and lead to several bugs.. but so do most creatures, I like the direction your going with it but perhaps more detailed information on all aspects of it I can find more to comment on and critize What interests me is the results on mp3 combat the introduction of this creature will have, it would be one of the defences that players put up as a hazard to others due to heat.. And also the addition of this creature kinda makes others more or less.. useless and makes the entire targeting syste
  11. And that's how you get more profile views :P

  12. Its not a Ski Mask O_o

  13. It's about time you made this, been waiting months for you to finally get this going Also is there an exception for certain lower level creatures with unique abilities? Because it would be a shame for people not to get to use their creatures to their full potential.. Can't wait for the updated details, I'm most defiantly going to enter this contest just to see if I can beat you
  14. Adeptrewards, ways to reward adepts for loyalty, in a similar way to the calender daily bonuses,(minor stat increases) only amplified based on the number of days that the player remains loyalty to whom they are an adept to, also punishments for dis-loyalty to adepts and protectors. Variances on existing creatures, based on tokens, for example giving a certain token to an aramor will lead to it having a different type of aramor at the max level. Have factions finally come into play, as I have been egarly awaiting to see how they will effect the social structure of md. An automated system
  15. This is a creature that was conceived probably back in October/November 2008, it was going to be part of something else.. But that will no longer happen now.. So enjoy take a look and see... Leave your thoughts, comments, rants and raves.. Obviously with tokens and the en mass stat farming this creature is more or less useless now.. but it is an interesting concept all the same... *Note to those of you who have seen this before, I have omitted the images for obvious reasons, so don't ask about it... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. I say yes.. and the only public reason I put for this is I don't want Lightsage to win the game before me...
  17. Buwhahahaha First Comment!!

  18. Its not Pink! Its Salmon, and Salmons a tough fish!

  19. Help I've been blackmailed into doing this!! Noooo *cries and posts his picture* [attachment=1006:n500889466_1178100_6710.jpg]
  20. I'm not a fan of the idea of people losing their avatars for the prior stated reasons, but also I understand the point of why it would be necessary, but when I got my avatar, the idea was it was something special not meant for all players to have, based on your commitment to md.. So given all this why not just compramise and add a high level avatar protection option in the shop like after you buy your first reset; lets say giving you the option not to have to worry about it for 4 months give or take? Maybe even lock sme avatars for the people who were and are rpc's, I know I would be annoyed t
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