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  1. Ooo nice, not using 4.3 yet :P have you tried seamonkeys yet :)) I still have minor issues with FF in unbuntu and md, but from what Ive seen its the best so far, unless you use spells..

  2. Happy Birthday.. May you enjoy celebrating another year closer to senility..
  3. LMFFAO where do I sign that is awesome Lib EDIT: Put up a poll!
  4. Which distribution are you using? And Hi :D

  5. It did exactly at 00:00 server time
  6. Happy Birthday Irene errr.. DarkPriestess.. err.. Peace..
  7. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' date='01 August 2009 - 06:32 AM' timestamp='1249122764' post='38465'] To sumarrise: Idealy, if the system is to broken, move it here and set up a non-combat NPC. You get safety of a sanctuary, ritual setting plus agreed fights, and access to the GoE, where Veterans are often online to offer advice, as well as LHO. This would also mean you wouldn't need as many Dojo staff, just the ones who were doing their job properly. [/quote] The idea of moving it to a sanctuary defeats the very point and purpose of the dojo and it is a social initiative, having a npc th
  8. This is here for final thoughts on the debate and the fate of the dojo, if you feel another issue should be added please state so and why, Also if you have something to say about one of the issues then do so, but don't just repeat what has already been said. Click [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4783-dojo-meeting-log-day-211-212/"]Here[/url] for the full transcript of the debate. [center][size="5"]PLEASE READ THE DEBATE BEFORE VOTING[/size] [/center] Edit: Modded on request.
  9. I also believe Ailith should be the one to chair this debate.. As for making it there, anytime works for me. Ive heard reasonable and unreasonable arguments from both sides for this debate already, and it should prove to be interesting, but the most important thing for this debate is making sure its at a time when majourity of the dojo staff can be there.. I have quite a few things to say on this but I'll hold them till the actual event. I'm also concerned that those who use the dojo its self, will not speak up, as most people who are showing interest in this atleast from the forum standpoin
  10. lol? The virus is back!

  11. Yeah the npc's have always had heads, its one of the sneaky tricks some people use to their advantage.
  12. Oh thats right... I went there

  13. Yeah but your a RPC and been on the forum a year longer than me :P

  14. O.o *makes sure to hide his head stash*

  15. All Heil Freur Chewett! *salutes* XD

  16. Reputation: -21 Obviously a spammer Win

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